Over the Infinite – Chapter 3 (3)


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「Nn? I tried the general ones, but they entirely failed. Re-tempering a dull sword was useless after all.

Oi oi, it wasn’t like I thought it wouldn’t work because I was a novice who only knew the general idea, but it was because simple things that should work easily unexpectedly wouldn’t work well.

Even if it worked well, I couldn’t continue it later on, because it wasn’t worth the cost, it wasn’t useful, or the precision from the item in modern Japan was very far apart. They were all meaningless.

Some of them are a little useful like this scoop. I can also make a small amount of gunpowder, but I can just make it, because I can’t use it effectively. …It exploded before.」

So it was like that, huh? Reality was ruthless.

「How about cooking? Mayonnaise seems to be the template…」

「That doesn’t mean like Tsuna wants to eat mayonnaise, right? …Well, I ever made mayonnaise in my previous life, so of course I made it.

But even if it was done, the taste was really bad. At first I thought it was because my skill was lacking, but it was because the quality of the oil and eggs were completely different.

In addition, even if I tried to make sweets, sugar and honey are bizarrely expensive, and there are no maple syrup or sugar beet…

In the first place, even before cooking, the ingredients are too little and there’s nothing I can do about it. Salt is also quite expensive.

Even meat is not the pigs, cow’s, and chickens that are raised for eating purpose like in modern Japan, but they are super hard because the animals died by old age…

Ah, I’m sorry. It’s not something that I should say to someone who chewed on goblin directly.」

「Shut it. I was thinking that you were so depressed and I shouldn’t have asked you, but why are you suddenly spouting abusive language to me?」

I was also the type that thought that it would work without having to think about anything at first, so I thought I could understand his situation.

By the way, it was an environmental problem in my case, so I gave up very quickly. Let alone mayonnaise, my dimension with him was different because I had never eaten eggs, sugar, and meat.

「Speaking of which, this is about this goblin meat, but from what goblin does it come from? Leaving aside that rice ball.」

「Where, you ask… Isn’t it from the goblin that are killed by the adventurers?」

「But the goblin I defeated disappeared like a fog. Even the club it was holding.」

In other words, does the goblin carry another goblin’s thigh meat? It’s slightly horror.

「I think that card might not necessarily something that goblin carry with it.」

「Then, where does it come from?」

「This dungeon system.」

Ahh, I see. In other words, it’s not like we got the card that the goblin carried around after killing it, but the goblin meat dropped… no, appeared, because we defeated the goblin.

「That means even if we don’t look for the guys who are holding it, there are chances that they are going to drop it, right? The goblins will become cinders, but they will still drop meats normally…」

「I don’t know that much, though. For example, if this is a game, there will be a pattern, or later on there will be individuals that look and act the same but have different drop rates.

I’ve seen games where the probability changes depending on the number of the enemies we killed, and what drops will depend on the time.

Well, leaving that aside, what I want to say is that this world… no, this Labyrinth City was reflecting the rules of computer games we know more than our expectations.」

Did that mean the creator imitate the game system of their previous life? He might also use it as reference, or respect it, or possibly rip it off, though.

「The random creation of the labyrinths, exclusive areas, and also levels and HP are proofing it, but in the first place, skill is also like that.」

「We only heard about this, but there are also regular updates… Maybe it’s also how we ultimately can’t die. That’s why, this is just my guess, but I think there is a flaw that surprisingly only us earthlings know.

If this is a game, this is a fairly large program, so if we think about it normally, it’s only natural that there is debug leakage.」

We couldn’t be sure about that, you know. Maybe this was a perfect system created by a prostrating God from somewhere.

「How about trying a lot of things after we make our debut?」

「That’s right. It seems like the purpose is not just to desperately move forward. It might be faster to analyze the system slowly and steadily. But that’s only valid if the labyrinth doesn’t disappear after a hundred layer capture.」

「Eh, Tsuna. Did you believe in that story? I don’t think that’s the case. It’s unnatural to tell the rookies to do their best because the dungeon is about to get captured just a little while more.」

「…That’s right, even if he’s trying to encourage us, it’s unnatural.」

No matter how much I thought about it, we wouldn’t have enough time to reach the forefront.

