Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 4 Chapter 67

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 4: Chapter 67

I used【Light Magic】to secure light around us. Then, a black shadow appeared in front of me – the mediator.

With the mithril dagger in my right hand and my left hand free to use magic, I was ready to fight at any moment.

Knock-san wore metal knuckles on both hands, doubling the size of his fists.

The Hundredman chief wielded shamshir in both hands.

『Where do you think you’re going?』

「What about you? Why are you here when there is no breach of the Covenant?」

『The elimination of the Child of Disaster was decided to be allowed–』

「–Is that the Vision Ogre’s decision? So the mediator can come up with whatever rules when it suits their convenience, huh. I’m sure all their rules must be ridiculous.」

The mediator became silent when I said that.

Sizzling sound can be heard coming from inside the Mithril armor. It felt like the armor was barely suppressing the black flames from flaring out.

『Disrespect our Creator… and I will destroy all of you.』

It seemed like he was barely suppressing his anger.

However, I was more interested in the word “Creator” than the mediator’s anger.

(Ah… I see. This black shadow is a sorcery-based life form. It means that someone created it. And that would be the Vision Ogre… these are just puppets.)

So this mediator is more like a “mediator’s agent”, so to speak.

So I’m sure the mediator has many such agents.

Well, regardless of whether it’s an agent or not, it can still freely create this mysterious dark dome and can teleport around as he wishes.

「Do you think you can stop me by yourself? You lost to me just the other day, didn’t you?」

『I am not alone.』

Immediately after, four other mediators appeared on either side of the mediator. They were the exact same, as if copies.

(5 of them… For real?)

5 enemies with the same strength as a dragon.

Killing even one left me almost drained.

Knock-san, who didn’t know about mediators, stared blankly. And the Hundredman chief, who seemed to have heard about the mediator from the Marshal, turned pale.

『What’s wrong? Where did all that boldness go? I can see the cold sweat on your face.』

Did he increase production because I defeated the last one? Or were there many of them from the beginning? If there are dozens of them—no, that shouldn’t be the case. Just as the dragons in the “Front World” live normally like any other life form, the Vision Ogre should also be living normally in the “Back World”. And the amount of Mithril yield should also be extremely low. So if you need full Mithril armor to build one, dozens of them would not be feasible.

「Cold sweat? I was surprised that there were only 5 of you. If you wanted to get rid of me, you should have brought at least 10.」

The Hundredman chief looked at me with the face, “What are you saying!?”


The mediator didn’t say anything.

Good. The mediator seems to be reconsidering his decision.

No, maybe it isn’t good? What if he brings more of them?

If I knew this would happen, I would have brought Asha along, and finished them all off with her maximum magic.

『We are enough. This chit chat is over— Die, Child of Disaster.』

The five mediators started running all at once.

「I told you to stop calling me that!!」

I fired Flame Tornado with my left hand, and the battle began.


The mediator’s performance was as quick, heavy, and hard as last time.

The mediator ran towards me, every step breaking the stone pavings into pieces. Without faltering against my Flame Tornado even while taking it head on, he stretched his right hand towards me. Right then, I used【Flower Magic】to erect a thick pillar of dead grass from under the mediator’s legs and sent him flying behind me. I intended to blow him far away, but he was too heavy, so it was only about 10 meters away.

In the meantime, the next mediator unleashed a punch. I sidestepped around him, and came face-to-face with the third one, so I strengthened my legs with【Support Magic】and kicked him.

It felt as if I had kicked a boulder. My feet became numb.


Knock-san started a fist fight with another mediator. With the power from his muscles, even the mediator was pushed back. That’s impossible for me.

「H-Hey! My blade has no effect!」

The Hundredman chief brandished his shamshirs while nimbly avoiding the mediator’s attack, but his blades were deflected by the Mithril armor.

(I have to get rid of one first!)

We don’t stand a chance if we don’t reduce their numbers.

Last time, I destroyed the armor by inducing metal fatigue through extreme temperature differences. However, that would be impossible this time. Even if I improve the efficiency and mana optimisation, I can only beat two of them at most. I will be out of gas for the other three.

(The problem is the Mithril armor, after all… My only weapon is a Mithril-mixed dagger!)

Think, think, think.

While thinking, the mediator I sent flying away first came back and attacked from behind.


I turned around and released【Water Magic】. Misty cold air appeared from my left hand, creating ice at the mediator’s feet—I intended to let him slide away to buy some time. However–




As if startled, the three mediators attacking me stopped moving, and then jumped back.

(…Hmm? What is up with that overreaction?)

They were intently staring at me, as if waiting for my next move.

(I see. They seem to know how I defeated the mediator last time. I used Flame Tornado at the start and am now using “ice”. So they are wary that it will induce metal fatigue.)

Guessing that much, a question formed in my mind.

(How did they get that information?)

In the last battle, there was only one mediator.

There were no signs that we were being observed. And no one could have told the other mediators about it. In the first place, only Sarume-san could contact the mediators. But she hated them and the Covenant, it seems.

Which leaves us with–.

「Vision Ogre. Are you observing through these sorcery-based life forms here?」

For an instant moment, the mediators stopped moving. Not only the three that were attacking me, but the other two as well. Thanks to that, Knock-san’s right hook connected beautifully on the mediator’s face and blew him away. And the Hundredman chief’s splendidly swung shamshir pushed the mediator back for the first time.

(I see! I see! I see!)

The mediators have their own will. However, on the other hand, the Vision Ogre is directly controlling these guys.

Moreover, seeing as how all five mediators stopped at the exact same moment…

(There is only one Vision Ogre. At least only one Vision Ogre controlling them.)

Hope finally came into sight.

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