Over the Infinite – Chapter 3 (5)


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We went all the way towards the Kobolds’ doorway.

The kobolds looked like they weren’t going to intercept us who were coming at them and threw the spears in their hands.


I avoided the flimsy spears that flew towards me, got within the reach of the opponent with all of my might and slayed one of the kobolts that had become unarmed.

I didn’t know which was C, D, E, or F anymore, but Yuki chased a kobold that tried to escape and killed it with his small sword.

Damn it, we had frankly underestimated this. If we left then alone and they continued to increase, it would be game over when they threw their spears all at once.

「Yuki! Close that fusuma so that it can’t be opened again!」

「Eh, ehh? I-I understand.」

I slayed Kobold G who appeared because of the additional increase the moment it came out, and entrusting Yuki to that place, I headed to the other fusuma.

Even if they teared the fusuma and came out, Yuki should be able to handle those kobolds alone.

There were three kobolds at my destination. No, it increased to four.

All four of them tried to throw their spear at once, but before that I threw the hatchet that I hung on my hips.

I didn’t have any pinpointing technique like Yuki, but in this case, I wanted to divert them more than aiming at them, so it should be okay.

I was fortunate enough to have the hatchet hit one of the kobolds. The death of the kobold prevented another one kobold to do anything else.

I evaded the two flying spears and assaulted the four unarmed kobolds.

「Tsuna, they stop coming out after I hold down the fusuma!」

In short, it was like this.

This boss fight would have been much less difficult with a little tact, or doing it the second time.

I slaughtered the frightened unarmed kobolds one by one, and stabbed the last one that appeared additionally.

「What a pain.」

When I pressed the fusuma with my hand, there was nothing that tried to forcefully open the fusuma from the other side, and it became quiet.

[The first layer of the trial dungeon boss trial has been captured.]

There was a system announcement with sound streaming in the room.

Since we already seek for different world fantasy, it was easy to understand this.

[Only Lv 1 challengers acquire level-up bonuses from the boss trial capture.]

Following the announcement, we were informed that we had levelled up.

When I took out my status card, it emitted a faint light and the value of my Lv had certainly changed to 2.

I didn’t know what kind of experience point system was this, but it seemed like this was the bonus for this bonus battle.

「Yay, we levelled up!! Our status also somewhat increased!」

Yuki was excited.

Well, my status was certainly rising altogether. It might be because I was originally still Lv 1, but the average increase rate was around 20~30 percent if compared with my original status.

Although it didn’t look like there was much difference in numbers, 20% increase in my physical ability would be a great thing if it was true.

I tried to swing my sword, but I didn’t really understand. I did feel that my power had slightly increased, but was it really 20% higher?

「What happened?」

「No, it’s just that I don’t really know how accurate these numbers are. I don’t feel like I become as strong as these numbers.」

「…Hmm, now that you said it, you’re right. I’ve exceeded Tsuna’s “power” that you shown to me at the entrance, but I don’t think that I become that strong.

Maybe this will take some time to get applied to us… or we are affected by something like a hidden status? I don’t know, though… I don’t even know how they count the experience points, so I’ll try to look into this a bit later. 」

「Yeah. I’ll also look into it, but you look like you are better in this than me.」

We could also ask Chitta-san or investigate this in the guild.

There were questions remained regarding the status, but with this, we had finished our first boss fight which knocked us out of our wits in a different sense.


In the end, even if we didn’t have any injury, but it could hardly be called as a complete victory even when looking at things favorably.

「We are too careless.」

「Really, it was just as you said.」

We were too concerned about the strength of the opponent, the combat tactics, and the weapon it used.

Now that I thought of it, no one said that the numbers wouldn’t increase. Chitta-san only said, “There are two exits where the boss comes out.”

Although we were trained, it would normally become fatal if we received a number of throwing spears, and I could even consider this was not very friendly for beginners.

Well, it was the case since we “saw this for the first time”. It was easy once we understand it. That was why kids could clear this. We should hold down the fusuma before it started.

「Ohh, you cleared it, nya.」

We returned and joined with Chitta-san.

This person probably knew about it. She was grinning after all.

「Then, did it become a lesson, nya?」

「Yeah, I understand that we are too careless. I was fooled by the discomfort of the fusuma and tatami mats, and my response was delayed. It was nasty, but I think this is necessary.」

「Even so, both of you still managed to clear it properly in the first go, so this is still a big deal, nya. To be honest, the mortality rate for this at the first sight is relatively high, nya.」

If someone didn’t know how to handle it, it wouldn’t be strange if they were swallowed by the kobolds. The intervals of the appearance were short too. It wasn’t surprising if someone died on accident.

