Over the Infinite – Chapter 2 (3)


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「I see, nya. Both of you are rookies with hope, nya.」

Chitta-san returned our cards.

「Yuki’s question was exactly right, nya. Status cards for rookies were basically different from what you could saw outside the Labyrinth City, so there were only five skill fields, nya.

The fact that both of you had skills that were buried from the field means that you trained a lot outside, nya. It’s a great deal, nya. Also, I’m taken aback with the characters, but what kind of skill is Tsuna’s《 Primitive Man 》, nya?」

Of course she would be curious, eh.

The skills I possessed other than my gift are《 Arithmetic 》《 Survival 》《 Food Appraisal 》《 Biotoxin Resistance 》and also《 Primitive Man 》.

The《 Arithmetic 》at the beginning made me looked amazing. What followed after that made me feel like the civilization was degenerating. It was not to the level of a bumpkin anymore.

「《 Primitive Man 》? If it’s Heian Man, it’s not like I don’t understand where you get it, but this is…」

「It’s a skill I acquired when I am surviving. I don’t really know the effect.」

Also, I also wasn’t a Heian Man. It was just a name now.

「This is probably the first time this skill appeared in the Labyrinth City, so if you register it in the Guild’s database, you’ll get a good reward, nya.」

Seriously? Did that mean my anxiety at my current money was gone?

「H-how much can I get?」

「I never did it before, but when the leader registered her skill… it almost reached the cost of living for a few months, nya.」

Amazing. I didn’t know if that was expensive or cheap, but I got to live without working.

「However, if you search for the skill in the guild, the name of the representative adventurer that acquired it will also appear, so it might feel like the《 Primitive Man 》was Tsuna, nya.」

「What the hell…」

That was terrible. It wasn’t like《 Close Combat 》was XX, but《 Primitive Man 》was Tsuna.

Then it wouldn’t make me a person who had the《 Primitive Man 》skill, but it was like I was the primitive person. In the worst case, people might not call me with my name anymore.

「If you are worried about money or if you are willing to do that, you should register it, nya.

But it was something like that, nya. If you gained any skill prior to《 Primitive Man 》, you wouldn’t have this status, nya.」

It was a skill that pop up out of nowhere, so it wasn’t like I aimed to get it, okay…

「No way, don’t tell me just because it’s not displayed, there’s a possibility that we have mastered more than five skills…」

「That’s right, nyan. Actually, there aren’t that many people who have more than five skills other than gifts, so I think that’s why beginners use this kind of display.」

Perhaps, I thought I couldn’t learn X skill for a long time ago, but it was actually just not displayed?

There was a period of few years when I didn’t learn any skills, but was there any reason for that? Did I actually have more skills?

「Well, you can check with the guild to see how much other skills you have learned, or you can see the card issued after your debut, nya. I don’t have it, but it seems like if you use《 Appraisal 》skill on that card, you will also know other people skills.」

「Is it something that you want to consult with other adventurers?」

「Yeah, nya. Other than that, guild staffs who are familiar to us mainly have that skill, and you can also ask people who has [Appraiser] class even if they are not adventurers, nya.」

The guild staffs certainly looked like they have that ability.

Talking about《 Appraisal 》skill, it was a classic skill for reincarnation and another world transmigration, but it seemed like it wasn’t that rare here.

What about other classic skills like item box and skill robbery? Chitta-san had a pouch hanging on her waist, so I wondered if there was no item box or it was a profession skill.

「Even after the fifth one nya, the skill itself has displayed its effect just by the fact it wasn’t displayed nya, and it doesn’t affect you nya nya. But nya, outside the city there’s completely no system update, nya!」

There were too many nya that it was getting harder to understand what she was saying.

「S-system update?」

「Yeah, nya. In the Labyrinth City, there’s an improvement named as system update around once a month.

I can’t explain it well, but there are a lot of changes, and also new rules, new skills, and more dungeon gimmicks, nya. At that time, the details will be released on TV and at the guild entrance hall, nya.」

This was really a game, huh. It sounded like a regular update of MMORPG.

It was a nostalgic numbers of downward revisions called as balance adjustment.

「By the way, in the recent update, the《 Muscle Magic 》has been greatly weakened, so those muscles guys who you met at the guild entrance are grieving, nya. They are really obsessed, nya.」

「I-I see…」

What was《 Muscle Magic 》anyway? What was it doing? Did it make the muscles shine?

While we were talking about things related to the labyrinth while waiting for the dungeon, a loud voice and a big footsteps approached us from behind.


「Move away, move away! Youngsters, I don’t have time to do this time consuming procedure!!」

The person who suddenly cut in the line was probably a giant. He had a red hair, contrast to his brown skin, and huge body and muscles that wouldn’t make it strange if someone called him an ogre.

