Over the Infinite – Chapter 8 (5)


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That’s the only reason I could stand until now.

I didn’t like the guys who had prepared these kinds of tests, and I didn’t like the fact that I was supposed to be killed obediently.

I also didn’t like myself for letting Yuki make such a face.

“Your sword had snapped, yet you’re still going to fight without any weapon?”

“I will. I haven’t given up in killing you yet. I’ll resist until the end, even when I only have one arm left.”

“…Aren’t you crazy?”

She was too late to realize that. Even if she didn’t say that, I had always been crazy since a long time ago. This was the authentic style of subjective symptoms.

Also because I was crazy, there was a line that I wouldn’t concede to anyone.

I prepared myself to attack Chitta without any weapon.

I wasn’t proficient in martial arts. The professional wrestling technique I applied to the gay inspector was just something I learned for fun, and I only learned judo in the school classes.

But when I was talking like this, I remembered what the cat ears in front of me said in the second stage.

If I wasn’t wrong, she said that martial arts generally had high critical rate.

It was the words from the opponent I was currently fighting, and I didn’t think it would have much impact since I was just an amateur in martial arts, but I might be able to expect something in this. In any case, I didn’t have other measures other than ‘that’.

Chitta’s attacks were still at the same speed as before. It was surely fast, but for some reason, she didn’t make her figure disappear anymore.

I couldn’t afford to think about the reason in this situation, but it probably had some kind of conditions to activate it.

I avoided the first and second attack from her super speedy sword attacks. Then I chose to take the third attack that was aiming for my belly without hesitation.

Even if I was making sure that it wouldn’t hit my vitals, Chitta’s knife pierced my belly.


Chitta made a stunned expression, as if she didn’t expect her attack to succeed this easily.

I just went ahead with the strategy of “cutting meat and crushing bones”.

While I didn’t have a sword, I wouldn’t be able to stop her with my fist. Then I just need to receive her attack, then fight back when she stopped moving.

I grabbed Chitta’s collar with a knife in my stomach.

“…I caught you.”

My aim was to throw him from her back.

I couldn’t do the “soft and fair goes far” because of the extreme difference in our physique, but I should be able to do that to this guy.


As I expected, the HP wall wouldn’t do anything to me throwing her like this. It might reduce the impact, but I still could throw her like this.

Chitta’s body whirled in the air while she was making an expression that she couldn’t understand what had happened.

Although I might not damage her, I didn’t pull her hand like in judo. Rather, I slammed her to the ground.


Breath leaked from Chitta’s mouth with the impact of her back being thrown to the ground. Maybe, I could go through the HP by making an internal impact like this.

The knife was still stuck in my belly, but I succeeded in knocking her down to the ground.

And then, my likely winner was what comes next.

I grabbed Chitta’s left arm and did arm lock cross hold on her.

The arm lock was done with perfect flowing movement. It’s weird for me to say this, but this technique was charming.


I didn’t know if this guy ever experienced the locking technique in judo. But she should know that this was not something that she could escape from with her power alone.

Just like this, I would destroy the ligaments of her arm, and also break her bones if possible!!

“Arghhh!!! Let me go! Let me gooo!!”

I felt resistance in her caught arms.

I was convinced with this. HP was effective against external attacks, but it was ineffective against direct damage to joints and the insides of the body.

Chitta stabbed a knife in her right hand to my foot, while screaming in pain.

“Ughh!!! It doesn’t hurt!! This is not a big deal!!”

As if I would let you go!!

This was the biggest chance I had so far, and she would be alert if I would do this again later. If I let her go now, I probably wouldn’t have another chance anymore.

I tried to crush Chitta’s ligament with all of my power. If she only had one arm, her fighting power would be significantly reduced. There was still a chance to win if I destroyed each of her limbs one by one.


At that moment―

―there was the sound of destruction from Chitta’s arm.

“Urgh! Gyahhhhh!”

I took it. I surely had crushed Chitta’s left arm.

But still, not yet. If I relaxed my hand, she could run away and fix her posture. Press even more power here!!

I let go of her arm and proceeded with my next action to Chitta who couldn’t move because of the pain.

I put my hand on Chitta’s neck, raised her body, turned my hand around her neck from behind, and did a stranglehold to her.

“Guh… Ha!!!”

I constricted her organs and forcibly blocked her breathing.

Although Chitta desperately resisted, she wouldn’t be able to escape from judo stranglehold and judo locking technique without knowing the trick.

Here it comes! Let me decide everything here!!



I tightened her neck with all of my might and concentrated my power to make sure I wouldn’t let go of her.

But the next moment when I thought the match would end like this, Chitta thrust her knife into my arm with her remaining arm.


It hurts, it hurts, it fucking hurts!! Damn it, it didn’t hurt!!! This much wouldn’t hurt me!!!

My sense of pain, don’t work here!! I couldn’t afford to let her go now!!

“Ngh, gah, haa!”

She thrust the knife again and again, and blood splatters from my left arm. The knife hit my bone, snapped my muscles, severing it from my nerves.

No good, no good! No, I shouldn’t let her go!!

I ignored my sense of pain to my limit and continued to press her, but I felt that my power had dramatically reduced.

On the contrary, I lost my left arm.


Chitta escaped from my weakening arm, and the next moment, she hit my face with her strong elbow.

I released her. She escaped. What should I do? I shouldn’t let her escape here.

I rushed from my head to Chitta without thinking after taking elbow strike from her.

“Hho, ghh… Ugh!!”

I succeeded in grappling the waist of Chitta who had risen up, but I didn’t know what to do next.
No matter how much HP she had, throwing, strangling, and jointing techniques would work. I understood that. Then should I mount her by knocking her down without dragging her up?

No, my strength was not enough, and one of my arms was fatally damaged. I wouldn’t be able to pull that off.

“No, no… let me go, let me gooo!!!”

Chitta started pushing her knife into my back as I clung to her waist. She probably perceived the threat that I was going to do something again.


I screamed without a voice.

“Let me go, let me go, let me go!!”

I felt the knife piercing me several times.

Don’t be ridiculous. I had no power left. What else could I do now…

…Ah, I had one. A trump card. How could I forget it, seriously?

“I forgot to use this.”


In response to my voice, I felt her power loosening for a moment.


At that moment, I push my body out, pushing down Chitta’s body.

Even after taking the mount, there was no next time. So what’s left was only one thing left.

I held Chitta down while taking out the card with my remaining hand in a flash.

“Wha, what…!”


I released the card that started to materialize into the air, emitting light.

“…This is my last resort. Go and get crushed!”

“Wha… Uwahhhhhhhh!!!”

Right above us, I felt the huge heavy axe materializing.

It quickly became huge, regained its original shape, and covering us with its shadow.

I estimated the best moment to release Chitta so that she couldn’t escape, and jumped sideways with all of my might.

The next moment, the materialized Minotaur Ax thrust its huge mass to the ground with a thunderous roar.



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