Otoko Aruji Volume 1 Chapter 16

Hello guys! I once again would like to thank Daniel.B for sponsoring this Chapter of The Man who Would be King AKA Otoko Aruji (I might just shorten the title to this as it seems to be too long to remember and causes some formatting errors for my site). This Chapter is actually realllly difficult to translate, A LOT of things happen in this chapter, and a LOT of explanations are made and new things a revealed. I must say I did a pretty good job huehue but yeah, if you guys find something you feel isn’t right, or something you can’t understand feel free to leave a comment to help out each other or just ask me, I’ll try to help out as much as I can 😀 ! Also Alissonvert your comment  from the last chapter is pretty spot on, so I changed one thing from the previous chapter after learning about them in this chap. Please Enjoy the Chapter!



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