Over the Infinite – Chapter 10 (4)



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“I don’t know what is your standard of a normal person, but we found out that you have a non-standard capability, so let’s aim for something big.

For foreign immigrants, aspiring to be an adventurer is the main criteria of emigration, so it’s difficult to live with only doing part-time at a convenience store.”

“As I thought, you have ways to repel the people who are immigrating from the outside.”

Well, the entrance was full of people when we lined up.

With the exception of Yuki and the kid who lined up in front of me, a lot of people looked filthy, including me.

“Yeah. Refugees are unacceptable, and spies who have the idea of taking things or information to outside are automatically repelled with magical technique.

It’s a little loose if they want to become an adventurer, but otherwise, judging if they are skilled is pretty hard. It may take days to judge someone whether they can enter the city.

But it didn’t take so long for Tsuna-kun since we knew that you are a former Japanese at the time of inspection.”

The only thing that reminded me of the inspection was the harassment I received from that glasses guy at the gate. Did other people took longer time for the inspection?

That’s why the kid who lined up in front of me thought that we might not be able to enter because of lack of specialty.

“Yes, it took only a few hours. A gay-ish glasses guy touched my butt, though.

…I’m really sorry.”

The Dungeon Master apologized with an apologetic face, as if he had some knowledge of that incident.

No, it’s fine. I also threw him with a giant swing after all.

“Well, my intention of creating this city is not only to feed people, but also to make them come up.

That’s why I’m assisting with all of my power and prepared those rewards.”

When I think about what was going to change by reaching the top, I could think of money, status, fame, strength, and the opposite sex, but I didn’t desire those things that much.

In a sense, this place seems to be a better place to live than in Japan, and I didn’t have much desire to return to my hometown in my previous life. By the way, I didn’t want to return to my hometown in this life too.

I wanted to help Yuki, and to be honest, I was also curious of trying to capture the deepest stage that even the Dungeon Master doesn’t know.

“I don’t have anything I want right now, but I think I want to try helping Dungeon Master.”

“That’s great to know. Let’s go back to Japan and make an unworldly martial arts match.”

“That’s a bit…”

Too childish.

He definitely could literally crush anyone with just one of his finger. It would be a catastrophe if that scene was broadcasted on TV.

“Speaking of which, I’ve wanted to check one thing.”

“What is this?”

“Dungeon Master is managing the dungeons, but do you also decide the name of the monsters?”

“That’s a little difficult to answer. There are monsters that I set up, but some of them already exist in this world and just get registered in the dungeon automatically.”

“Well, this is really something unimportant, but isn’t it weird to name the “Minotaur” as that even if it’s not a Minos?”

“That’s because it’s wearing straw skirt. There are also Brieftaur and Boomerangtaur. Cows are already something mainstream in the Labyrinth City.”

I’m getting a headache.

Did we suffer so much from a mainstream character…?

…Let’s tell Yuki this later.

“It was originally called ‘Demon Cow’ but after we officially added [Demon] race, I changed it to Minotaur.

Then, I didn’t notice my mistake at that time, but I realized it later on, so I decided to make a compromise and gave it a straw skirt.

There are other similar and unimportant stories, but this case is because I realized it.

When I consulted with the Minotaur to change change its name one more time, it told me to leave its name like that since it was already established.”

I wonder if this person is actually stupid. Why was he talking to Minotaur normally?

Well, at least I was able to ask what I wanted to hear, it was not an important story, and we would have other opportunities to meet. Let’s stop the questioning here.

Yuki would do this kind of thing better than me.

“Is it okay to have my clear bonus later on? I want to think about it for a while.”

“Okay, I’ll invite you for a meal next time, so just tell me at that time.

Ah, no, I can’t just leave you empty-handed, so I’ll give you a souvenir. It’s not the bonus, don’t worry.”

No way, he’s not giving me a tuna can, right?

I can see it in the corner of the room from a while ago.

“First of all, the city looks like a semi-independent state with no nobles from the kingdom, but if you become an advanced rank adventurer or gain some status, you will be given a home name.

So you’re raising your family. It’s not something you will think about before and after your debut, but let’s give it to you right ahead of time.”


That’s great… I guess?

“But it’s just a bonus, and it doesn’t have any significant benefits. Is Watanabe okay? Watanabe Tsuna. No, how about just returning back to Watanabe Tsuna?[1. The first one is using the katakana of ‘Tsuna’ which is Tsuna’s name in this world, and the second one is using the kanji of ‘Tsuna’ which is Tsuna’s name in his previous world.]

“It feels strange, but that’s good. It’s like I am reborn again.”

I don’t know what the Dungeon Master did to me, but when I looked at my card, my name was already written as “Watanabe Tsuna”.

It was very nostalgic. Tsuna was not a name given to it by parents of this world, so I wasn’t being unfilial. The reading didn’t change too.

Would I need to do any paperwork for this?

“The rest is this. Speaking of Watanabe Tsuna, “Higekiri” what cut the Ibaraki-doji.

I’ll give you that one Japanese sword I put there.”


Would I become a swordsman protagonist like what Yuki joked about? I felt a little excited.

But why did he put a sword at that kind of place?

When I received the sword from the Dungeon Master, there was certainly a considerable amount of weight.

Damn, I’m definitely too excited now.

“Ehh, uhm, can I pull it out a bit?”

“Sure. That’s something I made a while ago.

I’ll put the inscription now. Let’s name it as… ‘Not Higekiri’!”

“Isn’t this a wooden sword!”

When I pulled the sword from its sheath, the blade was made from wood, not metal.

Did he estimate his timing on saying that with when I pulled out the sheath!?

This wouldn’t even cut a beard, okay? [1. Higekiri (髭切) literally means beard cutter.]

“Calm down. I think that’s a pretty good weapon for lower stage.

The attack power itself is not great, but since it has the ability of [Unbreakable], the durability value won’t decrease even if you attack enemies below the same rank. Even if you can’t do slashing attack, you can train your [Katana Technique] skill with that weapon.

Other than that, it’s a bonus. There’s a racial special attack against [Demon].


What was this disappointed feeling?

Well, it’s nice to have a weapon that wouldn’t break since my sword got destroyed when I was fighting against that cat ears.

“After that… ah, right. Do you want to have some tuna can?”

“So you are also waiting to say that!!!”

Well, that was the end of my first encounter with the Dungeon Master.

Until the end, I didn’t feel like I was talking to someone with high authority, but it was Dungeon Master’s fault, not mine.

By the way, I also got a tuna can. There’s no harm in accepting food anyway.


When the elevator door opened, I was on the first floor of the Guild Hall.

Apparently, I had been directly transferred to the private space of the Dungeon Master, where he prepared a box for his exclusive use.

The people near the elevator hall were shocked by me, who came out of a place that no one usually uses.

“Tsuna-san, why do you come out from that place?”

“Ah, err, a lot of things happened…”

The receptionist who guided us when we first came here called me out with a surprised face. What’s this person’s name again?

“You told me that you would go to the trial after receiving your card, right? So why did you come from…”

“Uhm, I already cleared the trial. So I met the dungeon master a while ago and got here when I got on the elevator. ”


Of course she would reply like that. To be honest, I didn’t understand what I was saying myself.


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