He was two times even bigger than Gowen who I already thought as a giant.

I understood just by looking at him for a moment. He was strong. …There was too much gap and I couldn’t see the bottom of his strength.

「Ahh, so it’s Bacchus, nya. Is he doing that again, nya?」

「Is that uncle a famous person?」

「He is a famous person, nya. He’s even quite famous in the whole Labyrinth City, nya.」

I see, so that conspicuous appearance and obvious strong man aura could also be famous.

「I understand that he’s strong, but what is that old man doing here?」

「Well, it’s true that he’s strong, nya. There’s no way he’s weak when he is solo-ing as an advanced rank man.」


I believed that even this cat ears… Chitta-san was a pretty strong. Although it seemed like her main task was scouting and her fighting power would be inferior to people with vanguard as their main job, we wouldn’t be able to compete with her.

I could feel the difference in our power without even looking at her status. Not that I had seen her card, it was clear from the numbers.

Even that Chitta-san was in intermediate class, and she told us that she was at the lower rank within the intermediate class. …Probably the adventurers with advanced class was someone who would be referred as a hero or superhuman outside.

「Rather than his ability, he’s famous for his sloppy lifestyle, nya.」

…So he was an undisciplined super hero, huh? I suddenly felt miserable.

Bacchus rushed through the student who were mostly look like they were still elementary school students.

It didn’t seem like he was doing any harm, but he had no morals.

「What are you doing, old man!! Line up properly!」

「I know his old man! He is the “Drunken Frenzy” Bacchus!」

「W-what, why does a Rank B come to the trial dungeon?」

「Oi old man, if you are a Rank B, go to the Infinite Corridor! Aren’t you embarrassed, mixing with children in a trial dungeon?」

The student also protested.

Also, sorry, but we also got the damage.

「I’m sorry, but this old man is currently in penalty. It’s a little impossible for me to go to the infinite dungeon because I have no equipment.」

「It’s just as the magazines said, you come here to earn your alcohol expenses!! How lame!!」

「Wahaha, I’m lame, huh? You’re right, I really am, that’s why give this old man your turn in the line. Just waiting for another thirty minutes won’t really change anything, right?」

What’s with that super theory of an useless man? Then you wait, oi.

「He was definitely strong, but he was drinking all the time during the Infinite Corridor death penalty or when he wasn’t going to the dungeon, so he came here sometimes to make some small change for his alcohol expenses, nya.」


「He was a senior you wouldn’t want to learn from.」

「You didn’t need to learn from him. It was rare to have an adventurer whose occupations depend on public favor that was made fun as much as him, nya. Even the magazines wrote him as the drunken frenzy “Bakacchus”.」

It was only valid to call him drunken frenzy since he seemed like he loved alcohol, but calling him Bakacchus was cruel.

「Maybe he died in the Infinity Corridor and his equipment was upgraded, and all of his savings disappeared to buy liquor. If it’s him, he can break through this dungeon even if he is Lv 1 and completely naked, nya.」

「I guess that’s true since this is the training dungeon, but can he earn enough money to buy liquor for a B-class drinker?」

「No, it’s almost irrelevant in terms of earnings, but there’s no expense required, nya. He should be able to buy cheaper alcohols, nya. It’s only here where people can rental weapons too.」

「That old man is empty handed, eh.」

He was also wearing a T-shirt.

We listened to Chitta-san’s commentary without wanting to get involved at all, and watched the giant man disappeared at the reception.

A person who looked like a teacher appeared in the end, but after discussing for a while, the teacher backed down and they settled just like that.

Uh, he earned the hate of the promising child adventurers in just a day today. If he had a blog, there would be flood of hate comments right now.

「Everyone in the advanced rank aren’t like that, right?」

「Of course that is the exceptions, nya. Advanced class people usually live well, so they are mostly calm. Well, there are also many people who break through the wrong direction, nya.

In fact, the people with rough temper is usually at the lower rank. There are some people who can’t reach the intermediate class even after a long time had passed, and some people who have lower grades even if they are in the intermediate class. They are punks

Well, this city is a place where even an incident resulting in injury won’t occur much. Don’t worry, nya.」

I wasn’t that worried since this was the city where women could walk alone at night, but after all, there were punks everywhere.

It still couldn’t be compared with the royal city where you wouldn’t just lost all of your possessions if you entered the back alley, but also a part of your body or even your life.

The back alleys and slums at there were really magic cities. Every time I heard the rumours, I was really scared.

「Well, he was mostly a solo, and he also doesn’t concern himself with other people directly, so you can just forget about him, nya.」

That really sounded like a flag, so could you stop saying something like that?


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