Over the Infinite – Chapter 6 (1)


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First Arc -「The Pair in Labyrinth City」

Chapter 6 -「Rookie’s Wall」


The open space after the boss capture had reusable structure, with the warp gate and stairs exactly the same as what we saw before.

When we came out of the boss room, Chitta-san who went ahead first greeted us.

「Ohh, you cleared it, nya. Many people drop out here, so I was a little worried, nya.」

Perhaps, the difficulty that Chitta-san assumed and the difficulty we actually experienced were different.

If all of the bosses were that old man, the pass rate would be messed up. Anyone who had a hard time in the second or third level would get instantly killed by him.

「Then, how was it, nya? You spent approximately the same as the specified time, but did you beat the boss, nya?」

「We beat it. We got the《 See Through 》skill.」

And also a portrait. Yay. Who needed this kind of thing anyway.

「Amazing, nya. It seems like your evaluation after debut will change depending on whether you pass this place by beating the boss or not, nya.

By the way,《 See Through 》is a skill that you can buy immediately after your debut, by it’s quite expensive for a lower adventurer, nya. That’s why it’s quite advantageous to get it here, nya.」

Hmm, talking about the money made me feel like I earned a lot of profit.

「With this, can we only use it to see name and HP? I feel like compared to the name, the skill is pretty shabby.」

「There is an even higher skill with a similar name, nya. Strictly speaking, it’s different from《 See Through 》, but it’s hard to explain and there’s no meaning in knowing that here so I’ll omit it, nya.

But it’s a very useful skill, and you can know about poison and continuous damage, so it’s pretty different whether you have it or not, nya.」

I see, so the old man knew the poison that decreased that his HP made him receive continuous damage from that skill, huh?

Then it would be obvious whether the opponent had the ability to recover naturally or not.

「It’s a different story if your opponent has《 Hiding 》or《 Disguise 》skill, but that’s something that is still way ahead in the future, nya.」

「By the way, did Chitta-san defeat the fourth level boss when you were in the trial dungeon?」

「It was impossible, nya. Six of us, including our current leader and deputy leader, kept running away from one lizard and cleared the level like that, nya.

It was also a lizardman at my time, but during the trial stage, we couldn’t maintain enough offensive power to overtake the《 Hard Skin 》, which is lizardman’s racial skill, nya.」

Was she referring to that scale? …So that old man had some kind of special skill, huh. It was hard.

「Having said that, the next one is even worse than this one, nya. …We had been training for six months from here until we finally completed the trial, nya.

That’s why, you guys who pass through the boss in a single shot are honestly amazing, nya. But I think being able to eat goblin meat with a straight face is even more amazing, nya.」

It was an indispensable skill for school child without lunch, so it wasn’t a big deal, okay?

「Now then, I’m sure both of you are going to the fifth level anyway, but what will you do, nya?」

「Of course we will go.」

Yuki answered without a pause.

Chitta-san looked at me as if she was asking me about my choice, by my answer remained the same.

「I also really don’t have a choice to return now after all of the efforts. Since we already come this far, we’ll aim to clear the dungeon for the first time.」

「I see, nya. Well, it’s not that easy, nya, but I think it’s a good idea to try your best, nya.

It’s not like I’m not curious whether both of you can surprisingly breakthrough it after looking at your performances, nya. Also, it seems like there is almost no adventurer who comes here without taking a peek at the fifth level, nya.」

From the way she worded it, anyone would take a peek at the fifth layer. And then, they mostly dropped out.

Leaving aside what we experienced until the third level, I was a bit scared with the “baptism” that Philos talked about now that I had experienced the fight with that old man.

「Then, I will say goodbye here, nya.」

「Eh, you won’t accompany us until the end?」

「That’s the rule, nya. Well, the last one is the test to work hard without a guardian, nya. By the way, if you tried the fifth level boss battle at least once, you didn’t need a companion from now on, nya.」

I wanted to think of it as an unnecessary rule if possible.

「Then, before I’m going back, do you have any questions, nya.」

「Ah, then I’ve been wondering about this. Is the reason why the position of the “nya”s are not stable because you haven’t got used with your personality?」

「Shut it, nya! You guys are really rude until the end, nya!!」

While expressing her anger, Chitta-san disappeared to the gate.


By parting with Chitta-san, it was finally the capture of the final level, but we did some preparations before that.

Since there was no information on the fifth layer, it was possible that the boss battle would occur immediately after moving at the stage. I’d like to verify and practise the skill groups I just learned before, such as《 See Through 》.

「First, this is about《 See Through 》. This skill doesn’t cover the items. Even the item name won’t show up.」

Meaning, it only targeted humans and other living creatures. Perhaps animals which were not monsters and ordinary people who were not adventurers would be excluded as well, but we couldn’t verify it here.

The skill to check the item information should be《 Appraisal 》. I felt like Chitta-san talked about that in front of the dungeon.

「After imagining what kind of effect it will have, we can activate it by thinking of the skill name.

However, the《 Power Slash 》is not very stable yet. I can activate it without needing an opponent, but it will misfire if it deviates from the image of the slashing that I am thinking of.

Conversely, vocalization won’t cause a misfire, but it feels like I am being forced to move.」

With or without vocalization, the characteristics were different.

The good point without vocalization was freedom. I could control the sword trajectory to some extent. However, imagining it was difficult. There was also the danger of misfiring it.

The good point with vocalization was a certainty. If I shouted, I would certainly activate the skill, but it felt like I was forced to do sword slash with only a few patterns. There is the danger that the opponent can read the trajectory if they’re used with this skill.

If they got used to it, the only option was to use the skill without vocalization. However, the story might change again if I was in a situation where I couldn’t imagine well due to pain.

「I wish I also had learned some weapon skills… How does the charge up before activating and the rigidity after activating feels like?」

「I can’t describe it well. …It’s not like I can’t move at all, but it’s like my range of motion is being restricted.」

I fell into such a situation where my body was not flexible enough to bend forward.

「Can you move if you force yourself? Like cancelling in the middle of the motion.」

「Do you think this is a fighting game? I feel like with a lot of training, I can shorten the charge up and rigidity. But dramatically shortening it in a day or two will be impossible.」

「So it’s not enough until the final round?」

Probably, this was a pure technique that had nothing to do with my level. Like the《 Sword Technique 》skill.

The lizard old man also had a moment of rigidity, but it was shorter than my current skill. With my current state, it was hard to use this skill except if I was going for a finishing blow.

After this, if I lost and had to try again, I wanted to put priority to practise this. With a week, there should be a considerable change.

「From this reaction, the power is around 1.2 times stronger than an attack from a similar posture. The sword’s speed is quite fast. After that, there is probably something like reuse time. I can’t activate it again for a while.」

「There’s no MP consumption, right? How about HP consumption?」

「It’s not considered a magical category, so no. But that doesn’t mean that I’m consuming my HP to use it too. Even so, I don’t know if it’s only the case for this skill, or it’s the same for all weapon skills.」

MP consumption《 Materialize 》and《 See Through 》are classified as magic.

「If there are two or more skills, I wonder if we can cancel the rigidity can get a combo.」

「It looks like it’s possible, but we can’t verify it at this stage.」

「Can we cancel it using《 See Through 》?」

「Are you going to use《 See Through 》everytime you make a move?」

It was a pretty strange image.

Anyway, we tried it, but after all, we couldn’t do it.

However, it turned out that I could use《 See Through 》, regardless of whether I was in rigid mode or not. I didn’t think that I would use it that incessantly though, so it was meaningless.



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