Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 4 Chapter 68

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 4: Chapter 68

Even if they are being controlled, it probably isn’t to the smallest detail.

It must be a broad control. More importantly–

(Power and signal supply.)

Evidenced by how all the mediators stopped at the exact same moment.

「Gu, nununu!」


Knock-san was being pushed back in a contest of strength with the mediator, and the Hundredman chief finally took a blow head on and was blown away.

It doesn’t change the fact that we are still at a disadvantage even after finding out that the Vision Ogre is controlling the mediators from behind the scenes.

In the first place, there is no winning against 5 dragon-level opponents.

Even so, I saw a glimmer of “hope”.

「【Fire magic】!」

Five fireballs formed one by one on the fingers of my left hand. When I shot them out, all five mediators simultaneously jumped away. The fireballs exploded as soon as it hit the dark dome.


Taking advantage of the opening after shooting magic, three mediators charged towards me from three different directions. I dodged their blows by a hair’s breadth, but a blow grazed my arm and cut open a bleeding wound.

「【Earth magic】!!」

This time, I fired 5 Stone Bullets at point-blank range, but the mediators evaded it and took a distance from me.

「【Water Magic】,【Fire Magic】!」

I sheathed my dagger and shot magic with both hands. They flew like tracking missiles, but the mediators twisted their bodies to dodge my attack.

I had shot one towards the mediator who was trying to chase after the Hundredman chief, but that mediator also jumped to the side as if he had eyes behind his back.

「Whoa! Where are you aiming!?」

My magic almost hit the Hundredman chief’s shoulder.


「Be careful!」

「More importantly, how are we supposed to get out of this situation!?」

Knock-san, who was worn-out, called out. The Hundredman chief was also running out of breath.

「I’m working on it!」

I formed magic on both hands again and shot it. The mediators dodge it. Shoot again. Dodge. Shoot. Dodge.

「Whoa?! Has this guy finally gone crazy!?」

「Reiji-dono! Calm down!」

「Like I said!」

I continuously shot magic. Flame and ice danced inside of the dome like fireworks.

「I’m working on it!!」

It was when the last fireball hit the dark dome — it cracked and shattered with a pop sound. It shattered like ripples on water. The sunlight from outside shone in.


I grinned as all five mediators were in astonishment.

「I told you I was working on it, right?」

The mediator deployed this mysterious dome into battle every time. Perhaps it was to exercise “privileges” as a mediator – such as a mediator cannot be harmed while within the dome.

However, that was only the case in the Kruvan Holy Kingdom. When the dome was destroyed, he started taking damage.

In the Underground city, however, the mediator took damage even while the dome was intact.

In other words, the mediator can use “privileges” when acting on behalf of the Covenant, but when the dome is destroyed, the mediator’s “privileges” are lost. Or when it has nothing to do with the Covenant, such as was the case in the Underground city, the dome is but a decoration.

The dome this time served no purpose but to block our escape route.

「I am going to use the magic that Anastasia used!」



When I shouted so, Knock-san and the Hundredman chief lay belly down on the ground without a moment’s delay. The mediators came back to their senses and jumped far back, thinking that I was going to invoke some terrible magic.


What I invoked was a mix of【Wind Magic】and【Earth Magic】.

It’s called “Sandstorm”.

Obviously, I can’t imitate Asha’s【Fire Magic】. But my purpose was to have Knock-san and the Hundredman chief take a defensive posture, and the mediators who focused on evasion to keep a distance.

A tremendous wind was generated. And by mixing a large amount of soil into it, the surroundings suddenly became dim.

This is good enough… for a smokescreen.

「——Get up, both of you!」

「Eh? Wha? Where is that vivid and noble flame?」Knock-san asked.


I pulled Knock-san up. The Hundredman chief immediately realised my intention and was already approaching us.

We cannot win a fight with 5 mediators.

The only thing we can do is–

「Let’s run away.」


「O-Oi, why are we running north? It should be the opposite direction, right?」

The Hundredman chief asked, as we were running northward with all our might.

We slipped away within the sandstorm, but the mediators would probably realize my true intention when the magic clears away. The five mediators can share information between them, so if one finds us, the rest will come after us too.

I was running out of stamina and mana, but the mediator’s side seemed to be full of energy.

「No matter where we run, they will surely chase us down. So we might as well run to a place where we can give them the slip.」

Knock-san, the Hundredman chief, and I were running with【Support Magic】, so the trees, the surrounding buildings, and the stone pavings disappeared behind us as if we were flying.

「—That’s it right there.」

I intuitively knew what it was.

The presence I felt from that place was—how should I put it, it was too clean and pure.

On the contrary, you wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t think it was pure.

「It’s the First Altar!」

There was a hill with lush greenery before us.

And there was a small stone building at the summit.

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