Over the Infinite – Chapter 7 (1)


Translator: mii

First Arc -「The Pair in Labyrinth City」

Chapter 7 -「The Last First Trial」


Deep down in my heart, I honestly had been underestimating our opponent. I was careless. I thought I had been cautious, but I underestimated the hurdle.

In the first layer, the overly weak small fries and playful specifications of the boss’ room killed my enthusiasm. In the second and third layer, Yuki stopped getting nervous while we proceed with our capture. As we kicked off the bosses in those layers, we started to understand the system.

In the fourth layer, we defeated a strong enemy which should’ve been impossible.

We learned a lot of skills that naturally would take years to master, leveled up, and gained power that we couldn’t obtain outside the Labyrinth City.

We hunted the enemies until the limit, and we were more prepared than our original plan.

That’s why, somewhere in my mind, I thought that, “Maybe we can unexpectedly win this?” We didn’t have any information about the opponent. Everyone only told us that the boss was “strong”.

「Urgh, damn it!!!」

I avoided the giant ax that swung around like a storm, evading and running from it as far as possible.

The ax was as giant as it looked, and it could also work as a blunt weapon. The handle was exactly like an iron pole, swung around mercilessly. If front of such weapon, my HP was like paper, and if it hit me, my bones would definitely shatter into pieces. Even if I tried to avoid it, my fear continued to spur on every time the strong wind that occurred as the aftermath passed through me. Each time the Minotaur swing it’s ax to the floor, pieces of stones flew around and the foothold crumbled.

Even though it hadn’t hit me directly, I already had wounds all over my body. The cold sweat that was flowing down on my back like waterfall mixed with the blood flowing from the cuts made by the stone pieces.


I hit the Minotaur using my sword with in of my strength, making use of the gap that opened after it finished a large swing.

My attack was blocked by its wall of HP and it didn’t reach its skin, but I could see with the《 See Through 》that its HP had been reduced in a merely few millimeters, a few dots. Presently, I didn’t know whether it was dots or bars. My attack did something, even if it was only just a little. If I couldn’t see how it’s HP had decreased with this skill, my heart would surely break.

But then, I was about to lose strength to how the situation hadn’t changed much. My attack didn’t hinder the Minotaur’s actions at all. It was like attacking a hyper armor. The boss didn’t seem to mind and came to attack me again.

Just what kind of defense power was this? The Minotaur was not even wearing any armour, just baring its naked skin.

The Minotaur was going to lift the ax which was sinking into the floor, but Yuki landed on the ax at that timing. As usual, he always appeared at unexpected times and places.

Yuki’s light body weight couldn’t stop the Minotaur from lifting the ax, but its movement stopped only for a moment due to the force applied from above.

I aimed for that moment and moved to the Minotaur’s blind spot.

「I’m here!!」

Yuki, who jumped on the ax, leaped close to the Minotaur’s face with that momentum, cutting its face with his two swords to attract it’s attention. His movement didn’t seem like something that appeared from someone who was bound in fear before.

Yuki shouldn’t have done a big deal of damage, but the Minotaur moaned, probably astonished by the fact that he managed to cut its face. I aimed my sword to the Minotaur’s leg in the perfect chance that Yuki managed to obtain.

――――Action Skill《 Power Slash 》――

My sword cleanly hit the Minotaur’s leg and succeeded in making it stagger a little. Its HP probably decreased as well… maybe. If it didn’t, it would be terrible.

That was our maximum firepower at the moment. How many times we should make the clean hits without getting hit by those storm-like attacks with those massive ax? The future development would be determined by how much HP I shaved with this attack.


When I became rigid because of the《 Power Slash 》technique and unable to move, the Minotaur launched a kick. It was as aggressive as that lizard old man. I wanted to curse him so that he wouldn’t play around with that huge body.

The Minotaur managed to graze me, but I avoided the kick at the last minute. That was really dangerous. I might ended up game over if I got hit by that.

Even though the kick only grazed me, it probably had shaven down my HP, and my whole body was full of wounds because of the stone pieces. I was bleeding all over. However, I hadn’t taken any direct hit yet.

I evaluated the Minotaur’s ability based on the information I gained in our battle so far.

Its power was unbelievable, and if that ax hit me cleanly, I would immediately end up as slabs of meat. Even the parts other than the blade was mo good. In addition, the stone pieces smashed by the ax were bad. The trajectory of the debris was random and there were too many of them, making it mostly ended up as flank attack. Avoiding everything was difficult. If they were only small objects, they would only end up bruising me so I wouldn’t have to mind them very much, but in some cases, pieces of brick-like stones would fly to me.

On the other hand, the Minotaur was certainly fast, but it was not unbelievably fast. Its speed was about the same as the boosted lizard old man.

Also, no matter how fast it was, we could make a chance because it’s swing was large. It wasn’t like the lizard old man where we couldn’t hit him at all. Our attack itself was… possible.

The biggest problem was that extraordinary defense and HP. Even if the Minotaur took a direct hit from my《 Power Slash 》, I couldn’t be sure if I’ve cut ten percent of its HP gauge. By the way, that was the total value so far.

In other words, it would be game over if we took a blow from him, and we would win this impossible boss battle if we succeed in repeating this for ten times.

…That’s impossible. Neither my physical strength nor my HP could take that. If this kept up, the situation would gradually become worse, and one of us would take a direct attack sooner or later. We needed different ways to attack it. It was even urgent.

But how could I think about that in this extreme situation? The ax was barely about to graze me. How could I break out from this situation, where kicks and tackles were woven together with the same aggressiveness as that old man?

Even if there was a saying that, ‘willows are weak, yet they bind other wood’, you might have not assumed the difference in our physics so far. It was difficult to get close to the Minotaur in the first place. Also, we were only as tall as its waist, so displaying my judo skills on it was impossible. I felt like a messiah that was confronting a giant in the prison at the end of the century. However, I didn’t have ultimate technique passed from my parents to me.

While thinking about such stupid things, I lost my strength and my body stopped working like I expected. The dangerous situations were gradually increasing.

How many times did I avoid its attacks already? I was really amazing. Do your best, me.

「Tsuna, you’re ragged. Can you still fight?」

In the storm the the ax, we managed to make a break within the slight gap. At that moment, Yuki called me out.

「I can. Let me fight. Bring it on, I’m invincible now!」

I felt ridiculous saying that even though my whole body was bloody, but I felt like I would faint if I didn’t put up a bluff. In other words, my situation was actually already dangerous.

「To break that cow’s defense, we need a stronger attack. If this keeps going on, the situation will get worse.」

「I know that.」

But I couldn’t think of anything. I didn’t have enough blood. Ahh, I wanted to eat liver.

「So Tsuna, you just need to take that ax and beat that cow up with that in reverse. 」

「I see… oi, are you stupid?」

There’s no way I could do that. For a moment, I was impressed that he did have an idea and went along with him without realizing the ridiculousness. I wasn’t Yagyū Munetoshi or Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, okay? Even if I could snatch that sword, could I even swing that giant thing?

…Well, since Yuki could still joke in this situation, I knew that he was still alright.

「It’s a joke, a joke. …I’m going to do a little bet. I’m aiming for critical hit, so I want you to make an opening for me.」



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