Over the Infinite – Chapter 7 (6)


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「…Uhm, Tsuna. In the carriage on our way here, you said that you went to the Labyrinth City for your living. After listening to your story just now, I finally knew that it was a pretty serious matter and inextricable with for Tsuna.」

「It’s because I haven’t lived like a human until now… I also said this at that time, but I want to live a life where I can maintain my dignity.」

I didn’t understand why I had such a big figure even though I never ate enough. If I grew up in the wonderful nutritional environment of the Labyrinth City, I might’ve exceeded two meters this year. Actually, I had already surpassed my height in my previous life.

「Yeah, I didn’t know at that time, but I can understand your craving now. …Er, I just listened to Tsuna at that time, and I didn’t say my purpose to come to this city, right?」

「Ah, that’s right. Is your wish something hard to say? My wish is about to come true already, so I’ll help you with your purpose.」

Even if I didn’t become an adventurer and did some part-time jobs, I could maintain my dignity as a human here. Then, I could try my best to achieve Yuki’s goal instead.

「I’m glad to hear that. …Actually, I’m just giving this a try because I have nothing else to lose. I believed that my wish would never be fulfilled. It’s disgusting, but… I want to return back to a woman. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart.」

「That’s… Well, maybe it will come true here.」

He refused to be treated as a man, so I thought he had some kind of fixation to his gender in his previous life, but it was to the point that he was considering of giving up as a man, huh?

…I guess it wouldn’t be good to just chop ‘that’, maybe.

「I don’t like how I am inside a male body ever since I was born, and that thought grew stronger as I grew older. …I thought that it wasn’t something that I just can change. But at that time, I heard some stories about the Labyrinth City where I could fulfill any of my wishes.

…Actually, I had a fiance. Ah, she’s a girl. She is the child of the baron of the kingdom, and since my family wants to have status, they decided that we are a very good match. Doesn’t this sound like the template of a novel where the protagonist’s fiancee is a noble determined by his parents, and with unthinkable inconstancy, the family has some kind of serious problem?

…I’ve meet that girl a few times, but she’s a really good girl.

My family also has no problems, and she said that her family is also okay with marrying someone who is a commoner since we are a big merchant.

There’s no such thing as looking down on the commoners, which would most likely happen to the nobles. It was a completely peaceful alliance.

…Only me had a problem. I thought of how to refuse this marriage or materials needed to break off this engagement. When I realized it, I was running away from my house while holding the ‘just-in-case’ luggage I had prepared.」

「…So you have that kind of problem, huh? Err… going so far as involving your surroundings and your family…」

Just by listening to his situation, at least in this world standard, Yuki had the happiest environment, except for his feelings.

Probably, there were many people who would do anything to get that happiness.

It was not common to let go of those happiness to bet on whimsical gossips.

…He got a lot in the beginning and threw it all away. Just for that single purpose.

It was the exact opposite of me who came here without having anything.

「…Tsuna probably won’t understand. …No, nobody should understand this. It’s not about whether I like men or disgusted at man’s body. My foundation that carves my soul to make how I ought to be screams, telling to return as a woman. …It’s weird, right? It’s disgusting, right? …I’m aware or that, so I don’t care about what do you think of me.

In the past, when I was Nakazawa Yuki, I didn’t really like being a woman, but when I became a man, I craved to be a woman this much. No matter how much I tried to accept this, my soul creaks and breaks…」

It was his sorrowful wailing. Honestly, I couldn’t understand. But I felt that he was seeking for it, no matter how much it would take him.

「…I’ve been calling you amazing repeatedly in my heart today, to the extent that I don’t even know how many times I did that.

So it doesn’t matter to me whether you’re a man or woman. Honestly, I don’t really mind, since how I look at you will be the same no matter what you wish for. To be honest, I think what happened today was one of the most intense and extreme thing I have ever experienced, even if I had rampaged against those orcs before. But that’s why I thought you are my comrade, and I was convinced that you could do what I couldn’t do. I kept acknowledging you so much that what crossed my mind today are mostly that.

Labyrinth City is like a rejuvenating city, so I’m sure that your wish will also come true. It may be surprisingly easy. …But even if it’s difficult and there are plenty hurdles to achieve, I’ll help you regardless. Leave it to me.」

I would still have this trust that I felt the whole day, regardless if Yuki was a man or woman. I believed so.

「Haha, that’s weird… I also thought that Tsuna is amazing for a lot of times today. But, yeah… thank you. I wanted to properly say this to you.」

「I’m going to have a long relationship with you too. Please take care of me as well from now on. 」

I wouldn’t be able to find such a companion that worked this well with me easily.

「Yeah, take care of me to from now on. Then, let’s go now. …Can you stand?」

「Ah, no problem. …By the way, did the system message that announced that we cleared this layer appear? This is really the end, right?」

I stood up and checked if the trial was really over while stretching my body. Thanks to the potion and rest, I could move my body without any problems. I felt like there were system messages appearing within my sight before I went unconscious, but I couldn’t confirm it properly.

「Ah, yeah. It came out. But the level-up bonus is for Lv5 and below, so it’s meaningless to us. The system properly announced that we have cleared it. There’s a warp gate in the back, so if we dive into it, the trial is over.」

If the level-up bonus required the players to be Lv5, did that mean they expected Lv5 or below to clear this dungeon? …I started to wonder if they were really thinking about the balance when constructing this dungeon.

「Then it’s fine. I don’t want if the system suddenly says that we actually haven’t cleared this dungeon hey and we should do our best in the sixth layer.」

「If there’s something else after this, can this still be considered as a trial?」

No, I was already suspicious about that fact at this point. Even if the adventurers who already made their debut took some time to clear this dungeon, all of them managed to surpass this, so they must be monsters. …It’s crazy that everyone had to fight something like that at the fifth layer.

「Ah, I forgot. We got the ax that Minotaur used as the prize of clearing this layer in the first try.」

「Ax… Do you mean that thing which is several meters long?」

Who could even use that thing? No, since we were inside the dungeon at the Labyrinth City, there should be giants that could use this, like that drunk old man we met at the entrance of the dungeon. …There’s no way that there was a Minotur who became an adventurer, right?

「I don’t know the size because it’s a card, but the picture is exactly the ax that we saw earlier. Well, I can’t use jt anyway, so it’ll be better to have Tsuna keep this.」

Yuki gave me the card after saying so. It’s not like what I received was something bad, so I received it, but this was not the size that humans could swing around. Even in the monsters hunting game, this ax should be a little smaller to become useable.

「You can just check if you can use it, and if it’s really impossible, we can it just sell it, right? Maybe the same item will normally drop in the Infinite Corridor, but since this is the prize for the first clear, it might be a rare item, you know?」

「Then we should check the selling prize first, and if it’s cheap, I’ll try to use it for once. ..No, I think it’s impossible no matter what.」

「You’re right. It might be more expensive to keep this as a card.」

The real thing was too big. It would be nice to keep the card as a memorial, something like our medal.



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