Over the Infinite – Chapter 4 (3)


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The roar raised its sword while roaring with a pig-like scream and then approached me.

When I repelled the sword that it swung downward, this orc’s strength was transmitted to me.

The resistance that transmitted through the sword was incomparable with the goblins on the first layer in terms of speed and power.

He looked as strong as the orc I fought in the mountains. But since it used different weapon, the orc here was probably a formidable enemy.

The orc that lost its posture after having its sword parried returned its stance forcefully and swept out its second attack, mowing sideways.

I moved my body back and avoided it.

Perhaps because the orc learnt that its second attack was avoided, it stopped doing large swing and started swinging its sword in a compact form.

Rather than the damage, the precision and the judgement not to lose its posture when I repelled its attack was perfect. It was much smarter than a goblin. As expected from orc-sama.

I swing my sword. Avoid. Dodge. Avoid the upper swing.

Its next attack was a racket that made use of its giant build instead of its sword. I avoided the approaching giant orc in the same way…


I raised the hatchet I took out overhead and swung it down to the crown of the head of the orc who lost its posture.

The sound of its skull-cracking reached my hand.


The orc screamed in death agony while spurting out its blood as if realizing that it would immediately die after having its head split. Then it disappeared.

Except for the remaining bloodstain and smell, it disappeared without a trace, and two cards remained.

Hm, it was a complete victory without any danger. Great.

「Well, what is it?『Trial Longsword』and『Roasted Orc Meat』… eh, meat again?」

Just right after I said that there was no corpse remained, the orc left its meat here.

The sword was the same as the name, it was the same trial dungeon rental item I was currently using. Because it was a card, I could just carry this around as a spare.

「Now then, what happened over there?」

When I saw my partner who fought on the other side, he was still fighting. The was the first time I saw Yuki having close combat, but he moved pretty well.

He properly did his own attack while avoiding the opponent’s attack. There were cuts and bleeding in several places of the orc body.

However, it might be because the wounds were shallow, but the orc was still lively and Yuki seemed like he was a little bit out of breath.

Looking at this composition alone was a bit obscene. This scene was something that most likely would appear in an indecent eroge.

「Is he really alright?」

I was worried, but since it seemed like it was going to be a long battle, I sit down in that place…

「《 Materialize 》」

…and materialized orc meat.

No, I would help him if it became dangerous. This was a break, an intermission.

The smell that drifted out was pork. There was no doubt, these creatures were pigs.

As for the taste, it tasted like pork. It was incomparable with goblin meat, but the taste was still bad. If a modern Japanese person ate this, they would spit it out in a bite, but it was only to that degree.

「It’s not like I can’t eat this, there’s no problem at all.」

It was also incomparable with when I ate it raw. Was roasting make this much difference? If I knew this, it would have been better to burn them alive and eat them.

There was also a problem with the blood removal, but even if the taste changed, it should have been better than eating it raw. How wasteful.

「W-what are you doing, Tsuna!!」

Ah, this is bad. Yuki noticed me.

Even if he was still in the middle of a battle, he shouted at me.

「I wondered, why does it smell like pork, but then! What are you eating when there’s an orc in front of you!」

No, you were the one fighting it, okay.

But now that I thought of it, it might be rude to the orc.

「Puhii…? Puhiiiii!!」

It seemed like the orc became curious because Yuki shouted at me, and it looked at me.

Its gaze returned to Yuki for once, but it turned around to me again, maybe surprised at me who started eating while sitting down, and its movement stopped. It looked at me the second time.

At that moment, Yuki’s small sword pushed deep into the orc’s neck, grasping the chance.



Fresh blood spluttered as soon as he pulled out the deeply thrust sword from its neck. Yeah, this was a match after all.

I had no reason to stop eating my meat now.

After that, the orc continued to move while the blood kept gushing out, but Yuki left it to die because of blood loss.

「Hey, finish that orc off. Isn’t he pitiful like that?」

「No way, my small sword will become terrible.」

The sword that he showed to me was definitely terrible with the blood and fat, but since it already became like that, killing that orc wouldn’t change it that much, right?

I knew that it would happen, so I aimed at the head with the hatchet instead of cutting the orc with the sword.

「Rather, how many times have you started eating during the battle?」

「Isn’t it fine? I’m already finished here anyway. You also said that we will distribute the role too.」

Even if we said it in advance, he was upset.

「Leaving that aside, that orc was in the situation where when it was fighting, its opponent was eating its partner. Don’t you think the impression is a little bit too much?」

「…Now that you said it, the orc will think like that, huh?」

But then, just because my drop item was an orc, it didn’t mean that it was that orc itself.

…Oh, so that’s why that orc stopped moving when he saw me.

Certainly, if I replaced the orc with myself and I smell burning meat only to find Yuki was being eaten, I might also get scared.

「Ahh, fine, forget it already. …Is that delicious?」

「It tastes bad, but it’s better than the goblin. Does it also drop there?」

「It does, but… who cares about that now. Ahh, I’m tired!」

After saying that, Yuki laid down nearby me, making a 大 character with his body. I wanted to tell him that he would get dirty since there was also the spurt of blood around there, but it was too late to tell him.

「It’s hard because I couldn’t make damage at all, even if I kept hitting the opponent.」

「But wasn’t it a pretty splendid step?」

「What is this sensation… That’s it, I feel like I understand the pain of doing outboxing. I can’t dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee.」


[The second layer of the trial dungeon boss trial has been captured.]


A system announcement appeared, letting us know that the capture had been completed.

[Only challengers with Lv 2 or below will acquire level-up bonuses by the boss trial capture.]

Ohh, so it was the same bonus as the first layer? Now we were at Lv 3.

I didn’t feel like something had changed, but it didn’t mean that the level up was meaningless. K felt a little more powerful than before.

「By the way, did you get a message when the pigs roared?」

「Eh, yeah, it did. What was it again?《 Roar of the Beast 》?」

「The skill activation and the result are displayed. Unlike the announcement at the time of clearing the layer, there is no voice, but it’s a system message.」

At least, I hadn’t seen anything like that outside.

「That’s right. Maybe this is that? Maybe they did a system update on us when we came to this city.」

「So we will know how our skills are activated like this, eh. If this is also displayed outside, it will also tell us that it’s intimidating, right?」

「Ah, yeah, you’re right. …I see, so that’s an abnormal condition. I feel like I am forced to wither at that time… But then, it’s not that intense, so even if it was applied to us, we might not have the same effect. …Why didn’t it work on Tsuna?」

I didn’t know. I got it many times outside, but I didn’t feel like anything had changed.


「Ahh… Yeah, I am really convinced.」



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