Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 2 Chapter 42

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 2: Chapter 42

The black energy mass seemed to have exploded, but it was still there. It was too far away for【World Ruler】to give information, but it cannot be left as it is.

My right hand was bleeding due to the shattered stone fragments. So I used【Convenience】to wash it off with water, and healed the wound with【Healing Magic】. The stone is shattered, but… I hope the Earl wouldn’t scold me too much.

「Your Majesty, Border Earl, please stay here.」

「Are you going?」


「You should let the Knights Order take it on from here.」

「…Well, the young lady ordered me to protect everyone.」

I don’t know if my answer was wrong, but the Holy King’s lips curled up, as he put on a ferocious smile.

「Take this.」

The Holy King tossed me the small knife that El handed him. It was a single-edged curved blade. The blade was dull, but it was probably used for ritual purposes. According to【World Ruler】, the knife turns out to be extremely old. Other than that, it looks like an antique.

「I will go now.」

The Holy King nodded, and Border Earl raised his hand. I glanced at Louis’ corpse for a brief moment, and then started running. In return, the Knights Order rushed to the Holy King.

(To think that that boy is dead…)

I met Louis many times when I escorted the young lady to the tea parties. Since I was with the young lady around the clock, he was burning with jealousy whenever he saw me. He was just a normal, ordinary boy.

(He didn’t deserve to die like this.)

I gripped the knife tighter.

…I will annihilate that black energy without a trace!

* Holy King *

Knights ran up to the Holy King worriedly, but the Holy King waved them off with his hand annoyedly. He then turned to his sworn friend who stood right next to him.

「…Border Earl, what are you thinking?」

Border Earl Mule’s clothes were torn here and there, blood smeared. Most likely from the mediator’s attacks that he failed to dodge.

「That boy attacked an object that was fired at that speed.」


「Can you do that, Your Majesty?」

「Of course not.」

The two of them could barely follow the attack with their eyes, so being able to attack it when it was moving at that speed is, quite honestly, impossible for them.

「Hmm… I wonder if I can get him married to my daughter, Mira?」

「What!? Are you plotting to take him in your territory!?」

「It’s not enough no matter how many capable talents I have in my territory, after all.」

「If so, he should be in the Holy City. This is the capital of the Holy Kingdom, after all.」

「I see. When word gets out that [Holy Sword Technique] has been lost, those trying to take advantage would start popping up.」

The Holy King started massaging his temple with his right hand.

「…Don’t say that. Shit. It just hurts my head.」

Seeing the Holy King in that state, the Border Earl stifled a laughter.

「This is no laughing matter. If the country falls into chaos, your territory will be hit by the aftermath too.」

「Yes, but it doesn’t hurt my head.」


「Look at that.」

Border Earl pointed to the nobles who had evacuated away from the temple grounds and the noble children who were the protagonists of today’s award ceremony.

A child hugged by his parents. A child crying his eyes out. And Earl Sillys, Reiji’s employer, was talking to his daughter Eva about something—but of course, even the Holy King couldn’t have imagined that he was giving her the【Mana Control】skill orb.

More importantly than that, the Holy King caught Kluvshrat and Mira coming over to them.

「Somehow those kids got out safe.」

「…Yeah, that’s right.」the Holy King exhaled in relief.「Border Earl.」he said.


「…If I lose myself again, get me back on the right path, even if you have to send me flying.」

The Border Earl was large as a bear, but when he heard the Holy King say that, he smiled like a little boy.

「I’ll hit you with all I’ve got, so be prepared. Grenjido.」

And the two fist bumped.

* *

I rushed out of the Holy Royal Palace, and entered the 1st Holy District. Several officials were gathering around the place unearthed by the black energy mass. Following that trace of destruction, I arrived at “2nd Wall”.

「This is…!」

The wall had collapsed over several tens of meters. Some noble House’s mansion was completely destroyed, the residence was partially destroyed, and debris was scattered all over in the vast garden.

The visibility was poor due to clouds of dust. I heard voices crying and pleading for help.

(…Damn it!)

At that time, it was good that I was able to change the direction of the energy mass, but as a result, some people over here may have gotten injured, or may have even died. When I thought about that, guilt spread in my heart.

「W-What is this?」

A familiar voice came from behind.

「You are the cleaner, right?」

Captain Arthur of the 2nd Knights Order was there.

「You came at a good time. It seems that the mansion there has collapsed and some people are injured, so we need the knights to rescue them!」

「What!? That is House Riviere’s mansion!」

House Riviere, one of the 6 Great Dukes.

「Did you all hear that? We’re commencing a rescue operation!」Arthur hollered.

I feel grateful. Manpower is most important in such cases.

Suddenly, I remembered that Captain Arthur was Louis’ escort, but I didn’t say anything. It’s not something that I can say right now.

In the meantime, I headed in the direction of the black energy which I could still feel—in the middle of the large garden.

The well-maintained lawn garden was large and dotted with plants. However, right now it was covered by sediments and wreckages. And I found the black energy in the center of that.

(…What an ominous feeling.)

The black flame-like energy stood upright. It was much taller than I was, about 3 meters tall and 2 meters wide.

When I gripped the old knife—I saw a huge silhouette moving in the flames.


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