「Eh, how far will it increase?」

「I don’t know nya, and in the first place, the rate of the increase will change with the number of participants, nya… But from a verification of a site, it can exceed forty kobolds, nya.」

How could a beginner even pass forty kobolds, oi.

「But the students at the entrance enter the dungeon with dozens of people, right? Won’t it turn into something terrible?」

「In fact, it should be something terrible, nya. But they basically ignore this place, nya.」

What’s with that? Did that mean they didn’t have to clear it?

「This place doesn’t have hierarchy importance, nya. It’s just an area to experience boss battle, so there’s no need to capture, nya.」

「Um… So we also don’t even have to fight just now?」

「No, the students have come here for many times, so they don’t need it anymore nya. They just have to try it once. It doesn’t have any meaning after knowing how to deal with the boss anyway, nya. If both of you come to challenge this dungeon again next time, you can also ignore this room, nya.」

It was true that anyone didn’t have to do this more than once. The bonus was also for Lv 1 only.

「Well, this is the first and last special battle where you can clear it just by closing the fusuma.

Starting from now on, there are boss battle in the second layer, third layer, forth layer, and also fifth layer, where there is the labyrinth ma…I mean, dungeon boss, nya. With the exception of the fifth layer, you can easily clear all to them as long as you can do the basics of combat, nya.」

「On the other hand, if we can’t do the basics, it’ll be difficult to capture. Is the fifth layer different?」

「Only fifth layer requires not only basic things, but also the ability to go as the so-called adventurer, nya.

If you defeat it, it will become a bright debut, that’s why it was required, nya. In the first place, the people who took this trial without any seriousness wouldn’t reach the fifth layers, but even properly trained adventurer in making will trip over the difficulty, nya.」

「Philos… the guy who is together with us in the beginner’s lecture said that he captured it in the third attack, but how is it?」

「Clearing it in the third time is quite fast, nya. The average attempts to clear this dungeon is around five to ten times, so that rookis is quite excellent. It’s the level where that alone will make a big clan call him out, nya.」

I see, I didn’t know about Gowen, but Philos said that he was a knight outside, so of course he was strong.

「So if we clear it for the first try, it’s going to be a winning battle, right? This feels like a draught.」

She probably didn’t know about professional baseball. Probably… not, right?

「Well, if you cleared it in your first try, it will become a big news, nya. Since nobody have done it so far, you may receive a medal or title, nya.」

「Eh? There’s none?」

「No, nya. The record is challenging the dungeon two times, finishing it one week after registering as an adventurer, nya. The record holder is now active in the top group, nya. No matter how strong both of you are, it will be difficult to beat that, nya.

You received the lecture on the first day of your registration and take the trial and the same day, nya. The course is shortest so far, so if you can capture it as it is, there’s no doubt that you can be title holder for clearing the first challenge on the first day of your registration, nya. You will break a record that haven’t been broken in the system, and you will have chances to have things that you can’t even aim right now after your debut, nya」

Hearing that, the hurdles seemed to be very high. Even if the first layer was like this, there was something tough waiting at the second half, huh?

Perhaps the second time clear in a week was after repeated training and careful preparation after the failure.

Even if they said that the crucial moment was after the debut, there might have been a lot of strong people before the debut, and yet one week was this the fastest.

「Well, if it’s both of you, you can clear it the second or third time after practising repeatedly, nya. From what I’ve seen, both of you are pretty good, nya.」

「By the way, how many times did Chitta-san take to capture the trial dungeon?」

「Hahaha, I… I mean, the members of . It’s miserable, but it took us the times, nya.」

…Ten times? The unlaughable numbers indicated the difficulty level.

I believed that even if Chitta-san and her clan didn’t have talent, there was no way they didn’t do careful preparations.

「Training and challenging this dungeon was a repetition that took us almost a year, but in the meantime, we didn’t have decent income, so we couldn’t afford the cost of the training, nya. We challenged the dungeon while working part-time nya. …At that time, it was really hard. There were times when I cried while working on the cash register, nya.」

「By the way, what is the average duration of the five to ten challenge attempts?」

「Around half a year, nya. We are the considerably slow group, nya.」

I didn’t want to take that much time.

The existence of part-time job broke my fantasy image again, but once I got used to it, it seemed like I would resign myself to that life.

Rather, Philos and Gowen captured the dungeon only in a month, so aren’t they very excellent? …No, they only took half a month for the dungeon capture, right?

「Well, we haven’t even reached the middle of the dungekn, so let’s go now, nya. The second layer is waiting, nya」


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