Over the Infinite – Chapter 7 (4)


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Its HP gauge, which had hardly decreased in any of our attacks so far, was slowly decreasing, but at the speed that I could see.

I didn’t know how much HP did we shave with my《 Whirlwind Slash 》or Yuki’s torches attack, but we probably didn’t cut even half of its HP. Then, this reduction could only be poison. In the meantime, only a quarter of its HP remained.

Poison was really amazing. We mostly relied on poison in the fourth and fifth layers.

In the Toxicological Conference in my brain, I deemed that poison was omnipotent. The brainologists were giving a standing ovation.

Poison made the Minotaur’s movement stiff. However, Yuki couldn’t make a critical with his attack power, so he couldn’t make any damage. That’s why he was in a stalemate.

「…Then, how about this!」

He made up for the things I was missing. Then, if he had something that he couldn’t do, I should do it. I should strike this cow with our maximum firepower.

「《 Materialize 》!!」

I materialized the spare weapon as a substitute to the sword that had disappeared somewhere.

I was in a ragged state, but I headed to the Minotaur with my new sword which was really contrasting with my appearance. I was too worn-out to the point that I couldn’t run properly, but I shouldn’t leave everything to Yuki alone. Even if this body couldn’t move properly, it was unreasonable to rest and let Yuki did everything on his own. We should at least do our best in what each of us could do in this extreme state.

I didn’t think that this was just a trial before the real deal after we did this much, but… well now, let’s pull down the curtain.


Yuki stared at me who was approaching him, as if he was seeing something unbelievable. Perhaps the Minotaur was lured by Yuki, perhaps it was seeing something scary, or perhaps it was just curious, but the Minotaur looked at me. Its expression was still full of anger, and I didn’t know how did it feel when it stared at me. It might have misunderstood the stubborn me as a zombie. In fact, I was also afraid if someone who was ragged and half-dead approached me like this.

The Minotaur only had a few remaining HP, and it couldn’t move its body properly due to the poison. Yuki and I were sandwiching it, even if I was half-dead. It would be tough for this cow to face us at the same time. Then, what would it do next?


Of course, it would be the roar that could target and stop both of us!!



I raised my voice, trying to keep up with its roar.

――――Action Skill《 Intimidation of the Warrior 》――

――――Action Skill《 Intimidation of the Warrior 》――

You wouldn’t win if you just relied in this. Don’t think that you could intimidate me again and again!

[ You acquired the《 Intimidation of the Warrior 》skill. ]

The learning and activation had finally reversed in order, but that’s fine. I didn’t know why I got the system message about me acquiring it, but that was probably because I learnt it or I had learned it, but didn’t recognize it as a skill.

…But I knew well how to use this skill. I had experienced a situation that wa so similar to this that I even had a deja vu now.

The Minotaur raised its ax, its expression filled with anger, astonishment, and fright.

Ahh, you definitely wouldn’t be able to hit me with that.

The way the Minotaur swing its ax down was so slow if compared to its power and speed in the beginning, and even me who was already half-dead could avoid it easily enough.

I stepped into the Minotaur’s bosom just like that, and activated my skill.

「See you.」

――――Action Skill《 Power Slash 》――

I could easily slash the Minotaur, who almost lost its HP, as if its toughness until now had been a lie. But it was still a giant. Even without HP, the Minotaur wouldn’t die with just a blow from my skill. It didn’t seem like it was going to pursuit me. However, I would also experience the rigidity after activating my skill.

『If we have two or more techniques, can we cancel out the rigidity and make a combo?』

At this last minute, I was convinced that I could do that even though I had never practised it before.

――――Skill Chain《 Whirlwind Slash 》――

「Eat thisssss!!!」

Immediately after swinging my spear down and activated the skill, my body twisted and scythed down like a tornado. I released it after forcibly canceling the rigidity after skill activation, and it exploded as if sinking into the defenceless Minotaur’s body.

The giant Minotaur collapsed. All right, it wouldn’t counterattack anymore. After all, its body had begun to sublimate into fog.

Perhaps I relaxed my mind after seeing that, making my consciousness darkened as if I was sucked into the approaching ground.

At the moment when my consciousness was engulfed in darkness, I heard Yuki’s screaming sound, similar to a cry.

[ You have captured the (Trial Dungeon) Dungeon Boss. ] [ You received『Minotaur Ax』weapon as the first challenge clear bonus. ] [Only challengers with Lv 5 or below will…]


I still remembered I clearly until this day. It happened around three years ago in the winter, when I was in the midst of killing the goblins with falling rocks traps and simple-mindedly swinging the iron sword I plundered from them.

The village where I was born was already at its limit, but the war made the situation even worse, and we were attacked by ultimate poverty. Ah, no, we continued to get attacked by poverty.

Of course, our food situation was bad. There was nothing to eat tomorrow, and this almost sounded like how those old men would say, “we passed through such a situation years ago.”

In the situation where 90% of the harvest went to the tax and only 10% was for the villagers, saying that cultivating the fields was labour to supposed the feudal Lord was not an exaggeration, and we obtained most of our food by poaching in the mountains. There were some hidden fields, but even those had bad crops.

Even if there was something that we could eat in the mountains, the humans in the village would not want the mountain no matter how hungry they were, probably because they were afraid of the monsters which were wandering there.

So it was mostly me who ensured the food supply in the village.

By the way, even though I was the one picking the foods, they wouldn’t give the priority to me. Being the third son was that much of a bad position. Well, I also ate the foods secretly, though.

I, who had some knowledge in my previous life, knew that being the third son in a poor village shouldn’t be treated this terribly. Rather, if that was the average of the world, humanu should just get destroyed.

Such a terrible situation had continued since the war that happened when I was still very young. It was becoming very hard to find good in the mountains, even animals were about to disappear. This mountain was about to become a deal mountain, but then, ‘they’ came.

If we were talking about the flag where unwanted visitors came, there would be events such as tax collectors or the son of the lord who would come and took away the girl who was the protagonist’s childhood friend. But then, having a girl as my childhood friend was a wild dream for me. After most of the girls in the village was sold, there were no longer any young girls in the first place. Even if there were, the girls were skin and bones, starved.

Well, it didn’t matter. What appeared were some monsters. It was a group of orcs that usually raped the heroine in those eroges. I had only seen goblins or kobolts that would even lost to the deers when I was hunting at the mountain, but now a lot of orcs turned up and passed through the mountain.

Probably they also didn’t have any food or this was just a inevitable situation, but their purpose remained unknown until the end. I wasn’t interested in the pigs’ state of affairs and I didn’t really need to know. All that was important at that time was the fact that a horse of orcs had appeared.

By the way, this was an useless background knowledge, but the orcs in this world didn’t seem to be the kings of the rape eroges who didn’t have any females in their species and impregnated human women. They had females in their species and they also didn’t impregnate human women. They were just a monster. A hostile race that kill humans. The information that was important here was more and less only that.

That day, when I couldn’t find anything to eat around the village, I went to the depths of the mountain where adults would take a few days to go there, and I found a group of orcs at there. Moreover, it was apparently that they were heading towards the village. If I left them just like this, not only that they would plunder the village, but they would also kill everyone at the full speed.

I already had the ability to survive anywhere at that point, and I had the option to abandon the village.



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