Over the Infinite – Chapter 11 (2)

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「After attacking each other, I broke my weapon, so I threw her on her back and slam her on the ground since I had no other option, but it didn’t work as well. 

I thought that locking technique in judo might work, so I grappled her arms, managing to snap her joints somehow. I might’ve broken them.

Then, even when I decided to continue using rear naked choke, she managed to slip away, so I recovered from the hopeless situation in that death match by striking her with the Minotaur’s ax. Even after that, she was still kicking and alive.」

「Eh, did you swing that thing? Anyway, you could snap her joints without breaking her HP barrier?」

Now that I thought of it, using a locking technique would definitely hurt the enemy.

It might only have significance for external attacks. I wouldn’t be able to pull that off

We even took the ax with us half jokingly. So he used it. …He could use it.

「I think the ax did some damage. It would be nice if the ax could end her for good, but that cat ears was an active adventurer. It wasn’t that surprising that it didn’t kill her.

She became wary of my locking technique and the Minotaur’s ax, so she tried to finish me with long-range attacks, using thick needles or throwing knives.

I could only stand still, my body full of wounds. That cat ears was so childish.」

Why did it become a proper battle? The gap between us and Chitta-san were literally different, right? 

「I became a hedgehog with knives and needles all over my body, but I finally caught her and mounted her, but then I couldn’t damage her even after swinging my remaining hatchet down at her repeatedly.」

Even if he couldn’t damage her, that was scary enough, right?

I was already scared just by imagining that he could swing a hatchet on her face repeatedly.

「So, I remembered what the cat ears said to us in the second layer. I could aim at critical by biting her, so I bit off her finger.

Seems like my marginal skill,《 Starvation Beast 》, have some kind of critical correction.」

A man with bloody needles all over his body pressing down a woman and bit her finger off… it looked a little like a hellish picture.

I was a little scared to watch the video now.

「Then, I managed to do critical on her, so I bit off her neck just like that, and she was dead.」

「Eh!? You won!?」

What was that!? What the heck was that!!

「Yeah. But even I think that it was a terrible situation, you know.」

「Eh, ehhh!? W-wait a minute, then isn’t my shock over feeling bad after dying become something incomparable to your feat!?」

Wasn’t that a ridiculous giant-killing?

「No, you did an amazing feat, you know. Defeating Minotaur in the first attempt seems to be something really amazing, and you did it too.」

「Ah, yeah, eh… I guess that’s true, but it’s a bit overshadowed compared to what Tsuna did.

Also, Tsuna, you also defeated the Minotaur, okay.」

「Stupid. I won’t be able to defeat that lizard old man, Minotaur, and cat ears without you. This is both of our victory. Have some pride.」

「Ye… yeah.」

It might be because I was now mentally weak, so I was affected with those words.

…What should I do, I wanted to cry a little.


After that, Tsuna told me about a lot of shocking things like how he met the Dungeon Master, how I was invited for a meal, how there was another ex-Japanese person, the wooden sword, the tuna can, and more, but since we had been staying in the hospital room for a long time, I changed my clothes and we left the hospital.

「I didn’t know the way back.」

Unlike during the noon, I didn’t go to the hospital on my own, so I had no idea on the road.

It was already night and the pedestrian traffic was sparse. Many stores had their shutters closed.

I thought that I had been sleeping for around a day since it was already night, but it seemed that only about two hours had passed since we entered the dungeon. I kept getting a lot of surprises since a while ago.

「I only know the road between the hospital and the guild hall, but the dormitory is next to the hall, right?

Seems like there’s a promotion procedures, but the receptionist told me that we can do that tomorrow, so let’s go back and sleep today. I’m really tired.」

「You’re right. I don’t feel like I already sleep too. I feel like I’ll sleep like a log after reaching my room. Will I be able to wake up?」

It was still before ten o’clock, but I was confident that I would sleep until noon. I could feel how I would be fast asleep at an unprecedented rate, even after including my previous life.

I didn’t know the exact time, but subjectively, we had spent around ten hours in the dungeon. In addition, there was fatigue from the battles.

Above all, the resurrection was terrible. In the course, they told us that trial dungeon had no penalty, but this didn’t seem like it would heal for a few days.

