Over the Infinite – Chapter 7 (3)


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In front of my eyes when I tried to get up was Yuki who was plunging in a knife at the Minotaur’s neck. And then, the knife emitted bright red light.

「《 Rapid Rush 》!!」

―――― Action Skill《 Rapid Rush 》――

The short sword on Yuki’s left hand was also pushed into the Minotaur’s neck while emitting red light, with the speed that wouldn’t be possible with Yuki’s original physical ability. This was followed by the second poison knife thursting, and the short sword, then poison knife. There were a total of four thurstings in a matter of seconds.


The Minotaur roared even more and shook off Yuki, who was rigid and petrified after using his skill.

Just like me, Yuki was thrown into the stone floor without being able to make a defensive posture.


The Minotaur who hadn’t looked at me until now suddenly glared at me, probably responding to my voice.

I was almost frightened by the intense look that was right to be called anger, but I couldn’t afford to leave the situation as it was. It would be nice if the Minotaur came to pursue me, but it would be over if it changed its target to Yuki. …I had no choice but to attack it. The current me should be able to avoid the Minotaur’s ax and physical attack.

I unleashed a shallow slash, not to cause damage to the Minotaur, but for the sole purpose of drawing its attention.

Succeeded in taking its attention, Minotaur swing its ax down towards me. I evaded the attack without much difficulty and changed my focus to its next attack.

At this moment, I predicted that the Minotaur would kick or headbutt me, but what came was an unexpected assault. It was not a physical attack…


――――Action Skill《 Intimidation of the Warrior 》――

The Minotaur released it’s roaring skill from a close distance.

Don’t think that would work on me! I only had to keep in guard just like the first attack…

…No, that was not the《 Beast’s Roar 》that it activated at the beginning!! The skill that the Minotaur activated when it first saw us didn’t gave us the abnormal “fear” condition, but direct stiffness to out body. This skill forcefully generated the similar rigidness I felt after activating a skill, and I received a direct kick that it subsequently released.

It was just a kick, not even using any equipments. Yet just by receiving that direct hit gave me an impact as if my body was blasting, and I flew in the air.

Not good. Since I had received such a direct hit, some of my body parts would definitely become abnormal. Either my internal organs were damaged or my bones were broken, this kick should gave me a lethal result. I felt like my consciousness was disappearing because of the extreme impact.

…This was bad. I shouldn’t let go of my consciousness, even if my body broke apart.

Drawing a parabola, I was kicked like an object. Just like that, I crashed onto the ground.


What filled my vision when I was fluttering in the sky was a slow scene, just like a revolving lantern.

I heard from somewhere that seeing revolving lantern was a phenomenon in which the brain was processing the way to avoid a crisis in life at high speed.

I see, that might be the case. But then, what could I do to avoid death in this kind of situation?

I thought about what I could do and what I needed to do after this, until I reached the limit of my brain’s processing. When I considered my action I should take a few seconds after I fell on the assumption that I didn’t die yet, what I could do was quite limited.

The moment I was slammed on the ground, I vomited a lot of blood.

Ahh… This was bad, really bad. I was really in the brink of death now. I had to quickly get up. Otherwise, this killing match would end with our death. But even if I got up, I wouldn’t be able to move around with this body. …Then, what should I do?

「《 Mate… ria… lize. 》」

I couldn’t picture the image well due to the extreme pain, so vocalization was necessary. Yet, I could barely talk now.

Within those revolving lantern, a low-quality potion card that I mostly grasped unconsciously in my hand glowed and materialized.

This was… bad, my hand was…

I couldn’t move my hand to drink the potion. The container that had its contents rolled away from my hand. If I couldn’t recover, it would be game over for me here.

If I couldn’t move my hand, then how about my mouth? Fortunately, the potion bottle was small. My hand wouldn’t move, but my body… I could still move it.

I forcibly moved my body which had almost reached its limit and held the potion bottle that had fallen on the ground with my teeth and crunched it.

The contents of the potion flowed along with the glass. The inside of my mouth was painful, but I could feel that my body had started recovering. I probably swallowed small piece of the glass, but it wasn’t a big deal.

「Mi… no…」

Where was the Minotaur? How long had it been since I was blown away? What happened to Yuki? Did he revive? No way, did the Minotaur went to give the finishing blow to Yuki first…

…No. The big shadow that covered my sight belonged to the Minotaur. I didn’t know if this was because I was lying with my face down, but I could see its ax swinging up from the shadow movement and the signs. Not good, don’t give up after you’ve done this much, me!

「Ah, ahhh, arghhhhh!!」

The moment the Minotaur swing its ax down, I squeezed all of the remaining power in my body and rolled on the ground. My body flew in the air again as the ax blowed away the broken floor.

Serves you right. With this, I could earn a few seconds. In those few seconds, the potion effect should’ve worked a little. Then I could still right.

Ah, not really. What I earned was not just a few seconds.

For a moment, the Minotaur who had finished swinging down its ax was reflected in my view as I flew in the air. It might have been my wish, but the Minotaur looked astonished that I could avoid its strike even though I was supposed to be dead. And then, I couldn’t help but to feel hopeful to my partner who was trying to approach the Minotaur behind.

―Today, just on this day, how many times had I thought that he was amazing?

He had a lot of things that I didn’t have. I knew that he had things that he was lacking, but more than that, I was dazzled with whatever be had. Perhaps it was because we had a lot of contradictions with each other, and each of us had something that we didn’t have.

My body fell to the ground again. I still didn’t feel the pain, but my hand moved, signaling that the potion had worked in the last few seconds.

With my trembling hand, I took about another hard.

「《 Ma… terialize. 》」

I held up the materialized potion with my hand that gradually regained its sense, opened the lid, and drank the potion. This was the last one of my stock.

It took a few more seconds for me to drink the bottle up after it materialized, but it should be alright… I thought in confidence.

The recovery had only just begun, but I forced myself to stand up, almost grovelling.

…How was this? I recovered from a dead body to half-dead body, this damned cow.

I seized the Minotaur’s figure. Yuki was still running around with the Minotaur. No, the Minotaur was chasing him around.

Seeing his movement, he must’ve used his potions. If he used two of them, then we had no stocks left. In the first place, we would die if we took a blow, and it was unlikely that we would have any time to recover.

Yuki seemed like he had properly recovered, but my situation was dangerous. I intuitively understood that even if I waited like this, the amount of recovery was insufficient. There was no doubt that the potion was amazing since I could recover this much in about a few seconds before dying, but this was probably the limit. In the next dungeon attack, let’s reserve a lot more better potions. Yeah.

「《 See Through 》」

I checked the Minotaur’s HP by activating the skill via vocalization, since I couldn’t focus on the image due to the pain.

…Ah, I see. I had been thinking that the Minotaur’s movement had been extremely stiff from a while ago, so it was because of that, huh?

That cow had already been poisoned, hadn’t it?



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