Over the Infinite – Chapter 5 (2)


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「By the way, what are the conditions for raising this Lv? There’s no way it’s just from the boss capture bonus, right?」

「It will go up if you defeat many enemies, nya. If you defeat the strong ones, it will raise up easily, nya.」

So it was like the experience point system?

「Wasn’t there any indication on how much more should we defeat monsters until we leveled up?」

「After you gained a little experience, you could learn a skill that would make it displayed on the status card. After that, there is also a skill where you can see it even without the card, nya.」

「Is that so? I’m also curious about one more thing. What is the standard of the attribute value displayed in the status?」

「??? The higher the number, the stronger your ability, nya.」

She didn’t understand what I was saying, huh.

「For example, my < Power > value is higher than Tsuna at the time when he was Lv 1, but I don’t feel like I become that strong.」

「Ahh, so it’s about that, nya. The mechanism isn’t made public yet, but it’s a piece of influential information that multiplies your hidden original value, nya.」

Was it like mask data?

No, that’s not it. This was a correction value, not the ability value itself.

「If I have to compete in arm wrestling with a guy who has a strong arm as the < Muscle Brothers >, even if our < Power > value is the same, I will still lose, nya. That’s why it’s pretty important to do running or muscle training, nya.」

「So if we originally don’t have strength, increasing the correction value won’t have much effect.」

「On the contrary, if the correction value is high, even a little muscle training will greatly improve our power.」

It was pretty severe. Did that mean even Yuki who had skinny arm wouldn’t get many benefits even if he raised his < power > value?

I once thought about this status outside the city as well.

If for example I did push up and my raised, how would I become stronger? Power was not just about arm strength.

If I had arm muscles, my arm strength would increase. As a result, my in my status would rise, and it was further enhanced by the correction value. It was hard to notice, but I improved my overall strength.

「The value is managed separately because some status like < Agility > is mostly related to physical strength, so there’s no clear answer, mya. However, if you train your original abilities, there’s no doubt that you will definitely get stronger, nya.

After that, there are some effects that e chance your original ability with skills and equipment, nya. < Muscle Brothers > uses these skills to train their muscles, nya.」

So their muscles were fake?

「Then, someone who is hard to get muscular like me won’t become very strong?」

「I don’t think it’s that pessimistic. You can use your skills to reinforce your original abilities, and if you increase your correction value a lot, you can even beat Tsuna, nya. Even someone with feminine thin arms like me can win against Tsuna in arm wrestling, nya.」

「No, it’s not like I want to beat Tsuna.」

Still, there was a benefit from the status to mark Chitta-san assert that she could beat me with her arm.

「In addition, the original body at the level of top-ranked is already trained to the limit, so it’s said that there is not much gap between them unless they include their correction value, nya.

After all, there are physical limitations, nya. In order to break through human limitations, correction values are essential, nya.」

「Chitta-san, do you also do muscle training?」

「There are facilities to do muscle training in my clan house, and I also go to the gym, nya. I regularly participate in training camps too, nya. It’s animal ears boot camp, nya!」

For some reason, it had suddenly become real. But that’s right… should I also start doing muscle training?

I had confirmed that my status would rise even without leveling up, so in another meaning, I could train it.

「I’m going back to the main topic, but the lizardman who is the boss here has fixed Lv 10, so you can think of your opponents as someone with three times the “correction value” gap from you, nya.

Lizardman is a race that has high physical performance too, so it’s also good to think that the actual gap is a lot higher, nya.」

「I see, I understand.」

「Then, it’s time for you to challenge the boss, nya. I’m going to go ahead as usual, nya.」

The floor on which Chitta-san was standing went down like a stage elevator, and her figure disappeared.

Did she need to do this every time?

「How should we fight? Since it’s determined that there’s only one opponent, we have to change a little, right?」

「That’s right, let’s think about it a little bit.」

Then, with a little bit of strategy time, we challenged the fourth tier’s capture. This was the last middle boss battle.


The boss room had the same structure as the second and third layer, but it felt wider than the third layer room even if there was a lot number of people there.

There was already a lizardman standing in the center of the square. He didn’t look like a mob. His weapon didn’t look like rental goods, and he looked a little strong.

「Yo, I have been waiting, rookies.」

Why did he talk, oi!

「Eh, err, are you the part-timer?」

「P-part-timer?! …Well, it’s also considered as a part-time job, but I’ve volunteered to become your opponent.」

Did he aim for us?


「Ah, that’s right. Humans won’t be able to differentiate me, huh. It’s me.」

「Is this “it’s me, it’s me” scam?」

Did the Labyrinth City adopt so many things from modern Japan? There was no need for them to even adopt the scams, right?

「You’re wrong! …I’m a lizardman who brought both of you to this city.」

「Oh, that lizard old man?」

「What do you mean with old man… You’re not wrong about that, though.」

I couldn’t differentiate him at all. The barrier of the race was thick. I could still make a distinction with a beastman like Chitta-san, though.

「Then, what is uncle doing here?」

「Well, there is only one thing to do here. Of course, I’m your examiner. I’m the boss in the fourth tier.」

…This was bad. This old man was pretty strong.

Even if his Lv was lowered, I felt the pressure of just being confronted like this.

He was different from the goblins and orcs that we had fought until now, just from his standing behaviors. He looked like he had dreadful combat experiences.

「Let’s talk a bit before the exam. Well, I’m going to talk about the rules here, so listen carefully.」

The lizard uncle was not even preparing himself and started speaking to us.

「It seems like there is a time limit, though.」

「It’s invalid unless we started the combat. But then, I’m not going to talk too long, so let’s add a time limit. …Three minutes.」

When the old man said so, the number of 3:00.00 was displayed in one corner of my vision, and the countdown began.

「By the way, if you start fighting, this will turn 0 and the real countdown will start.」

So the moment the countdown reached zero or when we started doing something to him was the start of the battle.

「Then, what are we going to talk about?」

「Both of you are pretty promising, so I’m thinking of trying to train you here. As a senior adventurer, let me teach you the basics.」

Senior… I see, so this person… this lizardman was also our senior, huh?

「From when I listened to your conversation in the carriage, I was thinking of challenging you at that day.」

Well, we didn’t try to hide it and there were only both of us at that time, so it wouldn’t be strange for him to hear it.

「By the way, what if we didn’t come here on our first day?」

「Then, you… Maybe I’ll cry myself to sleep.」

He should thank Yuki for that. If he didn’t say that he would go, I would do this tomorrow.

「Then, what do you want to teach us, old man?」

「It’s no a big deal. It’s about the dungeon master.」

「Dungeon master?」

Was it relevant now?

「You have heard that the Dungeon Master is the manager here, and that person is the one who recommends capturing the Infinite Corridors, right?」

「Yeah, but we haven’t heard about the reason.」

「I don’t know about the details, but the actual capture speed is fast, at most one layer a month. I think that this is already counted as quick, but actually, the dungeon master seems to be dissatisfied.

However, spanking the butt of the people who are capturing the dungeon now doesn’t mean that the speed will increase much. Even those people are desperate after all.」



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