「Dunno. It’s not like we have any alarm clock, so whoever wakes up first can wake the other up.

In the first place, there are a lot of questions about whether I could enter another person’s room that’s not mine or if there’s a doorbell there.

At worst, the procedure won’t run away even if we do it two days later. After all, the trial took half a year on average, but we cleared it in a day.」

That’s true. We broke through the trial.

Tsuna’s strength was great, but I wasn’t someone that could be casted away.

…I wonder if I could think like that.

「Hey, hey. Aren’t we pretty amazing? I dropped out in the hidden event, but we defeated the Minotaur, so maybe we will be famous in the Labyrinth City.」

I still didn’t know what it would take to fulfill my wish.

That’s what I would find out from now on. Just like what Tsuna said, it might come true more easily than what we had imagined. 

But in any case, I could no longer return to the home that I had abandoned.

From now on, I would make a base in this city, and live here. 

「Yeah, it’s an achievement to break the record for the shortest trial and defeat the hidden boss. The receptionist also told me that we would be pretty popular.

…However, we shouldn’t be careless. What we saw today was just the entrance to the Labyrinth City.

In the upper ranks, it seems like the adventurers and monsters are crawled with insane guys.」


What came to my mind was the lizard’s uncle, Chitta-san, and that Minotaur.

All of them were tremendously strong and power incomparable with me, but the lizard uncle had his power limited, and even the monstrous Chitta-san was still in the lower rank of the intermediate level.

Minotaur was only the gateway for the beginners. Just like what often happened in those RPGs, it wouldn’t be strange if that Minotaur appeared with other small fries enemies later on.

That’s right, it was just a gateway.

In that sense, we hadn’t even started yet.

「Anyway, our goal is to reach the hundredth floor.」

「You greatly increase the hurdle again, eh. Do you want to catch up with the top groups?」

Just what was this feeling?

I felt like I could go as high as I wanted as long as I was with Tsuna.

「Yeah, we have to do that as fast as we can too. We’ll leap over three steps in the stairs.」

「Great. Let’s be the adventurers that everyone knows in this city.」

Actually, I didn’t know how far we could go, but I felt like I could do my best.

This was where our adventurer life began.

-Arc 1 End-

[Final Status Report]

Registered Adventurer No. 45232

Registered Adventurer Name: Tsuna → Watanabe Tsuna

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Adventurer Rank: None

Class: None

Gift:《 Melee Combat 》《 One-handed Weapon 》

Skill:《 Arithmetic 》《 Survival 》《 Food Appraisal 》《 Biotoxin Resistance 》《 Primitive Man 》

《 Trash Eating 》《 Devil’s Luck 》《 Firepower Monstrous Strength 》《 Pain Resistance 》《 Internal Organs Enhancement 》《 Super Digestion 》

《 Iron Stomach 》《 Animal Fight 》《 Sense of Direction 》《 Demon Fight 》《 Tenacity 》《 Countryman 》

《 Natural Weapon Making 》《 Natural Weapon Utilization 》《 Natural Trap Making 》《 Natural Trap Utilization 》

《 Resurrection from Death 》《 Craving for Life 》《 Intimidation 》《 Resuscitation Strike 》

《 Starvation of the Beast 》《 Biting Off 》《 Orc Killer 》《 Hero of the Marginal Village 》

 New!《 Sword Technique 》《 Stance Control 》《 Emergency Evasion 》《 Power Slash 》《 See Through 》

《 Evasion 》《 Aerial Stance Control 》《 Aerial Evasion 》《 Whirlwind Slash 》

Skill Sublimation《 Intimidation 》→《 Intimidation of the Strong 》

Registered Adventurer No.45232

Registered Adventurer Name: Yukito

Gender: Male

Age: 14 years old

Adventurer Rank: None

Class: None

Gift:《 Attractive Look 》

Skill:《 Arithmetic 》《 Concentration Power 》《 Sword Technique 》《 Speed Reading 》《 Throwing 》

《 Presence Sensing 》《 Night Vision 》《 Small Sword Knowledge 》

 New!《Acrobatics》《 Spatial Comprehension 》《 Small Sword Technique 》《 Nin Nin 》《 Dual Small Sword Wielding 》

《 See Through 》《Rapid Rush 》《 Poison Handling 》

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