Over the Infinite – Chapter 6 (3)


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When we got down the stairs, there was the boss room.

To be precise, there was a huge door that I could recognize as the boss room at a glance.

「I see, this is the pattern where we will die if we rush here.」

When we came to the last level, there was the boss room in front of us. However, there were other roads on both of our sides.

This made people would want to rush here, thinking that, “It looks like the boss is going to be strong so I won’t win anyway, but I want to check how it looks like just in case.”

「Since the goal is nearby, you’ll want to make a move here, right? Not to say, because there is only a little substantial risk, everyone will want to just rush here. …We won’t enter, right?」

「Of course we won’t. It’s not too late to do that after exploring. I also haven’t optimized my skills yet.」

「I want to practise if those small fries enemies appear.」

With or without opponents, training with the same skill will make a huge difference.

「Then, let’s explore as much as we can. …Until our food runs out.」

「Oh God… I still have a lot of goblin meat in my pocket.」

「I have quite a few preserved foods I brought in, so Tsuna can eat the goblin meats.」

Was there no God in this world?

「Ah, Yuki-san, we are comrades, right?」

「Then, let’s go.」

「Wait a minute, Yuki-san?!」

Did my partner really have neither blood nor tears?

After that, we started exploring the final level.

The structure was like a stone archaeological site, and both the forked and curved paths were generally perpendicular. However, there were many divergences, unlike the straight path up until now. It was a proper labyrinth.

The enemies were also strong, unlike the small fries enemies that appeared up to the fourth floor. In addition to goblins, bats, and wolves, there were also kobolds and orcs. Not to say, they were using a variety of weapons, so we couldn’t afford to be careless.

We slaughtered a good number of monsters along the way and gained a few options and spare weapons. Some of them came out as real objects instead of cards, so we used those first.

There was almost no meat dropping. The drop rate might have been corrected now that the rookies already knew the terrible taste of the meat.

All of the dropped weapons were trial weapons. It was helpful since the quality was superior, but we couldn’t take them outside the dungeon anyway, and looking from the equipment, it seemed like further enhancement would be unlikely.

Considering this, Yuki’s equipment was diverse and his poison knife was powerful. I also wanted some uniqueness… Other than that handcuffs that seemed to be useless.

「Yuki, shouldn’t we map this place?」

The area was much wider than we initially expected, and there were many forks. If we kept going ahead like this, we would forget the structure sooner or later.

「It’s okay since I still remember the paths, but you’re right. I’ll write it down just in case. First, let’s go back to the large room we just passed through.」

We turned back to the path where we came, and organized the information we got so far in the large room. Yuki sat down and wrote a map, but I was standing up in alert.

By the way, Yuki wrote the map with a handmade pen on a handmade plant paper. He even had a small handmade board.

It seemed like he couldn’t mass produce them, but it was amazing that he could pop out those things at this kind of scene.

「Hmm. Now that I write it down, it looks like the area is still wider. I wonder if this layer has a random structure.」

「I think we can think of this area as a place to raise our level for the trial capture」

「I also need to check how much do we need until our level goes up. We are probably accumulating some kind of experience points.」

All of our level ups so far were event bonuses. I wanted to level up soon if we were using the experience point system.

「It will take a little longer, so we can have our meal here.」

「I’m really hungry, but I don’t really have any appetite…」

There were only goblin meats anyway. Since we came to this floor, there was only one orc meat dropped, but it was already inside my belly.

「I wish we had more food supply. Tsuna would be fine without them, though.」

「No, you might have been misunderstanding me, but I also have a sense of taste. I can only tolerate the bad taste, and it doesn’t change that I still prefer the tasty ones.」

However, as far as I could tell, there weren’t many people other than me who could support themselves but eating this meat.

I admitted that this was advantageous in that respect.

「But, you won’t have any problem with the meat if there is curry powder, right?」

「No… Well…」

I didn’t want it to be unexpectedly palatable. Curry powder had an amazing ability. I wanted to eat curry now.

「Also, we don’t have much water anymore.」

「That’s a matter of life and death.」

Actually, water had been dropped several times. However, the amount was small because it was inside the same bottle as the potion.

We didn’t bring in any water with us, so it was a considerable matter of life and death. At this rate, we would reach the limit of our exploration because of our lack of water, not foods.

I chewed the goblin meat as it was to save up our water. It was tough that I couldn’t wash down this unpleasant taste.

「I finished it.」

「Where, where… You did a pretty good job there.」

「Maps seem to be another technology, but I’ve been good at drawing since my previous life.」

For me who could only draw a stickman, being able to draw something like this was already amazing.

For some reasons, there was a picture of Yuki’s deformed character on the edge of the paper. What was this guy drawing? Should I make a retort on it?

「I didn’t know the whole scale so I drew it smoothly, but we could understand the general structure with this, right?」

「It’s very good. Then, where should we check next?」

「The space in the middle is probably the boss’ room. We already explored around that area, so I’d like to check the end for once. Let’s go to the outer side until we reach a dead end.」

「I’m okay with that, but make sure to return back before our water runs out.」

It was also the same for the hunger, but I didn’t want to challenge the boss with my throat burning.

However, such anxiety became unnecessary after we went deeper for a while.

There was a water fountain, and the water erupting from there was drinkable. This was probably installed for the adventurers who were training.

The water came out from a jar that the goddess statue carried, they overflowed and accumulated underneath. It looked like the fountain of recovery that often appeared on RPGs, but when we tried to drink it, it was just normal water.

Unfortunately, this became a drawn-out battle.

Using this place as our base, we optimized our skill and explored the area while mapping this dungeon.

At first, we explored the area surrounding this place, and gradually expanded the range from there.

After a while, we reached a turning point.


「What is it?」

「I levelled up.」


「Eh, what about me…?」

I hadn’t levelled up.

「I guess I levelled up first because I defeated slightly more small fries monsters after coming to the fifth layer.」

「There’s no way that there is individual difference, right? Like my constitution makes me hard to level up…」

Please give me a break. Well, I didn’t think that was possible since I levelled up just fine with the bonuses until now.

My worries were quickly dispelled. After defeating a few monsters, the familiar system message appeared in my sight.

[ You levelled up. ]

It was very simple. No fanfare at all.

In any case, this confirmed how my level would increase even if I was only defeating some small fries.

「If we’re assuming that our experience value is reset when our level is raised thanks to the bonus, we need to defeat around thirty monsters.」

It was pretty difficult. The required experience value would increase as the level increased, so the next level up should take even more than that.

Alternatively, there was a possibility of a system in which it became harder to get experience points when the value exceeded the appropriate level.

「Since we can tell the approximate amount of experience points needed until the next level up, let’s make it as our target.」

「Our water supply is no longer a problem and the rest will depend on our food, but if even if we can level up again, it will only be two or three more times.」

There was no problem if we only needed to defeat the monsters, but it would be the limit, considering the encounter rate.


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