Over the Infinite Chapter 8 (2)


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I couldn’t even approach them as I watched Yuki tumbled down and Chitta stabbed him right at this moment.

Chitta’s finishing blow pierced Yuki’s back. It was a completely fatal wound that he had no way of recovering from.

In the first place, even if I managed to save him, we had no means of improving this situation. This was a complete game over.

I was sure that my current expression looked miserable to him.

But… What entered my eyes only for a moment was Yuki’s smile, like he was comforting the miserable me.

He had shown me that expression several times during the trial, when he showed me how he managed to clear the crisis in one way or another…

Something that was about to crumble inside me was connected.


Yuki’s right hand caught Chitta’s body in his hopeless condition.

Just a few moments before he completely collapsed, Yuki showed his resolve.

―――― Action Skill [Rapid Rush] ――

The knife on his left hand emitted light and he launched his sword with the support of the system.


While still clinging on Chitta, Yuki activated his [Rapid Rush] at almost zero distance. With no way of avoiding it, Chitta-san was struck by that skill in a direct hit.

“Wha, what!”

Since he was not using two swords, the consecutive strikes were two times, less than what he did in the match against the Minotaur. Even if there was no traces of the damage, Yuki had delivered the attack.

Despite his great sacrifice, he had easily reached the wall that I couldn’t even reach after my violent attack.

He showed me how he managed to reach that towards the opponent that should be unreachable while imagining his skill even though it should be very difficult to do so while suffering the damage just before he died.

When it ended, Yuki fell down to the ground and immediately disappeared into fog.

What remained was me, who couldn’t do anything but to watch, and CHitta, who was standing still in shock.

“That’s Level 15 skill, [Hit-and-run Warrior]… And the attack even gave me poisoned status… What is this? Why is it so different from when I was still a rookie?”

…Oh, I see.

Chitta was stunned because what we showed to her was so different from herself when she was a rookie.

Even though I also couldn’t move, what we felt was completely different.

What I felt was the conviction that Yuki was the best partner after all, and the anger at my disappointing self that couldn’t do anything just before Yuki died.

Even though he couldn’t understand the situation, was completely confused, and was unable to move, what was he doing, showing his resolve only at the very end?

Ahh, he was amazing. He was really amazing. …He even left me with an unbelievable souvenir.

Even though Yuki was no longer here, my body was extremely full of power.

Various torrents of emotions influenced me, stirring me up more than ever.

“Just what is the difference between both of you and me?”

Chitta was stunned. Apparently, she realized something at Yuki’s manner of death.

“Haha, ahahaha!! Amazing, he’s really amazing. Come on, what do you think about my partner?

You were thinking that we wouldn’t be able to land even a hit at you, right? How unfortunate.

The difference between Yuki and you is obvious. Don’t compare us with someone who even took one year to clear a trial!”

With my cheap provocation, Chitta’s expression became angry.

I thought that those words would at most make her a little upset, but it seemed like they touched her heartstrings.

“Damn you…!”

I didn’t know if she was just easy to provoke or it was her trauma, but it seemed like my provocation made her so angry that her enraged look was so similar to that Minotaur’s.

It was completely terrible face that she definitely shouldn’t show to other people.

“Ahh, but… I haven’t shown you the difference between you and me, right?

Then I’ll have to show you something that is even more unbelievable than what Yuki just did!!”

It’s alright. I would be fine. I could do this. I could stand just with the determination that guy showed to me at his last moment.

I still didn’t have the qualifications to match my own provocations.

But I had no intention to take them back. …Then, I only had to prove that I was qualified to say them.

“Come. …If you want to know, I’ll show you the difference between us.”


Chitta’s speed, whose attack was laced with anger, was overwhelming, and her blade rained to me while I couldn’t see her disappearing figure once again.

Just how fast were all of this? I didn’t have the slightest idea on the fastest speed she could do.

I didn’t know if she could do this with her skills, but at this point, the situation wouldn’t change no matter how fast she was. It didn’t change that I couldn’t see her attacks.

Before she disappeared, I wanted to see if the poison had worked, but that wouldn’t be possible anymore. At least, [See Through] wouldn’t work unless it recognized the target.

She inflicted slashes all over my body, and each of them ripped my clothes and cut my skin.

My one and only good clothes that had been together with me for a long time was now similar to a piece of cloth, less than a rag.

I sensed the timing she inflicted her attacks, and managed to only avoid fatal wounds.

I couldn’t see it, but I could sense it. This was the effect of my skill.

I made full use of [Evasion] and [Emergency Evasion] to anticipate her possible attack and took evasive actions.

These two skills weren’t the correction skills that were common in those RPGs where they would increase evasion rate just by mastering the skill.

The characteristics of these skills that I’ve learned so far were warning me of the attacks, and also assisted me in my evading posture.

The difference between these two skills was the distance.

[Emergency Evasion] was only within a small area that was within my reach, while [Evasion] was within a larger area, and it helped me to sense where the attack was coming from and what kind of attack was coming.

The overlapping parts united both of the efficiency and provided me with more accurate information. They were the essential skill for an avoiding machine.

In combat, neither Yuki and I had wide range. At best, we could only do damages at short range using our weapons.

But with these two skills, I could even detect invisible attacks. I could “sense” it.

I felt like the battle that I had experienced up to this point had become my flesh and blood and lived inside me.

With my intuition was almost the same as prediction, I concentrated all of my nerves just to avoid the fatal injuries.

There was no problem as long as it was not fatal. I ignored those attacks.

…When she became impatient and aimed at me with a big swing, it was my chance.

My body was full of cuts and blood gushed out from the wounds.

Just like the wounds I had healed with potions, I would die of blood loss if I didn’t replenish it in the match against the Minotaur.

I couldn’t tell if my blood actually had increased, but my current condition was probably already dangerous for ordinary people.

How many times had I took her blade in this short time? My body was full of cuts and my whole body was dyed crimson.

This wasn’t a big deal. I should endure this since I was a man.

Yuki wanted to stop being a man, so he was forgiven for dropping out there, but I was a man from the core, so I should be obstinate no matter what.

I would never fall. There’s no way I would collapse just by these scratches!

She shouldn’t have known why she couldn’t do any direct hit towards me, eh.

I could sense her agitation from her sword attack. My chance should come soon. …Even if it still didn’t come soon, I would accompany her until my limit!

While thinking about such a thing, my opportunity came.

I could see that she gradually stopped attacking me randomly, making it easier to read.

My aim was her next attack. At that timing, I would avoid her sword and adjust my sword with minimal movement.

Her next attack was probably from the front, right diagonal… straight attack!!


Her damage deepened at the cost of me swinging my sword, but it was still acceptable. My attack slashed her.

…With this, I had caught up with Yuki. What I should do next was just passing him.

After receiving a large amount of attacks, I had collected and analyzed the information on her attack patterns.

The compensation of [Evasion] and [Emergency Evasion] which accuracy I had raised to the maximum was the information accumulation and intuition.

That’s why, look. The injuries I had received were getting shallower!


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