「Then, how many layers do you think the goal is at?」

「I don’t really know, but maybe because it’s a nice count, maybe around three hundred, five hundred, or even one thousand… maybe even more.」

「Then it looks like we can take it easy, right?」

Rather, I was worried about our life span first. If the pace of the capture was one layer a month, how much time would it take to reach a hundred layers?

No we talked about rejuvenation in the capture, so maybe it was a long-term approach.

「What a difficult conversation, nya… Even though I’m suffering this much… Urgh.」

A voice that sounded like it reverbreated from the depths of hell approached us.

「Are you alright now? I feel like your image is clearly caught in the broadcast cord.」

If her lover saw it, even a hundred years of passion would cool down.

「I’m not alright, nya. Today’s event is engraved on the page of my trauma with big marks, nya. It was a shocking taste that will make me intensively aim for Gobtarou in the upcoming exchange game, nya.」

「That’s great, you had a good experience.」

「Your faces are also engraved on my grade book, nya. Rather, Tsuna, to think that you ate that with a calm face, you are a monster, nya.」

「No, I’m not that great.」

「I wasn’t praising you, nya… Ah, really, let’s go ahead, nya. The next one is the battle with the boss, nya.」

「We were waiting for Chitta-san, though.」

「Both of you are so noisy, nya!!」


Boss battle. It was a sudden boss battle from the first layer.

Although we had been notified about the boss battle in advance, I was also concerned with what kind of weak boss would come out.

「Now then, we have arrived, nya!」

「This place is…」

Up to this point was a straight path, but now a side road appeared here. It was a T-junction.

Yuki and I looked up at the entrance, befuddled. To be precise, we were looking at the sign installed in the passage leading to the entrance.

[ Boss Room ]

It was a mess in a lot of ways. The words was even handwritten. The sign itself was a rare beauty that looked like it was made with DIY carpentry.

It was understandable since this was a trial, but wasn’t this too irresponsible?

「There’s no way that other dungeons are also like this, right? I suddenly become worried.」

「Of course you won’t see this carried over to the Infinite Corridor, nya. But some dungeons are more playful than this, nya.」

Well, since it was easy to understand, it was fine.

「By the way, can we ask about what will come out? Or is it a rule violation?」

「There’s no problem at all, nya. The trial’s information is open to the public except for the lowest layer, so I’ll answer if you ask, nya.

On the other hand, I won’t answer if you don’t ask, so there are some rookies who rushed inside and self destructed themselves, nya.」

「Umm, so it’s strong enough to somewhat have factors that make people fai?」

「Nyaa, it’s not a big deal since we are talking about both of you, nya. What’s inside is a Kobold. A monster with a dog head, nya.」

So it was kobold who was sometimes put on the par with goblin? Its public recognition was lower than goblin.

I never fought against kobold directly before, but I had seen them from a distance when they were having turf war with deers and losing in this world.

「According to my information, kobold is a weak monster, though.」

「Your information is not wrong, nya. But it seems like because it’s closer to human height if compared to goblins, it will be a good study for rookies who are not used to combat, nya.」

「Even if we call it as a boss, so it’s just a trial boss for this who just started training?」

「That’s right, nya. Also, not only here, but boss fights usually have an exclusive appearance scene, nya.」

「Oh? Appearance scene?」

If we were talking about appearance, was it what I thought it was? In stand-alone RPG, the boss monster will howl or do something like that.

「There are a lot of monsters that want to be cool, so if they become a boss, they will get an exclusive appearance effect, nya. There are also some crazy guys that play special music inside, nya.」

What the heck, was this the appearance scene of a professional wrestler?


「That’s not important. But is it okay to fight with two people inside? Or should we challenge it one by one?」

「Either way is fine, nya. There are two exits where the boss comes out if both of you enter together, nya. It’s a mechanism where the enemies increase as the number of challengers increases, nya.

By the way, if you capture the trial dungeon, you won’t be able to form a party during the G-class, so you should have fun combatting with a friend as much as you like right now, nya. Solo is considerably lonely, nya.」

I see, we said that we were going to set up a team, but we wouldn’t be able to make a party for a while after the trial.



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