Over the Infinite – Chapter 12 (1)

Translator: mii

Intermission -「The Birth of a Certain Adventurer」


Once upon the time, there was a man named Mikami Orito who was born in the country of Japan, on a planet called Earth.

He was an ordinary man without any special abilities.

Orito was born and raised in a regular family, graduated from a regular school, worked for a regular small company, harmed his health due to overwork, and died from illness.

His ending was a bit pitiful, but it was not something rare in Japan. He also thought so.

He had regrets. He wanted to get married and have kids.

Also, he wanted to strange the boss of his company. Specifically, using his own hands to choke his boss to death.

He didn’t think that this happened because of he had regrets, but mysterious phenomenon occurred to him.

「He has a beautiful silver hair. He’ll probably look like his Dad, right?」

I felt sensations on my head, as if a hand was stroking me. A very big hand.

I couldn’t see. It wasn’t like I couldn’t see at all, but my sight was blurry. In fact, my hearing was also not very good, since I could hardly catch the words that person just said.

What was happening here?

I should’ve died. My whole body was ruined because of my sickness, so I couldn’t imagine any other possibility.

There’s no way I was reincarnated, right?

Actually, my family was a Buddhist, so I recognized the concept of reincarnation. Even so, I never expected that I would experience it myself.

Not to say, having my memory intact was like the trope of those web novels I read when I was fighting against my illness before dying. They went exactly like this.

Before dying, when my weak body was affected with multiple illnesses and I couldn’t go outside anymore, reading web novels was my only hobby.

I liked normal novels and manga too, but I had to buy the digital copy to read them, which would naturally burden my family.

At first, I found out about them when I was looking at a certain notice board in the online game I played, but after I gave the web novel my MMO friends recommended to me a try, reading web novels became how I mostly spent my time.

I never wrote anything.

I didn’t have any important life experience to talk about, and I also didn’t have the talent to write a story. What I could do was just those business documents in the company. I was just a consumer.

At that time, I thought that the good thing about web novels was that I could easily read them with an empty head.

I didn’t know who started this trend at that time, but derived stories where the strongest OP protagonist was reincarnated, transmigrated, or possessing someone else’s body were very popular.

Maybe some kind of retrograde thing happened since a long time ago, but maybe when a genre like this continuously getting used, it had something to do with the background of the era.

Anyway, those times when I could immerse myself without thinking about my illness were very important to me at that time.

Among them, reincarnation was the most popular. The reasons for the character’s reincarnation were various, but the protagonist would enjoy their life in another world with their given power after reincarnated to another world while retaining their memory.

Yes, my current situation was exactly the same.

Amazing. I didn’t remember receiving an apology from God or running over a truck, but did I have some kind of great powers too?

Maybe like I could make weapons from empty air?

No, no. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself yet. It was still possible that I just had my memory without having anything special.

「This child’s gift are [Super Combat Power], [Super Magic Power], and [Super Translation].」

I couldn’t move my body well yet, so I could only listen to what the person who looked like the priest said to me and my mother, who was holding me in the place that looked like a church.

…Gift? Eh, was he talking about something that often appeared in games? Speaking of which, there were also a lot of stories with this kind of setting.

[Super Combat Power], [Super Magic Power], and [Super Translation] sounded like some super amazing skills, though. Maybe my era was coming?

Did I become some kind of OP protagonist now?

「They sound terrific, but they don’t seem to be useful for farmers.」

My mother had a regretful face. Shouldn’t she become a bit happier? I was OP, Mother.

「Isn’t it nice if he could become a translator? But it’s still a long time before this child grows up. Also, he has previous life. He already has “Orito” as his name before.」

Something that I’d heard before came out from the priest’s mouth.

Eh? What, they found my identity out? But I already pretended to be a normal baby and did those “ahh” thing…

「Is that so? That’s unusual. Perhaps, he also understands what is happening right now?」

Eh, Mother. Was it really okay for you to categorize me into “unusual”? I was your child, okay.

Was this mother really alright?

「Even if he has previous life, how much memory he retained would be different from other people. Some children remembered their past life clearly, while others only remembered their name. There seems to be a case where the child retained their memory after a few years too.」

My memory is perfectly clear. It’s almost felt like I directly came here from my previous life.

「But with his [Super Translation] gift, he might understand our words now, Miss.」

「Eh, is that so? …Is that true, my child?」

My mother talked to me.


I decided to play dumb.

「When he can talk, you can ask him. What about his name? Do you want to use the one from his previous life?」

「Yes. Since he has his previous life, then I’ll respect that… No, how about naming him as “Oleisch”? It’ll match men’s name that is popular in my hometown.」

Stop it! Mama, please stop that!

I would to be too ashamed and died again with that ‘Oreo’ whatever name! Too embarrassing!!

「That’s a good name. I’m sure he’s going to be a very brave child.」

It’s not good! Don’t say that so casually!! You might be deciding how my life will go, you know!! Stop it, this bald priest!!

「Oleisch-chan, your name is Oleisch from now on.」


I could only play dumb. …It’s over, in a lot of ways.


Aside from my belief, Oleish wasn’t that much of a strange name in this region. 

There were many other children in my village who had weird sounding name. Nobody responded strangely to my name.

It seemed like having previous life was not that rare, so if I met with a former Japanese person who also read web novels in their previous life…

『Oreo LOL Barros LOLOLOL』

…they might be reacting like that, but none of the villagers had clear memories of their previous life. Actually, no one came from Earth in the first place.

Even when I asked someone who had their previous life memories, they came from a country with a name I had never heard before.

Just like that, I got used to this name after a few years.

Sometimes, I fell into agony when I realized how I had gotten used to this weird name, but it wasn’t really a big deal anymore.

I didn’t have any problems with my appearance anymore too. I had silver hair with mismatched eye color. If I lived in a town at the seashore, people might even mistook me as some kind of mascot and I wouldn’t even complain.

The problem was my current situation.

「You’re doing that again? The village chief already scolded us.」

「Err, I was thinking of making cesspool…」

One of the common depictions of the Middle Ages was its dirty environment, but this village was especially dirty.

There’s no concept of toilets, and everyone did ‘that’ around a specific place. Unrestricted excretion.

I felt that it was too much for me. I couldn’t stand it and started cleaning them. I decided to make cesspool too, using my knowledge from my previous life memories.

Of course I didn’t do anything stupid such as scattering the poop. First I dug a hole, then I stored the poop there, leaving the sun to ferment it.

As the result, a large number of insects gathered.

A house nearby was severely damaged. When I noticed it, there was a mountain of poop in the backyard of my house, together with a lot of insects. Everyone complained since there was a baby in the house, who was me.

If my current appearance was not an infant, it wouldn’t be strange if they hang me and beat me up. I shouldn’t have done anything unnecessary.

After that, I tried to do what came to my mind and kept failing. The villagers started to shun me.

I couldn’t do anything useful with my previous life memories. Then, I should become an adventurer. There were monsters in this world, plus my gifts sound powerful. I believed that I could become a successful adventurer.

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