Over the Infinite – Chapter 6 (4)


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By the way, we reached the nice value of level 5, but there was no other benefit than the increase of our status. I had wished we could learn some skills.

Even if only our status alone increased, the value was now 20%~30% more than before we entered the dungeon on average, so this might be a blessing as well.

Just like this, we kept on mapping and raised our levels.

The next turning point appeared when we began to see our food limits and returned back to finally challenge the boss.

We found a treasure chest. This was the first treasure chest that was appearing in a fixed place.

「A treasure chest… So they’re not only on the third floor.」

「Yeah. It will be helpful it’s filled with something that can top us up in the capture.」

Well, as expected, the content was the familiar [Low Quality Potion] card.

Now that Yuki and I secured two each, it was not totally meaningless.

But speaking of the benefit, it would be even better if if we obtained an item that will have our way to victory in the boss match. Dynamite would have been perfect.

「Well then, we can still explore a bit more, but let’s return now.」


I was going to return back to the path where we came from, but Yuki stood still on that spot, pondering about something.

「What happened? Did you find any winning strategy?」

It would be impossible for him to have a winning strategy for the boss opponent we hadn’t even seen yet, though.

「…On the third layer, Chitta-san said that monsters are likely to suddenly appear near a treasure chest, right?」

「…Did she? I felt like she did say something like that….」

I remembered that I was ignoring her explanation in front of the treasure chest. Honestly, I didn’t remember much.

In fact, there were several monsters approaching us right now, so Yuki might be not wrong.

「I wonder if we can raise our level by one or two here.」

「So you’re going to use the trait where monsters will gather in the treasure chest? But you’re right, it’s possible to raise a level with this.」

While talking, I cut off the goblin that approached me from behind.

My sword had become dull because I kept using it to slay monsters, but with these monsters as my opponent, I didn’t need to use the spare weapon.

「Yeah, that sounds good. This is the ideal place to farm those experience points.」

Yuki’s line didn’t have any trace of his small timidness in his first battle. He sure grew up into a strong person.

The footsteps heard from afar gave signs that the numbers of the monsters were quite high.

「I have a feeling that the number of monsters will be a handful. Can you become a melee?」

「Let’s divide into two groups. There are exactly two passages, so we’ll block one of them each. Let’s make sure we won’t leave out any of them.」

「What if we can’t handle them?」

「When that happens, we’ll escape. I will give you the map just in case, so if the worst case happens, we’ll meet up in front of the boss room.」

I didn’t want to think about that possibility.

A swarm of monsters came from both passages. They were much more than I expected.

「Then, I will wish you good luck.」

「Yeah, if things get dangerous, give me a call.」

「Haha, got it.」

Yuki didn’t act like a weakling this time.

With that, we started to increase our level as our last preparation, but the monsters continued to appear more constantly than I had imagined. We continued to fight with them, and when I had lost sight of the end of this hunt, both of us had reached level 10.

I didn’t see a lot of monsters on our way in the exploration, yet the waves of monsters were so terrible, to the point that I started wondering just where did they all hide before.

If it took more time for monsters to turn into fog, mountains of corpses would’ve filled that room, a hellish image outside the Labyrinth City.

Both of us confirmed that our level had risen, and and by the time we were forced to run away from the passages full of monsters and returned to the boss room, we were exhausted and hungry, almost collapsed halfway.

I fell down in front of the boss room after arrived there with struggles.

「I-it was simply dangerous… What’s with that number? Is that passage a monster house or something?」

「That treasure chest probably activates an alarm that only monsters can hear.」

Like ultrasound that humans couldn’t hear. If not, that kind of amount wouldn’t be possible.

Each one of them wasn’t strong, but a swarm of monsters that continued to appear no matter how many times you defeated them made me feel like they would flatten me sooner or later. Especially the flying bats, they were very dangerous. I thought I was about to die when they swarmed me.

「Ahh, damn it. I’m hungry.」

We were about to fight the boss soon, yet we didn’t even have any meat left.

However, Yuki offered a rice ball to me who was sitting down in hunger.

「Here. I only managed to pick one rice ball, so let’s have halfsies, okay?」

「Eh… You picked this up in that battle?」

There were certainly lots of cards and meats dropped on the floor.

「Yeah, but just because I happened to see it. We’re going to fight the boss, so if we’re hungry, we won’t have any strength to fight it.」

…This guy was amazing. I couldn’t even think of picking anything up. What’s more, he picked up the rare rice ball, not those massive meat cards.

I ate the rice ball that was split in two pieces bite by bite, chewing it thoroughly. Now that I thought of it, this was the first rice ball I ate after fifteen years old.

My body was “honest”, and even though I only had half of a rice ball, I felt like I was in my best condition to fight now.

「Well then, let’s go now. We already came this far, so we’ll win this. But even if we win or lose, I’m going to have a meal right away.」

「Do you remember our bet?」

「……I remember.」

What should I do, I forgot about that. Just watching Yuki eating in this empty belly would be a torture.

Would I become full again when I died and revived? Probably not.

…Okay, even if it’s a two-legged giant creature, as long as it’s not a Minotaur, I would get out of this bet by saying, “You’re wrong~ That’s not the deal~”. Dodge the torture with my bullshit.

While I vowed so, we opened the door to the boss room.

The door was huge and gave the ambience that ‘there was a boss inside!’. The small details was probably because this was the last fight in this dungeon. It was different from the boss room we had encountered until now.

The inside was dark. Immediately after the door was completely opened, the torches near the entrance started to lit, gradually illuminated the room.

Wasn’t this a little too elaborate for the end? …It was like we were really about to fight with the last boss.

Once we looked at each other and nodded, we stepped into the room together.


It was a magnificent and dignified place, to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised to find the Demon King waiting on its throne here.

The torches shone all around our surroundings, illuminating the nyite circular hall.

Like with our previous boss battles, the door where we entered had already disappeared. We couldn’t retreat anymore.

There was no throne for the Demon King, but ornaments filled the floor and wall, and each of the pillar that stood towering at the certain distance had sculptures engraved on them. It was a gorgeous place, just perfect for the royals to hold a banquet here.

The lighting was unfortunately not with chandeliers but torches, and many of them were installed around the hall and on the pillars.

But it was clear that this was not a party venue just by looking at the giant door with iron grills in front of us.

To say it simply, this was an arena.

There was no spectator seat, just an arena creatures to let demons and humans fight with each other.

The giant door where the boss would appear from hadn’t been opened yet, but its giant, rumbling footsteps were approaching us.

「Yup, I probably won the bet.」

「No, we don’t know yet. The boss hasn’t appeared yet.」

A huge mass was obviously moving. From the footsteps, the boss was walking with two feet.

The iron grills of the door opened, and a giant creature appeared from the darkness inside, moving slowly.

―It was a minotaur.



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