Over the Infinite – Chapter 2 (2)


Translator: mii


「How much longer should we line up in this row?」

「…Now that you said it, I feel like it’s not moving forward at all.」

We hadn’t moved a step since then.

If I could leave this spot and came back later, I wanted to buy the hot dog from the stall on our way to come here, but it should be a no go, right? I would have to leave the line and there was no way people behind me would just let me reserve the spot.

「School training probably starts from a class-by-class basis, so they will proceed like a flash. Instead, it seems like the prior explanation for each class is long, nya.」

「So they are going to capture the dungeon on a class-by-class basis? It sounds suffocating. 」

That’s true, it seemed like it would be hard to know who was where. If the dungeon was narrow, it would be difficult to breathe.

「In general, dungeons are usually captured by six people per party and there are also some restrictions, but this place has no restrictions, nya.」

If it was OK to capture the dungeon simultaneously with any number of people, many people would do human-wave tactics, right? …I didn’t know what was the meaning of debuting after using that kind of means.

「So six people is the standard, eh.」

「It’s almost always like that except at this place, nya. Decide the leader, share the role among the six people, and then proceed, nya. My main role is mainly for reconnaissance, trap prevention, and unlocking keys, nya.」

So this cat ears had thief role, huh. If she changed class, she could become a ninja.

It seemed like there were no traps this time so that kind of skill might be unnecessary, but it might be necessary to have skills other than for combat in the future.

「I don’t have experience on this, but at the advanced class, there are parties that go beyond six people, like twelve or fourteen people.

Even if they don’t go that far, sometimes they will do dungeon attack with multiple parties in raid boss capture events, nya.」

So there was something like a raid here, huh. I didn’t understand the definition of Rogue, but wasn’t it basically something that you played alone? Wasn’t this more like an MMO-RPG now?

It wasn’t unusual for an MMO-RPG to have a six people party, but if we followed the basis, it would remember the old dungeon RPG. This was too mixed.

「But if we enter the same place with a large number of people, won’t it become a problem to move around?

If it’s originally intended to have a large number of people challenging the dungeon, it won’t be strange to have accommodating structure, but what about here? We’re also going to do dungeon attack with these kids, right?」

「I agree.」

If I would be buried in this number of people, I started wondering just what kind of trial this was.

In the past, when I faced a group of orcs in a closed cave, it ended terrible because I had too little space. The main problem was the smell. Orcs smell bad.

「Ah, by the way, both of you just came to this city, nya… Then it can’t be helped, nya. Here is Lesson One, nya!

Not only in trial dungeons, but also in dungeons, there is an area indicated for individual use when you enter as long as they are not events, nya. So you won’t stuck with another party, and you won’t meet with these kids when you get inside, nya.」

「I see, so there is a separate space created for each party, huh. That means in exchange of not being disturbed, there is also no one that will help us.」

「S-somehow, you’re a bit too quick to understand the mechanism, nya.」

Cat-san was faltering at Yuki’s immediate reply.

If we knew that this was managed systematically like a game, it was easy for anyone who was familiar with modern Japanese games to understand it. Of course, a game brain like Yuki would understand and swallow it quickly, and even though I was only a light gamer, I knew what kind of system this was.

In the first place, if a dungeon was made randomly, at what timing would they make it? If the structure inside suddenly changed, it would be scary. If it was a private area, it wouldn’t be a problem in terms of the timing if the area was created when entering or moving between the layers.

「In other dungeons, the map changes automatically, but it’s a ‘fixed map type’ in this place, and no matter how much you enter it, the structure won’t change, nya.」

「Is that because it’s for beginners? That means, it’s more like entering a different channel rather than making a random room, huh.」

「It’s because this dungeon is for beginner, nya. The structure itself is simple, nya. The labyrinth can be called as the lowest rank, nya. The rest is almost a single path and you can’t get lost, nya.

You might be wondering what you will learn in that kind of place, but this dungeon can make you learn about the basics, such as dungeon easy structure or your first battle, nya.」

So it was really just like a practise? The degree of difficulty should be simple enough for these children to challenge the dungeon.

Philos said that he had been baptized, but even so, he cleared the trial.

「Nya, it seems like this is going to take some time to get inside, so I’m wondering if you can show me both of your status card, nya. I think I can give you some advices, nya.」

「Ahh, we just got it before… But is this something that we can easily show to other people? Outside the Labyrinth City, skill information is a considered as someone’s lifeline. 」

As Yuki said, personal status information wasn’t something that one could easily afford to make public, at least outside the Labyrinth City.

Well, there was also no convenient item like status card outside, and it wasn’t something that other people could easily reveal.

I exchanged my information with Yuki at the entrance of this city because I didn’t hide it that much in the first place, and we also had a special relationship since we were going to be a team from now on.

This card was handed out when we left the guild just now, but it contained the information I had seen before, plus some extra information like the unfamiliar Lv, HP, and MP.

Of course I was at Lv 1. My experience value… the EXP was not displayed.

「It’s not like you have to show me no matter what nya, but in Labyrinth City, lower class especially have status that changes quickly, but it can’t be helped if you want to keep it as a secret, nya. People generally won’t make their status public when they reached the intermediate class. But the skill that they mostly used as their main would get found out, nya.

On the contrary, there are many adventurers who make their skills public to some extent so that they would get invited to a party, and they are also some people who publish their information in the magazines, nya.」

「Hmm. Well, that’s also true. It’s not like I’m hiding it too. Here it is.」

「Here’s mine too.」

Following Yuki, I also handed my card to Chitta-san.

Since we would receive her guidance from now on, she would need to know our skills.

「Hm, hm. Yuki isn’t Yukiko, but Yukito, nya? Ah, this is unfair, so you can also see mine.」

As an exchange, Chitta-san also gave us her card. Yuki received it, but what was it like?

「Eh, the layout is somewhat different… There’s a photo, and the color is different.」

「Yeah, the layout changes according to the rank of the adventurer. The skills will continue to increase, so it won’t fit if all of them are displayed in your card, nya. Basically, the amount of information displayed increases when your class go up.

The advanced class one is more sophisticated, and it seems like the skill column can be scrolled and categorized, nya. It’s a little cool, nya.」

If there was a photo, was this card changing into something like a licence?

「Hee. Nn? Eh, this is just my guess, but does the rookie cards can only display up to five skills?」


When I looked at Chitta-san’s card given by Yuki, there was certainly a lot of information there. Especially the number of skills was completely different.

On the contrary, our card had large text, little information, and a space fit for only five skills.

Although this was out of topic, the photo displayed on Chitta-san’s card was a peace sign with a nice smile that made me feel irritated. I wanted to beat that smug face so much.



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