Over the Infinite – Chapter 8 (1)


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Chapter 8 – “The Lonely Hero of the Marginal Village”


“Now then, prepare yourself. No matter how special you guys are, it’s too shameful too do surprise attack to some rookies after all.”

What came out from Chitta-san’s mouth was her confidence that being defeated or even struggling when fighting against us were absolutely impossible.

I was sure that her completely reluctant face was not an act.

If Chitta-san’s character that we saw in the trial dungeon is genuine, then she wasn’t the type of person who had fun in crushing the newcomers.

Even if this was her job as our companion, there would be no meaning for her to kill us newcomers. And even if she was only harassing us, she by no means would do this kind of thing.

However, no matter how bad the situation was, even if her opponents were the rookies she had guided, as long as there was a slight meaning to do this kind of thing, stopping this just because she didn’t like doing it wouldn’t be a reason. I was imagining that she was thinking about something like that.

“Hey, let’s stop this. Why are you doing… this kind of meaningless thing…”

Yuki said with a sad expression, while taking out his weapon as Chitta-san instructed.
Yuki hadn’t found any meaning of this setting. No, he probably didn’t want to find it.

…There was a meaning to this. It’s just that, Chitta-san did this kind of thing in the worst setting.

“There’s a meaning to this. …Unfortunately, though.

As I said just now, I believe that death is a hurdle that both of you must overcome.

And because there’s a meaning to this, I can’t abandon this job. …Please prepare yourself already.”

“But… then…”

“Tsuna too. Even if you are not holding any weapon, you should have some spares, right?”

I sighed, as deep as I could.

The dark emotion that was swirling inside my chest was surely anger.

But the reason why I was this irritated was because I couldn’t find the right direction where I should aim these emotions at.

I didn’t have any motivation to fight, and yet, this was also an irritating fight.

I took out the card and materialized my last remaining weapon.


I prepared myself.

Whether I was motivated or not, the person in front of me was the enemy.

“Yes, that’s good. Don’t worry, it’s not like dying is the end of everything. Rather, it’s the stating line, so you can think of this as a necessary experience.”

That’s because we would revive, right? We wouldn’t lose anything, right? I also knew that this was something necessary.

That’s why, I wouldn’t get killed that easily. This was not a joke.

“Come on, Yuki too…

…It can’t be helped, I guess. Then, let’s decide on the signal to start the battle. The moment this coin falls on the ground, the battle starts.

Once it starts, I’ll kill both of you, not caring whether you’re motivated or not.”

Yuki reacted to the word, “kill”.

“Tsuna is also okay with that, right?”

“Sure. …I already prepared my resolve.”

Everything was already in order.

“Hey Yuki, get a hold of yourself. We have to prepare. …Not to get killed, but to kill this guy.”

“Ah, you said it. That’s good, Tsuna. It’s good for adventurer to be ready in any unreasonable situation. You’re doing great. …Now then, let’s get started.”

After saying so, Chitta-san took a slight distance from us.

Then she flipped the coin with her finger, and it went up to the ceiling while rotating with a twirl.

“Ahhhhh, really, what is this! I understand! I’ll do this! It’s okay as long as I fight, right? Don’t mess with me!!”

Yuki yelled. He probably hadn’t prepared himself, but he had entered his fighting posture.

That’s good. Once the battle had started, we could do nothing but to fight.

Until he had prepared himself properly, I just had to keep the frontline by myself.

The differences between our abilities were too extreme that I couldn’t even think of how to fight, rather than how to win.

That’s why, I would do what I could do now.

…When it started, I would give this my all, ready to die without surrendering.

Without any feint, let’s give her my most powerful [Power Slash] at the shortest distance.

Until the coin fell onto the ground, I sharpened my senses until the limit.

Kill her without any hesitation. What filled my mind was only that clear image.

…It’s okay, even if this had no meaning, I could kill anyone, no matter who my opponent was. I should be able to do this.

“Then, here I come.”

The coin… had dropped.


I kicked the ground with explosive force.

