Over the Infinite – Prologue (7)


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「So this place is the Labyrinth Guild, huh?」


There was a building with a sign board that announced so clearly the moment we saw it in front of us.


The building was very modern looking, it was a huge building with more than five stories when we looked it from the outside. Rather, the building was made of concrete. The windows were covered with glass, making us could see inside the building.


There was tavern or restaurant-like place that were fantasy themed on the ground floor where one could have light meal, but it was separated from the guild itself.


And then, what destroyed the image of “ultimate union” for me was how the guild was located in a small road, with convenience store across the guild building itself.


But then, there was no doubt that this was our destination. Other than how the building itself had those government office atmosphere, the scenery itself made me feel, “Ah, this is the place.” After all, there were many people who oozed out “I am an adventurer” feeling inside the building.


「The building looks somewhat modern, huh.」


Both of us were withering.


After all, we were imagining the building as a dirty store that had those tavern or inn feeling.


There was an image that those outlaws looking uncles who drank from the daytime would involve themselves with every new guy who entered the guild. But then, why was the building a modern chic government office?


「Come on, there are a lot of arrangements in those fantasy-related different world stories, right? Are we going to be okay?」


「You mean those scenes where the veterans will come at us the moment we enter?」


Yuki was yapping out something strange. Maybe he was scared of entering the building.


If this was a novel, the protagonists would usually beat those kind of mob characters in their own game, but could we do that? …Wasn’t it impossible? I was the type that wind around long things.


Since we were newcomers, let’s stay in low profile from the seniors.


「If we’re talking about the template, ,there’s this pretty usual scene where the person who examined us will get surprised because of abnormal values in our magical power measurement or something like that, right?」


「Or maybe everyone found out that we had an unique skill, making things into an uproar.」


No way. We were probably just ordinary people.


In the first place, both of our status and skills had been confirmed.


「You don’t have to worry. Both of us don’t have that kind of protagonist’s talent to get involved in those kind of troubles.」


「T-That’s right… Then, let’s go now.」


Was it the conversation to relieve our stress? Or maybe, was it us setting our own flag? I started walking, catching up to Yuki who was leading.


We went through the door which was not normal door at all, but surprisingly an automatic door, and entered inside. It was somewhat cool, making me wonder if air conditioning was working here.


「Hey, you guys. I haven’t seen your faces before, are you two rookies?」


I didn’t know if this happened because of Yuki setting up the flag just now or this was just the fate of fantasy-related another world adventurers, but as soon as we entered the guild, we got tangled with a muscly guy.


He was a template macho man who had stern face and bald head. For some reason, he was shirtless, and his skin was gleaming like he painted Vaseline all over his body. He had a very good smile.


When I looked to Yuki who was standing next to me, he looked like he had lost his words.


「Well, don’t be nervous. It’s not like we’ll kidnap and eat you anyway. After all, we are rookie-friendly seniors. We are your seniors!」


The muscly guy increased by one. What was even more terrible was that we got caught in both sides.


And then, why did he tell us that they were our seniors two times? Was it something important?


Was this the scene where they would tell us to behave modestly in all seriousness as our seniors? Should I jump away?


This development was following the usual script too much that I abandoned Yuki and tried to escape, but I was surrounded by another muscly man. He was the third person.


「Oi, Bob, even if it’s you, you shouldn’t pretend like you are the senior! I’m the one who is really friendly to the rookies, Dobeeg-sama from [Mass Lancer]!」


「Oi, oi, they will feel troubled if someone atrocious like you stand in their way, right? Look, the rookies are also scared, you see!」


「Wait, don’t forget that there’s the leader of [Mohawk Head] here, me.」


This time, the number of mohawks increased for some reason.


「No, this is where we from [Afro Dancers] will take care of the rookies!」


「You lot just come and butt in because your bar reputation points are about to reach the limit, right!」


「Aren’t you talking about yourself there!?」


「Yes, yes, yes, stop this right there, nya.」


When the muscles, muscles, muscles, added with mohawks and afros was about to turn the entire situation into a chaotic mess, a cat beastman appeared.


Yuki’s face turned completely pale at this sudden development. He obviously couldn’t process all of the information. I was also dubious whether I could handle all of this.


「Ahh, I’m sorry, nya. Rookies, these guys have bad reputation and they are about to get driven out of this city, so they are desperately trying to appeal their good doings, nya.」


「W-we are not. We’re the [Mohawk Head] that calmed a crying child before, you know!」


「You’re noisy, so shut up, nya. The sister at the counter is about to flip out anytime soon, nya.」


「This is bad, let’s run away!」


The muscly guys dispersed. When they were running away, one of them turned towards us for a moment and and appealed by saying, “The [Tanned Muscles Brothers] are pleased to meet you guys!”


Was that their team name or something like that?


「Ah, no good. The development was changing too fast.」


Yuki had completely escaped from the reality.


This guy, if I and the cat-eared miss weren’t here, it wouldn’t be strange if they succeed in taking him away.


「Since my partner has come back to his senses, I hope you can explained what just happened if possible… No, maybe we should ask the sister at the counter.」


「I don’t really mind, nya. As I said before, those people are in the verge of being kicked out of this city because of their bad reputation, nyaa.


If you do bad things in this city, you will get bad reputation points, and if it exceeds a certain value, the adventurer will be forced to retire. They won’t be able to enter this Labyrinth City ever again, nya.」


What an amazing system it was. I didn’t know the standards well, but that meant I couldn’t do something that would make me have bad reputation, huh.


…So those guys called us out with good intentions?


「It’s hard for people who are used to live in this city to live outside, so his is the matter of life and death, nyaa.」




The taste of the set meal that I ate earlier came to my mind again.


I could understand what she said in an instant. That means everyone shouldn’t do anything bad, huh.


「That’s why, I don’t think there will be anyone who you should keep an eye on in case they bully you, so don’t worry, nya.」


「By the way, I never knew that cat beastmen have to add ‘nya’ to the end of their sentence…」


「This is just to appeal my personality, nya. It’ll be easier for me to get popular, nya. My clan members all act like this as well, nya.」


What an extremely sloppy character making.


What was she trying to be popular for?


「…Err, the sister at the counter has been looking at here like she is very irritated since just now, though.」


「Ahh, she’s a very scary person once she gets angry, so you should ask your questions and register with that sister, nya. Then I’ll also go now, nya.」




We broke up with the cat human and finally reached our destination, the counter. A lot of things happened just to reach these merely a few meters.


The atmosphere around the sister on the counter looked like she was irritated, but she had a very nice smile.


「Uhm, we want to register.」


「Yes, this is your first time, right? Welcome to the Labyrinth Guild Headquarters in the Labyrinth City!」


Just like this, we finally started our first step as adventurers.



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