Otoko Aruji Volume 1 Chapter 29

Hello guys! I haven’t mentioned my thanks to a couple of people and I would like to start with that Thank you Thomas.M for donating to Re:Master Magic and Daniel.S for donating to House Magic! I have finally reached the end of my Otoko Aruji spree muhahaha, this is the regular chapter I promised! I do want to say that I always have assessment pieces due on Thursdays and Fridays every single week for my Uni work and so I don’t usually release on those days. I always try hard on the Friday night to do a chapter even though I’m exhausted ~

Weslykan has said that he will be able to do the Sponsored of House Magic pretty soon and I am hoping that’s the case! In any case if he remains busy, I can probably cover for him and do a chapter of House Magic on the Friday night.

Also just a little announcement! I saw that Sorae (One of the fledging translators here!) has created a little introduction about herself on the About Us Page, she currently helps me heaps in the translation of Re:Master Magic and is gradually becoming more accomplished in her translations! I was a little reluctant to give a huge intro as most people seem try translating for a couple of days and then drift their interests elsewhere, in any case she has been really motivated for the past few weeks and so I thought to give her a brief intro! Please give her a warm welcome and please don’t be too harsh on her translations (And also on my crap editing skills welp) and please feel free to point out any mistakes so that we can correct them! That’s it from me I wish you all the best~ Please Enjoy the Chapter!



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