Over the Infinite – Chapter 8 (3)

Translator: mii


I matched the timing and swing my sword once again, and my attack slashed her deeper than before.

I didn’t matter whether my attack did damage to her or cut her HP. First, I wouldn’t be able to advance if my attack didn’t reach her.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be able to make any decent attack after considering our status difference. Even the direct hit of [Power Slash] could result in zero damage.

In this situation where the opponent was not visible, it was impossible to strike her with [Power Slash] even if I tried to see her by putting my all to my skill and intuition.

With this speed difference, I could see that I relied on the timing, and I wouldn’t be able to strike her unless she made a big mistake.

In terms of TRPG, I could get a critical I got 6 in my dice roll, and it would be impossible for me to attack her unless she got 1 in her fumble dice roll.[1. Okay. I don’t really get it, but I surfed the internet for this thing until I was about to puke. So TRPG here means Tabletop Role-playing Game, where there are Players and GM, and the characters’ actions are described through direct speech. For example, GM: “A river is flowing in front of your character. He can’t see any bridge.” Player: “But he has to go to the other side of the river to save the princess, right? So he jumps over the river!” GM: “Then roll the dice to decide on your character’s physical value. You have to roll two dices. The sum of the roll is the physical value, and if the number is 10 or more, the character succeeds in jumping over the river. If not, he will fall into the river.” Player: “Got it. (rolls the dice) The first dice is 6. And the second one is 5. The total is 11.” GM: “Your decision to jump over the river is a success. Your character has successfully reached the other side.” (referenced from JP Wikipedia) Still don’t understand? Me too, but here’s my take: If they’re playing TRPG, Tsuna will receive “critical hit” if Chitta rolled 6 (other than 6, he can avoid it, but not all), and Tsuna could attack Chitta only if Chitta rolled 1. And Chitta is a professional roller. So she’s good at rolling dice (???). So Tsuna’s win depends on Chitta’s miss, which is probably impossible.] In other words, it was impossible. I wouldn’t expect too much.

So first, I should successfully strike her as a breakthrough of this situation.


Not good! Because I was thinking of weird things, my response to the slash to my side was delayed.

I shouldn’t make a mistake, oi!

Ah, no. Her presence had changed. She became greedy because she succeeded in making a deep damage just now.

…This was the best opportunity I could ever get.

Even if I die now, I would face her.

The direction is directly horizontal… at the right! It was another straight line attack!!

I couldn’t put a lot of strength to my sword, but I completely evaded her attack and my sword was about to directly hit her. With the feeling of counter attack, here comes… my direct attack!



At the moment I had completely seized the timing, I finally confirmed the cat ears figure.

My attack certainly hit her. However, my attack was blocked by her wall of HP just like I had expected, and I could perceive that it didn’t reach her body even slightly. Not to say, I probably didn’t even cut her HP.

Chitta, who lost her posture after got struck by my sword, rolled to the ground with the force of the attack.

Now that I had the opportunity to see her figure, I pursued her, swinging down my sword to Chitta who was rolling to the ground.

Chitta repelled my sword just before it could strike her, evaded sideways, and disappeared again.

I unconsciously felt my cheeks turned upwards.

My pursuit didn’t even graze her and I lost track of her again, but there was a harvest. Not to say, the extraordinary one.


In the first place, I was wondering if she could maintain her speed which was so amazing to the point that I couldn’t see her figure for such a long time.

If she kept moving at such a speed all the time, she would make an extreme airflow, and since she wasn’t flying, her footsteps should make a loud voice.

She might’ve hidden the airflow and footsteps by her skill, but there should be limits to that.

When she disappeared, she didn’t make any significant footsteps. If she continued to move with that super speed, she should’ve stepped incessantly, but they were clearly very little.

Even when I searched for air turbulence with my whole body, there was none, other than when she attacked me.

And the ultimate one was how she disappeared earlier. It was clear that I didn’t lost sight of her because of her speed, but she disappeared from my range of sight.

In other words, she was not moving around at a crazy speed, but she only disappeared. In other words, she was fooling my vision. She made a pretty good 6th man.

In addition, it was something that I could solve the moment she attacked me. I predicted that when she attacked me, she was accelerating a hard-to-see, linear motion.

With that prerequisite, the rest was simple. No matter how fast her straight line move was, or even if I couldn’t see her figure, the current enraged me would be able to catch her.



She wouldn’t have expected me to counter her attack for the second time, right?

Chitta rolled on the ground and stood up in the momentum, staring at me without disappearing.

“Wh… why…?”

“Are you asking why I could hit you? Rather, I want to ask. Why did you think that I wouldn’t be able to understand your trick after doing those attacks continuously?”

Are you a fool that only knows one kind of thing? Of course you won’t be able to repeat the same attack over and over again! Do you think I am a goblin that can’t think at all?”

Even if it wasn’t me, her opponent would be able to see the counter-plan after receiving that much blow.

If she didn’t know that, then she simply didn’t have enough personal combat experience.


Chitta stopped hiding herself, judging that she wouldn’t be able to do that attack with me anymore. She attacked me in a straight line as it was, trying to slice me off.

I finally could see her attack. She was specialized in dual blades, the same as Yuki. However, the turning speed of her attack was extremely fast because her weapons were both daggers.

She repeatedly slashed using her daggers alternately.

Each of her attacks were aiming for my vitals, and her aimed parts were also veracious. She probably knew which body parts to injure that could stop my body function, or even kill me.

I didn’t know her personal experience, but she at least had the knowledge to destroy human body.


The dagger rush continued at high speed.

My sword ability was also like that, but because of the differences between our main weapon, it was hard to receive and avoid all of her strike.

Then, what I should do was still the same. I only had to receive everything in the first place. I shouldn’t pay any mind to the attacks other than the ones that would inflict fatal injuries.

After assuming which attacks “wouldn’t make me die”, I chose the attacks that I should receive with my sword, or the attacks that I had to avoid.

“Damn! Why! Just strike him already!”

Your attacks were striking me, though. Didn’t you see that my whole body was bleeding from her slashes?

Even so, I wouldn’t let you strike a fatal blow no matter what.

Even if my meat was town and she could see my bones, it was alright as long as I could still move. They were not “lethal”.

I could see that she was gradually getting disturbed at me who still kept moving even when my whole body was gushing blood.

So far, I probably done zero damage to this guy. I completely couldn’t see the victory in the current situation.

But she must’ve been wondering why I could keep fighting up to this point. She must be confused why I wouldn’t die.

That was because I could still move as long as I avoided the fatal injuries, and because she had less attack power than the Minotaur.

Compared to the storm-like attack that was aiming to make fatal injuries, these normal attack was still tolerable as long as I paid attention to the ones that would be critical. This was completely better.

No matter how fast her attacks were, they were not dreadful at all. I knew that I had limited amount of blood, but I felt like I could endure this no matter how long it would take.

Perhaps this was also a problem in our affinity. If she was a natural-born warrior or wizard, the difficulty would jump up even further.

Under normal circumstances, I knew that I was a lunatic for jumping at this hopeless degree of difficulty. This guy was super hard at best. This was Chitta’s hard.

She didn’t lie when she said that she could take the Minotaur alone. Even so, she was my most compatible opponent in this situation.

She was a scout that didn’t focus on combatting, so I could still fight.

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