Over the Infinite – Chapter 1 (2)


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I could check my status and skills that I acquired like those status bar in games, but this would had no concept of level or experience points. There was also neither HP nor MP.


None… or so I thought, but who ever expected that they actually existed. Or maybe it was a notion only for monsters?


「That’s right, level. It might be unfamiliar for people who come from outside world, but you can think of it as a living creature’s status or rank.


Defeating monsters in the labyrinth increases this ‘level’, and it improves your status. If you register to the guild, you will be able to see your level, in addition to the stays you have seen before.」


「Oh, ohhhhh…」


For some reason, Yuki was trembling in excitement.


This was still the fantasy-ish and RPG-like world that was realistically tough world to live in, but this fact would literally change the world.


In fact, the system itself had changed.


「After that, you will have to learn a lot about classes or skills, but there are beginner lectures around there. There will be other students who attend it as well. When the time comes, I’ll send you to the multi-purpose hall on the third floor.」


「Yes! I’m looking forward to it.」


Yuki was waving his hands to Gobtarou-san who left.


「It’s here, it’s here! We are leveling up!」


「Calm down.」


「Come on, doesn’t it feel like we’re in a game? Well, the skills and status was already game-like in the first place, but the growth factors were too realistic and this world looks like it’s withering away, right?」


「Even if you say that, it doesn’t seem like we can just level up easily? Maybe it’ll take more than a year to increase our level by one. That’s how people acquire their skills as well.」


I was the in the side of people who have skills, but even if I didn’t remember what I was trying to learn, it took me a long time to learn anything other than my gifted skills and《 Arithmetic 》.


Although I could now recognize that I was blessed with my skills in a sense, there was a time when I could only think of the existence of my skills itself as a proof that I had ability and technique.


「Uh, that’s true. But if we’re calling this world as a game, doesn’t it feel like the world have a big patch or expansion disk? It also feels like this is level system change from the previous game, you know.」


「…System, huh.」


I thought about a lot of things in the past.


In this world, we could see our status and know the skills we were learning, but it didn’t affect the law of nature that much.


For example, there was no notation for HP and MP. It was only natural. Regardless of MP was in the sense of the remaining magical power one had left, how could the system notate someone’s life force in numbers?


The status itself was also quite rough, so even if your strength value was high, it didn’t necessarily mean that your arm strength was strong. It was most likely a notation involving various elements, but we could only use it as a guide.


If you do push-ups, your [Strength] value would increase. Even so, it didn’t strengthen your abdominal muscles or leg strength even if the strength of your arms increased. It was the same when I was still living on Earth.


Then, if our ability level increased by level instead of training, where would the increase of our strength allocated to?


Even if we became stronger on the whole, could we quickly get used to that feeling? Wouldn’t we break things if we couldn’t adjust to our strength well?


The system was similar to game system, but this world was not a game. This was also true for the beginner lectures, but I need to investigate and verity about a lot of things.


「Well, it’s nice to have another means to strengthen ourselves.」


So far, training, wearing equipment, and having combat experience was the only ways to get stronger, and it was not different from when I was on Earth.


If I could strengthen myself using other factors, I would greatly appreciate it. There was no need to call it unfair or sloppy.


The policy that I understood after I was born in this world was, use whatever available. Cheat, Banzai!


But then, when I was reading another world transmigration novels with game-like setting, I wouldn’t call it a ‘cheat’ just because there was an existence of level.




「Anyway, what should we do until that beginner’s lectures he mentioned earlier? There’s still plenty of time.」


Even if I said that, there was only a few tens of minutes left, and the time was too short for us to explore the city. I wasn’t confident that we could find the inn where we would stay tonight with this short time.


「Since we’re in the building anyway, let’s check the location of the multi-purpose hall on the third floor first, then see what’s available in this building.」


「Nn, that’s right. It seems like there are a lot of things here.」


I felt like there would also be those services facility for guild staff.


After checking the multi-purpose hall, we walked around the Labyrinth Guild building.


[ Labyrinth Guild’s First Floor ]


First was the first floor.


There were reception floor, bulletin board filled with requests, hall that looked like waiting area, and a store that looked like snack bar. It seemed like the store rented the place.


In the place that seemed to be a waiting area, there was a vending machine for drinks, and the atmosphere reminded me of the Japanese government office in modern Japan. I could also see the elevator hall inside.


At the first glance, I could only see this place as the reception floor of a government office, but there were some warriors who wore heavy metal armor and people who wore magician-like equipment, making me understand that we were at this kind of place.


But then, the only place in this world where the warriors were equipped with radiantly shiny equipment and women who wore clothes that exposed a lot of their body parts would be this place, right?


The design completely disregard the physical performance of the wearer, just as like those RPG world. This was the pattern in MMO games where they would release new pieces of equipment wastefully every time they update. I didn’t want to wear it even if it would make me stronger,


「Yuki, do you want to wear that kind of thing?」


「It’s a little embarrassing for Japanese people like us, eh. But there are some aristocrats who lived in the royal city that dressed even more flash than those.」


I see. Since Yuki was the son of wealthy merchants, he had interactions with that kind of people.


The request bulletin board was filled with pressing goal rather than requests, such as going through the labyrinth until x floor, or defeating x number of something from the labyrinth. Maybe the main focus of the requests were nurturing the adventurers, and they might not make money on these requests.


There were also purchased of materials that I couldn’t see from outside.


I wondered how did they bring it here without the materials rotting? When I ate goblin in the past, the bones had rotten when I was eating it, but… maybe I could recover it? There was no way they trapped the monsters alive, right… Did they kill the monsters after trapping them in an preserving bag? …The image turned somewhat gruesome in my mind.


[ Labyrinth Guild’s Second Floor ]


Next up was the second floor. It seemed like there was an elevator, but we went up using the stairs. There was a simple library for the rookies, an interview room, and a staff room for guild staff.


The simple library was a small room exhibiting books for labyrinth beginners. There were only around a dozen desks and chairs. Apparently, there was a decent library room on the upper floor.


By the way, Yuki said that the books here was a lot more than the largest bookstore in the capital city, even with only this much size. It seemed like that bookstore didn’t even have a hundred books in total, and the shelves were connected by chains. They also need to pay absurd amount of money per hour even if they were just browsing around. Since there was no printing outside, they most likely was handwritten article or manuscript. But then, there was no helping in the differences between that area.


「Sometimes, I found scrolls and wooden tags with things written there at the bookstore I went to.」


…There’s no way they used lithograph, right?


No one was using the interview room right now, but it was probably the consultation center for guild members and staffs. We also received the explanation from Gobtarou inside one of these rooms.


It seemed like they were doing quest consultation, activity policy meeting, and even life consultation. I also saw advertisements for marriage counseling posted there.


We couldn’t access the staff room, so I didn’t know how was the inside.



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