Over the Infinite – Chapter 5 (5)


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「Really, what are you guys actually? What a bunch of unbelievable rookies.」

I cut off the old man who was muttering so.

Not bad. That sword attack was also almost reached my ideal image…

No, this was dangerous.

I felt something cold running through my back.

My rough intuition cultivated through my life was ringing the biggest alarm bells I ever had. My whole body screamed, telling me to stop.

In my suddenly slow vision, I saw the old man’s sword emitting green light.

Something… was coming.

――Action Skill《 Power Slash 》――

At the same time as that message appeared in my field of vision, a sword slash with impossible speed hit through my sword.

Even though he was waiting to see my move first before, his slashing attack came faster before my sword reached him in an instant.


I could hear Yuki’s shouting voice.

No good, no good, no good! That was a blow that I shouldn’t take no matter what.

Avoid it, avoid! Evade it even if forcibly!

I forcibly shifted my posture that was already in attacking motion to avoid the blow.

It was useless. I couldn’t repel it!

I was blown away by a deep sword attack that could also be considered as fatal.

I couldn’t even sense it. I raised my voice into a silent scream.

I immediately evaded it and curved the trajectory slightly with my sword, plus I also jumped back. They helped me to mitigate some of the damage, but the damage was serious.

The wound that cut diagonally in my front side do body reached my ribs, and some of them broke… no, they must’ve been sliced apart.

Was it because of the HP wall that there was lesser blood than what I had expected? …If I took that slash directly just now, I would’ve died with just one blow.

But if he pursuit me right now, it would be over.


When I raised my face, Yuki’s sword had reached the old man. He probably had aimed for a chance to activate his skill.


Yuki avoided the old man’s counterattack and pressed him even more.

The trajectory of Yuki’s sword, which was different from mine and also that old man’s, was fast. His speed alone had passed the old man’s.

Even so, he was most likely buying some time. His eyes met mine for a moment, telling me to stand up quickly.

He treated me so roughly, even though I was almost on the verge of being slaughtered.

…Ahh, I would meet his expectations. I wasn’t dead yet!

I moved my body that wouldn’t hear my command forcibly and woke up.

The tremendous amount of bleeding soaked the front side of my body. My only good clothes which were originally similar to a rag had turned into a tattered rag.

But then, I didn’t feel like fainting even with this amount of bleeding. The reason why I wasn’t dead was probably because of some star enhancements, right?

I managed to get up, but with my current situation, I wouldn’t be able to have a decent fight… or so I thought when something flew from Yuki. …It was a card.

I took it and shouted without confirming what it was.

「《 Materialize 》!!」

The card emitted light. If this was goblin meat, I would beat him up later.

Of course it wasn’t meat, and what materialized was a small bottle of low-quality potion.

I opened the lid of the bottle that was smaller than the energy drink sold at the convenience store and drank it in a gulp.

The moment I finished drinking the bottle, my bleeding stopped just like that. And little by little, my power came back. There was an explanation that the user would gradually recover, but I felt like I could somewhat move even with this alone.

Not only HP, but my physical wound was also recovered. It was only natural if this thing was expensive.

When I looked at Yuki, he was still exchanging sword with the old man.

…How many seconds had passed since then? It should have been more than ten seconds. Did he manage to hold out by himself the whole time?

No, he probably also learned something. From what I could see, his movement was different.

Weren’t you awesome, Yuki?

And then, a message appeared again in my field of vision.

[ You have acquired《 Attitude Control 》skill. ] [ You have acquired《 Emergency Avoidance 》skill. ]

It displayed that I had learned two more skills.

…Wasn’t I awesome too?

The balance between Yuki and the old man’s exchange of blows collapsed because the sword used by Yuki snapped.



The old man kicked Yuki, and Yuki who had taken it completely was blown away to the back and flew towards me.

However, Yuki fired a knife from the air, pointed towards the lizard old man. Did he take the kick on purpose?


The old man also was surprised as the knife grazed him without any resistance, and his feet stopped.

Yuki kept his momentum and landed when she flew nearby me. His appearance made him look like a rabbit, but he sure acted like a cat.

「Hurts! Ugh,《 Materialize 》!!」

Yuki materialized two cards from his pocket while frowning in pain. They were two short swords.

…Eh, did this guy use two of them? Two-sword style?

「Tsuna, are you okay? Can you fight?」

「Yeah, I’m good. The blood has stopped.」

I thought about assisting him, but before I could do anything, the situation was in a deadlock. The lizard old man hadn’t attacked yet.

「After that《 Power Slash 》, that old man stored moving. I think that skill has a rigidity time. …Probably, he also needs some time before launching that attack.」

Ah, so Yuki attack him while knowing that?

I thought that there would be some cost for the skill, but it was charge time and rigidity after use, like those fighting games? Did that skill also consume MP?

「…Do you wield two swords?」

「I learned《 Acrobatics 》and《 Spatial Understanding 》, plus《 Small Sword Art 》. It seemed like my power had improved as I levelled up, so I felt like I could do it now.

We need a number of moves to be able to hit that uncle after all.」

「I see.」

So he felt like he could do it because he had enough strength? …No, I felt like this guy would manage to do it somehow.

「I learned《 Swordsmanship 》,《 Attitude Control 》, and《 Emergency Avoidance 》. You can expect more from me.」

「Great. I feel like we have straight away become stronger in this battle.」

He was not wrong.

When I looked at the countdown, there were exactly seven minutes remaining. Too long.

「Aren’t you guys a little bit too weird? How can you learn skills like it’s popping out one after another!」

This old man was sharp. Well, I didn’t know why too.

In the lecture, it was said that it was easy to learn skills in the dungeon, but more or less only a few. Judging from the old man’s reaction, this learning speed was abnormal.

To be honest, I didn’t have any definite reason to why I learned a lot of skills after coming here. It might be because our opponent was this uncle, whose ability was out-of-league from us.

Even so, our gap with this old man had undoubtedly narrowed. Even if his ability was restricted, I felt like I was approaching a place where I could reach him.

「You even throw poison knife as a bonus, what kind of rookie carry around such a disturbing thing!? I don’t have any poisoning cure magic, you know?」

「So that’s a poisoned knife? How lucky.」

So you also didn’t know? …Oh, was it the knife he got from the treasure chest before?

Could I use my handcuffs too somehow? But since that old man’s movement was fast, I didn’t feel like I could use it.

「Ahh, well, the wait and see is over. I’ll go with my all from now on.」

――Action Magic《 Physical Boost 》――

――Action Magic《 Fast Step 》――

――Action Magic《 Sharp Edge 》――

――Action Magic《 Maximum Power 》――

Those skills were activated in quick succession, and the old man’s body emitted light.

Eh, what’s that? Supporting magic? So he was increasing his power, even more, starting now?

「W-wait, aren’t you acting childish, uncle?」

「Shut up, rookies!」

Even if his ability was restricted, couldn’t he deal with us with more flexibility since he was a veteran?

Why did he become the crazy boss that was cornered? …No way, he wouldn’t transform, right?

「Listen, I’m currently in a state where my HP is continually decreasing due to the poison. The natural recovery passive skill that usually activates is also restricted because of the Lv limitation, so there is no cure.」

Why did he expose that to us?

「If my HP runs out at this speed, all of my HP will be gone in less than three minutes. So come at me for the next three minutes.

If you survive for three minutes and I lost all of my HP, it’s your win. You can also take the defeat bonus as well.」



  1. It became quite the excited battle.

  2. …so the poison effect doesn’t stop on his own after a while. That’s pretty brutal

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