Over the Infinite – Chapter 9 (3)


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The cat ears’ scream echoed.

Blood splattered out from her shredded finger like a fountain.

…I see. …That’s it.

In order to incite fear, I glanced at the cat ears’ finger inside my mouth and chewed the bones, making a crushing sound.

I didn’t really understand, but I could easily crush her finger even though there was a bone.

“Nhii, hii…. hiih,”

“…You said it yourself, right? That we have to be careful of the monsters biting attacks.”

…It was a critical.

Earlier, the “Starving Beast” kill generated by the force that changed my body, which real skill name was the questionable “Bite Off”.

These skills most likely aided me on something, making me easily [bite off] her fingers.

“Then, I should just eat you.”


The cat ears screamed with a silent voice.

I bit the neck of the cat ears, who was so frightened that she couldn’t even resist.


In the end, [HP] was just a “wall” and didn’t increase physical strength itself, just as she said.

That ability, aiding in the form of , simply created a membrane to protect the person from external attacks and was powerless to the forces generated from inside the membrane.

In addition, it seems that [HP] also alternated for the physical damage caused by the critical, and healed the injury to some extent.

If one part of the body was missing such as hands and feet, or fingers in this case, HP would stop the bleeding and heal it to some extent, but it wouldn’t restore the organ back.

Perhaps some kind of skill was required to restore body parts. That lizard old man was a lizard, and he might have those kinds of racial traits.

I bit off the cat ears’ neck and saw a rapid decline in HP in the situation where a normal human would’ve died immediately. Her HP was trying to heal her wounds.

However, the wound was too deep and too large to be treated with HP alone, and the cat ears died even before she completely lost her HP.

I guess the [HP] mechanism might be something like this. With a tired and calm mind, I made some conclusions.

“…It’s over.”

The body of the cat ears, which I had already destroyed, sublimated into the fog and disappeared. Her right hand, which was still handcuffed with mine, disappeared as well.

There was nothing to pin anymore. I suddenly weakened and fell down on the spot, making a 大 position.

“…I’m tired.”

It was an extreme fight.

Now that I think of it, it was the worst. From the beginning, to the match, or even to the way it ended.

My final blow might be banned in the video. Even if there was someone who would see the video, they would definitely get disgusted. Even I was disgusted with my actions.

Biting off was probably the most primitive means of attack for animals. It was still somewhat acceptable if beats or some kind of evil primitive man did that, but I never thought that I would use that technique as a weapon.

Anyway, Yuki would surely check the video, so I should explain what happened first to him so that he wouldn’t get too frightened.

…He wouldn’t tell me to break off our duo, right?

The scene was too terrible, so he might cut me off.

“Ah… But well, it’s already over.”

I looked up to the unpleasant, dark red sky,

The person who thought of this event must be sick, just like that sky.

Even if it was the Dungeon Master, I wanted to beat him out for once. Really, stop joking with me.

“But what was that skill?”

The display for [Starving Beast] and [Bite Off] appeared, but there was no message that I acquired the skills.

In other words, unlike the [Intimidation of Warrior] that I used in the battle against the Minotaur, I had already acquired the skill.

The first thing that came to my mind was the battle against that showy orc.

If I activated that skill in the blank area of my memory, then it made sense that I could annihilate them.

At that moment, I was a beast.

Power, speed, instinct. All of them couldn’t enter the human category, and I felt like I turned into a beast.

So the theory where I awakened a hidden power was more correct, huh? I really didn’t meet any ally of justice?

That means… I [bite off] that showy orc too, huh. …Which one was the monster?

“What I awakened at my last moment was such a gross skill for recovering from a hopeless situation.”

There’s no doubt that this was not a hero’s skill. It was something different that was more repulsive.

It would be nice if I awakened something a little cooler. For example, having a mysterious emblem appearing on one part of my body.

However, I killed a person for the first time, yet I didn’t feel anything special. As I thought, I was really broken somewhere, huh.

Ah, no, it wasn’t that I really didn’t feel anything.

“…That cat ears didn’t taste good.”

I didn’t know if cat beasts were in the same category as humans, but I believed that humans were not something to eat.

I just ate her fingers and neck, but ethically, I didn’t want to eat something like that again. No matter how unpleasant goblin meat was, a full set of goblin meats were still better.

My fight between lizardman old man, enhanced minotaur, and cat ears had repeatedly ended in such a close battle, but I would like to avoid such extreme battles for a while.

Anyway, I wouldn’t incur divine punishment for having easier battles, right? Even though this was a trial, I felt like I was about to die for many times already.

[You captured Trial Dungeon – Hidden Stage.] [Congratulations. You completely captured the trial dungeon.”

[Please return from the exit and follow the guild’s instructions.]

“Oh, …ohh.”

A huge fanfare flowed along with the clear system message.

Something like this was exactly like game’s, eh.

“…Let’s go home.”

I stood up, dragging my heavy body.

I had to meet up with Yuki, and I wanted to sleep already. It might be possible to sleep here according to the rules, but I didn’t want to sleep in this kind of blood splattered place.

Anyway, I hadn’t even seen the dormitory we rented yet.

Even though a lot of events happened again and again, I had only gone to the set meal shop and guildhall since I came to Labyrinth City.

I looked around, searching for an exit.

Since the warp gate we used was no longer there, the only thing that could get me out of this Colosseum was the gate where the cat ear came out. It was also the same as when we won against the Minotaur, so it should be the same this time.

I dragged my tired body and aimed for the exit… Once I came near the gate, I stopped and thought whether it would be better to check if I left behind anything.

If I didn’t clean up properly, Mama would get angry. Well, my mother in this world was not that kind of person, but she was the person who would get angry at anything.

I didn’t really care about my parents, but it would be pitiful if I left behind Yuki’s items and he ended up losing them.

However, when I checked it, Yuki’s luggage seemed to have disappeared with him. There was no trace of anything left. Not even his poison knife.

Speaking of which, so was the cat ears’ luggage. The needle she shot when we fought was gone. Did they disappear because they belonged to her?

What remained was the [Minotaur Ax] which struck the ground with a strong presence, but I didn’t feel like taking it home. …It was too big.

But this was a medal and we were thinking of selling it off depending on the price, so I tried to lift it.


…No good.

I could lift the handle somehow, but the main body was too heavy that it wouldn’t even budge.

It was also impossible to drag this out. It moved a little bit, but I didn’t know how long I would take to do that.

I would need heavy machinery to take this out.

This was a commemorative item and I wanted to take it home if I could, but… …we should say goodbye here.

But that guy took a direct hit from this thing yet she was still alive. Just what was that cat ears?

She shouldn’t say, “I won’t be careless anymore” at that time, really. Her opponent was a rookie, so be more careless.

Speaking of which, my body parts that were damaged in the battle with that cat ears were healed. I could also see with my eyes.

It was probably the effect of [Starving Beast] or whatever it was.

I didn’t really remember, but I felt my wounds were regenerating rapidly at that time. After that, my fist shattered and my skin tore, but did they also heal?

What a crazy skill. That [Bite Off] didn’t seem like a skill that humans could master.


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