Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 2 Chapter 40

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 2: Chapter 40

Inside the dome of darkness, the light pouring in from outside illuminated the beautiful floor in a straight line. There was a human-shaped darkness, and children dressed in chiton-esque garments in the temple-like structure.

My ears caught the voice of the young lady calling my name. The young lady was on her knees, and her eyelashes were wet with tears.

「…What did you do to my lady?」

I could immediately understand that it was the darkness that caused this turmoil.

【World Ruler】judged the darkness to be some kind of “living thing”, but it seems to be different from general living things. Due to my lack of knowledge, I couldn’t find out any more than that.


Earl Sillys appeared from behind me.

It was the Earl that I met in front of the dome. The Earl did not attend the award ceremony—he said he was investigating inside the Holy Royal Palace when the nobles and priests left for the ritual. It seems that he wanted to find out about the skill orb prepared for Prince Kluvshrat—thanks to that, the Earl wasn’t trapped inside the dark dome.

This dome, which could not be destroyed by magic or bare hands, could be destroyed by the “stone” brought by the Earl. Now the stone was in my hand—the color was very similar to the altar on the stairs.

Is that the “First Altar”?

So, this stone is related to the altar…

(There seems to be a lot of mysteries behind it. But the most important thing right now is…)

「Intruder? …You Are!!!?」

「Aren’t you the intruder here!!」

I sprinted towards the humanoid darkness and closed the distance immediately.


My right fist, holding the stone, pierced the humanoid darkness’ belly. The darkness was sent flying, bouncing across the ground several times.

「The attack landed!?」

「Even the【Holy Sword Technique】didn’t work!」

「Who is that?」

The nobles, who seemed to be on a seating platform, became noisy, but I did it for a specific reason. My anger—to suppress my anger by hitting the shit head that made the young lady cry.

「My lady, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」I said, while turning back only my head.

When I smiled to reassure her as much as possible, the young lady’s eyes were almost full of tears.

The young lady is 12 years old even if she is a noble.

Of course, she would be scared if suddenly trapped in such darkness

Even so, the young lady stopped herself from spilling tears, and got back up on her feet.


「Yes, my lady.」

「Protect me – protect us all.」

The young lady likes to work me to the bone, after all.

The Knights Order should also be here besides me—or rather, what the hell are knights doing—to protect everyone.


However, I don’t hate the young lady who wants to save, not just herself, but everyone.

「Why Are You Here, Child Of Disaster…!!!」

The darkness stood up as if nothing had happened, and screamed. What do you mean “child of disaster”? Hmm? …Ah, is it my black hair and black eyes? Man… even such a mysterious darkness detests me?

「Even So, The Covenant Is Revoked」

Darkness gushed out from its body. The only light was from the spot I broke through.


Along with a deafening shriek, the darkness’ right arm stretched out, like rubber—its aim, Prince Kluvshrat.

I immediately slipped in front of it and knocked away the arm with the stone.

The darkness groaned in pain.

…This stone that the Earl secretly brought over is super effective, after all.

And the darkness stretched its left arm this time. The Border Earl slashed it with his sword.

「Hmm… Attacks are finally landing on that thing now. Why do you think that is, Sillys?」the Border Earl asked Earl Sillys, who was walking over to them

「This space, bound by the covenant, originally wouldn’t allow the mediator – that monster – to be attacked, but it seems the covenant is incomplete because of the hole that Reiji-san made with a rare relic.」

「Wait a second, Earl! You make it sound like I did everything. And there are too many words I don’t understand!」I said.

「I’ll explain it properly… if we could return home alive, that is.」

「Hmm… It is what it is. Let’s go, boy! The rest of you escape out of that hole!」

The Border Earl said, and started running, so I followed suit. I could hear the children running towards the shining light behind me.

「Impudent!」the darkness exclaimed.

The treasured sword, which looked rather like a toy compared to the Border Earl’s body, unleashed a myriad of slashes and attacked the darkness – the “mediator” as the Earl put it.

The mediator dodged every slash at a tremendous speed.

(It dodged everything, huh…)

「That was just decoy.」

I landed my strongest punch on the mediator’s back with the stone.

The mediator groaned in pain again.

「And here is the follow up—」

Fireballs appeared at the fingertips of my left hand. With this, 5 consecutive【Fire Magic】shots.

「Help Me, Help Me…」


I was startled. Louis’ face suddenly appeared on the back of the mediator.


I was so surprised that I shot the【Fire Magic】without holding back. The mediator rolled on the ground, covered in flames, and screaming.

「Louis-sama—!! You damn monster! To use Louis-sama like that!」the young lady cried.

「…Boy, you’re quite the devil.」the Border Earl said.

I did try to clear the misunderstanding that I was actually a good person, but I couldn’t get through to the Border Earl.

I already knew from【World Ruler】that that Louis was a fake. The real Louis was in the depths of that darkness – already dead.

「Well then… Your Majesty, would you please explain what is happening?」the Border Earl asked.

Looking up the stairs, the Holy King was in a daze, and the giant rabbit, El, was next to him.


「Eh, His Majesty has made an extremely bad decision. That is the revocation of the covenant. Eh, if the covenant that connects the other world with this world is revoked, many darknesses from the other world will, Eh, invade this world.」

…Come again?


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