Over the Infinite – Chapter 8 (4)


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Two daggers and a sword intersected for a lot of times.

Probably, my [Sword Technique] still had room to grow. I reached the point where I could also parry some attacks other than her critical attacks.

It was still not as good as that lizard old man’s, but I succeeded in building a sword wall defense with my [Evasion] and [Emergency Evasion].

I didn’t know if I was bleeding too much or I took too much of her attacks, but I could no longer really feel the sensation of holding my sword.

But my body was still holding the sword. My body was still moving, continued to handle the two daggers’ attacks.

And then, the time for the state of match to change had finally came.

Chitta’s daggers radiated dull orange light. She was most likely getting impatient after her strikes no longer hit me.

That was an unknown action that I hadn’t personally experienced in this battle.

It was surely a deadly blow that would finish me off if I got a taste of it.

However, its activation was a double-edged sword that clearly gave me a gap.

Until now, I didn’t use my skills because I thought I didn’t need to, and I was wary of the rigidity after the activation, resulting on me making an opportunity for myself to lose.

If I could overcome the skill that she was about to activate, then conversely, there would be a fatal gap here.

―――― Action Skill [Sharp Sting] ――

The daggers that emitted light changed into pale lights and thrusted through the shortest distance to me.

It was a piercing technique that was similar to Yuki’s [Rapid Rush], except that if Yuki’s was a series of attacks, this one was one blow to one point.

But even if it was not something that I was familiar with, I knew that the skill would come. I swung my sword to intercept it.

―――― Action Skill [Power Slash] ――

I released the [Power Slash] which had entered the charging up only for a moment, the direction as if scooping up the [Sharp Sting]’s path.

Two lights intersected. [Power Slash] shifted the trajectory of [Sharp Sting] greatly, succeeded in evading her attack.

After striking a large attack, Chitta entered the rigidity after the activation of the technique and her body became stiff as if she was entering the inertia of the skill.

At the same time, during the rigidity time of the skill that occurred, I activated the subsequent skills like how I did in the Minotaur battle.

―――― Skill Chain [Whirlwind Slash] ――

My body made a full rotation and shot the [Whirlwind Slash] towards Chitta’s back who was in the rigidity state.

At that moment, I was convinced that Chitta hadn’t mastered this “Skill Link” technique.


This was my full power. This was the timing to muster all of my strength.

The opponent was in rigidity state, and I gave my all to this attack, depending on the link. The current me had no other damage source that was greater than this.

I exerted the power I could muster to the limit and put them to the trajectory of the [Whirlwind Slash].

When activating a skill without vocalization, the ability to required imagination power to activate the skill.

I had consciously traced [Power Slash] and developed the image that matched the sword technique of rotating horizontal mowing, so that the efficiency would change by controlling the trajectory.

It was a tornado.

I developed a solid image that looked like tornado by myself, accelerating the power.

At the next moment, my [Whirlwind Slash] exploded on the back of Chitta, who was completely defenseless.


I activated [See Through] at the same time as I released [Whirlwind Slash], start checking on how much of her HP gauge had decreased.

My damage was still obstructed by the wall of her HP. It was just as expected. I didn’t expect that everything would end with just this one blow.

However, everything depended on how much HP I could cut from her with this blow.

I felt something broke almost at the same time as the motion of my technique was completed. It was not from my skill smashing her bones.

It was… my sword, broken into pieces.

The swung sword snapped and rolled to the ground, leaving only the handle of the blade.

After receiving a blow from [Whirlwind Slash], Chitta collapsed forward just like that.

I saw the fallen Chitta’s HP, while feeling the rigidity after the skill activation.

Don’t joke with me, damn it!

Even after taking the blow that I released with all of my might, even with the expense of my weapon, the result of my greatest blow was how Chitta’s HP gauge didn’t even decrease by 5%… no, 3%.

I couldn’t pursuit her further because of the rigidity. Moreover, the sword I held in my hand had no blade to attack.

If I had goblin meat in my pocket, I would forcefully put it inside her mouth to deal a mental damage, but unfortunately, I was out of stock.

I watched fallen Chitta rose up in vigilance while recovering from my rigidity.

Had I done everything…?

That blow was genuinely a blow where I strike after mustering my whole power.

If that didn’t do much damage, then I had no ways to win.

Repeating the same thing for twenty to thirty more times from now on was just an empty dream. Not only that I had no weapon anymore, it’s impossible for me to do the same damage over and over.

I threw away the sword that was practically only a handle now.

After that, the hatchet that was hanging on the waist was my last weapon.

However, the [Sword Technique] wouldn’t assist me if I used this, and throwing this to the fallen Chitta wouldn’t do much damage.

Then what should you do? Should I exchange blows with my body? To the opponent who could destroy my weapon and didn’t even take 5% of damage after the strike I did with my full power? Don’t be stupid.

However, I had no other weapon. I had to use this hatchet, or the sword blade that fell on the floor….


I had one more weapon. It was something that would surely deal damage to her if it hit her.

In the fifth stage, we captured the Minotaur with all of our might. Its huge weapon in its hand was still inside my pocket.

It would be possible to crush and deal considerable damage even with Chitta’s defense.

However, it was within the premise if “I could swing it around.”

Let’s be honest here. It was impossible.

Even if I was in my perfect condition, I could declare that it was impossible. Not to say, I was currently in a ragged state where even standing was already a miracle. I had no power to swing that huge heavy thing in this state.

But that was also a weapon.

If I let it out to her after adjusting the materialization timing, it might turn into a deadly blow, even though it was only an one-time chance.

So far, it was like walking in a barely sustaining tightrope. Even if it was only a low chance one-shot match that I couldn’t even practice, I would make everything a success.

To succeed in that one, I would need to stop her from moving first.

I glared at the rising Chitta.

Her face was full of confusion, unable to understand why I could fight until now.

Even though she almost didn’t receive any damage, she was an active adventurers who was being tossed around by a rookie with different ranks.

For some reason, she couldn’t kill the opponent who was supposed to die just by attacking him normally. It’s only natural that her pride was crumbling.

“Why won’t you die… Your HP has been zero for a long time now, right?”

She’s right. My HP most likely had reached zero for a long time.

It was my own ability to still stand like this in a bloody and ragged situation, not by the power relying on the system. It was man’s will.

That was why it would seem weird to people who was living in the world where zero HP was equal to death.

“Even if it had reached zero, my body isn’t broken yet. If you want to stop me, then you’ll have to scatter my body into five pieces!”

“Aren’t you stupid!? This will end as long as you are killed obediently, and you’ll even get resurrected after dying, yet why are you resisting that much?!”

“Huh, so you’re saying that I have to obediently get killed by you since I will get resurrected anyway? …Aren’t you also stupid?

Is there any meaning for those who give up without doing anything? Those people who give up without doing anything can revive and try again, but they won’t be able to move forward.

…I know that adventurers are this kind of profession. If dying is the norm and it’s going to be something that happened everyday, then I have to experience dying in the trial.

I’m grateful because the intermediate ranker is teaching the rookies, to the point that my tears are about to come out. Yeah, I can understand why you do this.

―But I don’t like it.”


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