Over the Infinite – Chapter 1 (6)


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「Next is about adventurers’ benefits.

First of all, if you are registered as an adventurer, you can receive discounts bonus for lodging and training facilities. The higher your rank, the higher the discount rate, and you will also get some additional bonus.

This also applies to everyone who have registered who have registered here. For now, you will get 10% discount on the inn that has been registered in the guild, and 30% discount on general medical expenses. This discount is covered by the guild.

If your rank as an adventurer goes up, there are good treatments, such as staying in high-class room if it’s inn.

Actually, I’ll just say it here, but the grade and service of the girl who accompanies you in the brother will also change depending on your rank.」

What a shock… So if my rank didn’t go up, I wouldn’t even order high grade women in the brothels?

That also meant that the higher the rank, the better the pay. That gimmick should be also to increase the motivation of the adventurers.

「Aside from general medical expenses, there will be no treatment bill for death or injury in the labyrinth. This includes meals, clothes, room, and bed charges during hospitalization.

There is also an exclusive dormitory for people who came from outside the city. The dormitory is free of charge for only one month during the trial period. Philos and Gowen are also using it, so they should also know about that.」

Dormitory, huh… I’m thankful that my living place is settled. I’ve prepared myself to sleep outside after all.

「By the way, how is the dormitory?」

I asked Philos, not the lecturer.

「It’s very comfortable. The size is… you might not know about it, but I feel like I’m using the room allocated for two people when I was a knight alone. The room is also furnished with basic furnitures from the beginning.

Facilities such as water supply, kitchen, and toilet ate shared. Also, this is also shared, but there are bathhouse.」

That’s super amazing.

I knew I shouldn’t compare anything in this world with modern Japan, but it’s also not usual to have furniture, shared but fully equipped water supplies, bathhouse, and even a room that is the same size with the one used by the knights.

By the way, when I was working in the capital, my brother and I used a stable. Of course, the house were the landlords, and we were the freeloader. Even that was still something that Cliff-san, the slave merchant, envied.

「Additionally, there is a fixed time to enter the public bath, and if you are only using the private shower, you can use it twenty four hours a day.

After making some money, everyone goes to the nearby public bath or health center, so there aren’t many people who use the one in the dormitory.

The lease after the free of charge period is the typical 1k in the labyrinth city… It’s a room with simple kitchen, bath, and toilet in one room, but the monthly fee is also roughly charged approximately the same as the normal fee in this city.

It’s better to rent a room outside in therms of the facilities, but since the dormitory is next to the guild main building, some people continue to rent it for the convenience. There are also some high-ranked adventurers who are still staying in the dormitory.

The details about this matter are included in the pamphlet attached with photos I gave you earlier, so please check it.」

So the dormitory was just next to this building? In my previous life, commuting to school kept taking a long distance for me, so I was saved with this.

When I was still living in the stable, the distance was also near, but it was out of the question.

「Now then, if there are no other question, let’s have fifteen minutes break now.

There are drinks and the likes sold at the vending machine on the first floor, so feel free to use it. Tsuna-san, Yuki-san, both of you came to this city today, so I’ll treat you with this.」

The vampire said so, and gave us silver coins.

「You can buy a drink with this. Please take note that you can only use this on the vending machines in the first floor.」

Ahh, there was something similar to this in Japan too.


We changed our place to the lobby at the first floor.

Four of us were sitting in a chaise longue in front of the vending machine with juice in one hand.

「Seriously, I’ve been here for a month, but I’m still not used to this. I’m just assuming this, but if I drink this fruit juice in the capital, I’ll have to spend my entire silver coins.」

Philos gulped down his orange juice as he said so, but I didn’t really have the sense of currency value.

Since he was a knight, his salary might be good enough to understand that kind of thing.

「I never drink a juice outside before, but is it that different?」

「In the first place, maybe it’s just that I can’t get this level of luxury goods. In summer, I can only use magic even if I just want to cool down. …Maybe I won’t even be able to buy this with silver coins.」

Gowen and I also had orange juice. Yuki was drinking black carbonated drink that I thought I would never see again,

I didn’t think that color and carbonated water would be easily accepted in this world, though.

「Speaking of which, both of you just came to this city today, but you didn’t really have culture shock, eh.」

I kept getting shocked, though, Especially the food, it even made me cry.

「We did. Are you saying that because this city has a different civilization that is isolating itself from the outside?」

「Yeah, since I couldn’t accept it that well at first. I was so dazed that I couldn’t even do anything in the first few days. As I thought, do both of you lived in a similar civilization in your previous life? If you’re hiding that, you don’t have to feel obliged to tell me.」

「It’s not like we’re hiding it. Yuki and I live in the same place in our previous life, and maybe the guy who made this city is also the same as us.」

Philos widened his eyes, as if he didn’t expect such answer.

「There’s also… a great likelihood on that. But then, you sound like you are convinced on something.」

「It’s not like we have confirmed it, but the Japanese… the people who lived in the country where we lived in our previous life will be convinced after looking at this city, since it really stinks of Japan.

In the first place, the language used here is Japanese. I thought that it was some kind of joke at first.」

Yes, this also happened in the canteen, but the city was full of Japanese.

The language Philos used to speak with us was the common language used on this continent, but the letters on the Labyrinth City’s signboard and the conversation I overheard in the city were mostly in Japanese.

Gobtarou and Werner also explained to us using the common language, but they definitely also use Japanese when talking casually.

「Since Japanese was used only in our country as the official language in our previous world, it’s difficult to think that this is the act of someone from other countries.」

If the one who made this city wasn’t a Japanese, then they should’ve used their native language, or maybe English.

I have heard before that some parts of Republic of Palau used Japanese, but if they were from Palau, they should’ve prioritized their native language.

「That’s another great coincidence, eh. But the fact that both of you came from the same country was already a great coincidence.」

「How about you? How was your previous life?」

「Neither I nor Gowen have any previous life.」

Gowen held his paper cup of juice and nodded with that giant build.

I hadn’t heard him talk yet.

「By the way, we just have to attend the lecture today, right? Why do both of you bring weapons?」

I was curious about this all the time.

They might answer that it was for their preparedness as an adventurer, but it would be strange since they were not equipped with armor.

According to what I heard, this city was very safe. It was to the extent that a woman could walk alone in the middle of the night.

「Yeah, we are thinking of taking the weapon training.

Since we have cleared the trial, we will have to start our debut in public when this lectures are over, but we don’t have anyone who can let us pass through the dungeon.

That’s why, we are thinking of joining the other parties who have already debuted. It seems like there are also some people who work alone or just in a small group, but they are also the minority.

At that time, it will be useful to have something that can prove how much we can do, right?」

I see, so they are asking for the certification of their ability from the guild, huh? Was it like a test?

「It’s no good just by assessing us by our skill?」

I thought that should be the clear indicator,

「Even skills should be fine, but that’s just the rough idea. I have seen a lot of people who have skills but can’t use them when I was still a knight, and there are many ways to get skills in this city.」

「A lot?」

「Of course both of you don’t know since you just came here today, but you can buy skills in this city.」


Did that mean someone could buy and sell talent?

Skill was not just the proof that one had the ability. Even if they had it, it would only influence them to some extent and assist their ability and technique.

I thought it was like some kind of cue to start practising a thing, improve on it, and developed the ability one day in a flash.

If people could buy and sell it, they would be able to acquire skills in fields that they had never been involved with.



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