Over the Infinite – Chapter 10 (5)


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“Eh, no way… Seriously? Did you clear it in your first try?”


“W-wait for a minute.”

The receptionist hurriedly moved her eyes to the air.

She was probably seeing some kind of information that only she herself could see.

“You must be joking… Seriously? You really cleared it. Your companion and your other partner… Yuki-san, where are they?

“Ah, no, if I’m not wrong, your companion should be…”

Even if it hadn’t occurred until now, it wouldn’t be strange for the receptionist to know about the hidden event of the trial dungeon, huh.

“Yes, I killed my companion.”


I asked the Dungeon Master about how difficult it was, but when I saw somebody become speechless like this, I realized that what I did was a big deal.

The unfamiliar adventurers that were sitting in the lobby chair were also looking at us with their eyes widened. Should I make a peace sign? Yay.

“I-I see. Then, you just met the Dungeon Master… Now that I think of it, there is certainly such a setting.

Yuki-san… died in the hidden event after the capture. He should be in the hospital now.”

So the place of resurrection was in the hospital. It wasn’t in front of the king, a church, or a temple.

I felt relieved that it was not a miserable and denunciating place.

“How long will the treatment after resurrection take?”

“The treatment itself is finished when the person is transferred from the dungeon, but it takes tens of minutes to wake up. Some person may take around a day.

Around two hours have passed since you completed your capture, so he might be already awake now. I don’t think Tsuna knows where the hospital is, so let me write a map for you. ”

“Thank you very much.”

I don’t know right or left yet.

Speaking of which, not even a day had passed since I came to the Labyrinth City… I felt like a very long time had passed since then.

It seemed like it wasn’t dawn yet, since the outside was still dark. Since they wouldn’t know how long a dungeon capture would take, the guild must be open 24 hours a day, right?

“Um …What time is it now?”

“Huh? It was just before 8 o’clock. There’s a clock over there. Do you know how to see it? ”

The receptionist pointed to a wall clock.

I saw a watch for the first time in this world, but it was the 12-decimal one that I often saw in Japan. The clock certainly showed that it was just before 8 o’clock at night.

Are you kidding me…

“What’s wrong?”

“…I left this place and entered the dungeon in the evening.”

It should be around 5 or 6 o’clock. By the time the students cleared the entrance and we got inside, the sun would have already set

I talked with the Dungeon Master for around two hours, so it felt like I didn’t spend any time while capturing the dungeon.

No matter how long I was inside, it should have been less than 24 hours.

“… Ah, this is the first time Tsuna captured a dungeon, eh. You didn’t hear this from your companion?

The time won’t pass when you are inside the dungeons in the Labyrinth City.”

How absurd.

I had been astounded many times since I came here, but this one was just too shocking. It was not the level of super technology anymore.

But… ah, I see. I was a little more convinced to why Dungeon Master’s captured stages was insane.

“Are you saying that no matter how many hours and days I spend inside the dungeon, it’s only one second here?”

“Ah, no, the interval will change into a few seconds if you’re inside for a long time, but then it won’t really change much, eh. That recognition should be fine.

However, there are limited time to stay in the dungeon for each stages, so you can’t stay inside forever. If we don’t limit it into six days, the students will most likely seclude themselves there to study.”

Bringing studying tools and reference books, then studying while fighting monsters in a dark cave. Wasn’t the student here being too hardworking?

They were surely the brutal version of Ninomiya Sontoku[2. It is not uncommon to see statues of Ninomiya in or in front of Japanese schools, especially elementary schools. Typically they show him as a boy reading a book while walking and carrying firewood on his back. These statues depict popular stories that said Ninomiya was reading and studying every moment he could. (wikipedia)].

“Since the deeper you are, the more time it will take to capture the stage, so the front-line capture group will capture in the tens of days. But from the outside, it looks like they are coming out immediately after entering .

That’s why adventurers are also professions who can take a lot of time. But you can also say that their sense of time is easily disrupted.”

“Won’t there be some kind of age problem with that? Like kids suddenly get bigger.”

“Yes, that’s why even if they can take the trial, children can’t make their debut until the age of 14, which is the standard for graduation from middle school. If they have a parent, even children older than that will need their consent.

Although this is not loudly announced, we inform the female adventurers to be careful so that they can stay young.

There are ways to regain youthfulness, but anti-aging takes a lot less labor and money.”

In this city, I can feel that my common sense is crumbling a little by little.

So there’s a possibility that there’s a lolicon grandma whose appearance and age not match in the Labyrinth City?

…I wonder if Yuki ’s wish will be fulfilled easier than we originally thought.

“This is the map to the hospital. I have confirmed that Yuki-san has woken up just now.

Your companion, Chitta-san, has already been discharged.”

Ah, now that I think of it… that cat ears died, so she was in the hospital, huh?

It’s awkward to meet her now. To be honest, her not being there was better. I didn’t want to see the person I devoured at that place.

If we met now, she would probably hit me after all. I could also turn into a cat and it would evolve into a true catfight.

“If Yuki-san is discharged, please come to the reception as soon as possible. Tomorrow is also good. Both of you have already attended the beginner course, so you’ll be promoted and start your debut.”

“I see… we’ll debut this soon, eh? Is there anything we have to bring? Like important documents, or whatnot.”

By the way, I didn’t have any seal.

I didn’t have any problems writing letters in Japanese, but I could only write my name in this world’s characters. …Even if I had been reincarnated for over fifteen years, it’s surprising that I could still remember Japanese.

“All you need is your status card. I didn’t expect that someone would be debuting on the day of trial capture. I forgot to say this, but congratulations.

“Ah, thank you very much. We talked about this in the dungeon, but with this, some kind of party will call us out, right?”

Even if we didn’t have any draft, this should be enough to appeal to them.

“Yes, with no doubt. I think you will be very popular. But then, many invitations may be troublesome too.

On the other hand, some lower rank adventurers may become parasites, so be careful of those kinds of adventurers. We have a blacklist, so I recommend checking out those who you need to pay attention to.”

So there’s those people here too, huh…

There are a lot of them in online games I played in my previous life, but this didn’t change no matter what it was. Even if there were no guys pretending to be girls here, female adventurers existed here, so there should be those guys pretending to be frail princesses.

…Even if I could break through that trial, I didn’t want to carry those kind of people. …But then, was there anyone who could pass the trial by becoming a parasite?

“There precautions will be explained in the debut lesson, so you can ask for the details there.

Regarding recruitment, you can’t make a party in the G class, but major clans may recruit people without any care of that point. In the first place, I believe that Tsuna-san and Yuki-san will surely rise in rank immediately.”

“Then that’s good. Yuki also is concerned about this matter, so I’m relieved to hear that. Then, I’ll go visit him at the hospital now.”

“Yes. Thank you for your hard work today.”

The receptionist sent me off, and I left the hall.

It was still eight o’clock, so I could see some people passing by the road.

I headed to the location on the map while suddenly realizing that I forgot to ask for the receptionist’s name.

Now then, let’s go and take a look at Yuki’s face.



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