I charged at Chitta with the maximum speed that was possible for my current ability. My body that had received adjustment for my current level was in forward-bent posture, my speed wouldn’t lose to the sprinter in the track-and-field events. Just like that, I came close to her.

What I activated was [Power Slash], aimed at her feet.

I was striking her with what probably was the fastest speed I could do, while entering the charging of [Power Slash] in that acceleration.

If I activated that after I started moving, the rigidity that occurred at the time of accumulation wouldn’t affect me.

As our companion, she was just accompanying us along the way. She hadn’t watched our boss fight. Then, she wouldn’t know the skills that we acquired in the trial, other than [See Through] that we had reported to her before. Then, I should be able to do a surprise attack here.

If it was difficult to strike her with normal slashing, then I would strike her with my skill-accelerated sword.

The opponent hadn’t begun to move yet. My skill had already been activated.

What’s next was just striking her with this sword.

―――― Action Skill [Power Slash] ――

I didn’t know whether she was being careless or really hadn’t caught up on what was happening, but she wouldn’t be able to avoid this anymore at this distance.

Whether it was when I fought that old man or that Minotaur, I would hit the target with this timing.

My sword slashed her feet while emitting light.

And then, the moment the sword “touched” her, something unbelievable happened. She “disappeared”.


My target didn’t counter my attack or jump to avoid it. She just completely disappeared.

My sword lost sight of its target and slashed grandly at the air just like that.

“Where did she… argh!!”

Before I could start to find out where she had disappeared, a strong shock ran to my back and I was thrown into the air.

What was that, was it… a kick? Then from that angle, she was right behind me.

Did she teleport there in a second? No way, no matter how strong she was, it should be impossible, right? Don’t kid with me, oi.

Even her power was not something to look down. It was not as insane as that Minotaur, but it would be impossible for me to counter it right in this moment.

I was blown away, but I managed to stand in the ground without falling down somehow. I searched for her figure.

She stood at the place I assumed as where she attacked me, as if nothing had happened.

What was that? Just what kind of super speed was that? Stop joking with me.

“Action skill… Did you learn it at this stage?”

She seemed surprised to the fact that I released [Power Slash]. She widened her eyes without any signs of pursuit.

“Amazing, I don’t get it. Just what kind of rookies are you. This is too interesting.”

Her eyes turned into those of predators.

“But, I see now. Of course both of you could clear this dungeon at once. …It’s only natural, then. So that means, Yuki also has action skills?”

Chitta’s attention turned to Yuki.

Yuki was still in his initial standing position, unmoving. No, he couldn’t move.

At the next moment, Chitta disappeared. Not metaphorically, but literally.

“No good! Yuki, run away!”

I couldn’t tell him where to run away. After all, I couldn’t see her. It’s impossible for me to know where she would attack.


Yuki’s voice was stunned.

I didn’t even blink my eyes but, Chitta’s figure was already standing right beside Yuki…

…right after she had severely cut off Yuki’s neck horizontally.

Say whatever you like, but wasn’t that too unrealistic?

I had always looked at Yuki even before that guy disappeared. Nevertheless, I couldn’t even recognize the moment she appeared.

A large amount of blood spurted from Yuki’s neck like a fountain.

Did Yuki die?

Until now, he had been showing the development that recovered us from a hopeless situation even just today, yet he died that easily, even before he could do anything?

…What was that? What was I supposed to do now?

“Khh… Haa… Gah…”

Yuki dropped his short sword while covering his neck with his right hand, trying to stop the blood from gushing out.

No, he wouldn’t be able to stop it just with that.

“…So Yuki isn’t that special, huh? As I thought, only that one is strange. …Sorry, but you’ll have to go first.”

Chitta said that with completely disappointed tone while walking closer to Yuki, swinging her knife to deliver a finishing blow.

To be honest, I thought that I had already given up at that time.

I myself couldn’t do anything and had the tables turned on us, and my partner who had shared my burden with me so far couldn’t do anything and was killed in confusion. His feet had completely stopped.

He couldn’t even take a step back.



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