Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 5 Chapter 14

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 5: Chapter 14

Mixed feelings swelled in my heart. I could barely get myself to say those words.

The Earl sprinted towards me.

「Reiji-san! You are still alive! I am glad! So truly glad!!」

And he wrapped my cheeks with both hands.


To think this person could do something like this.

To think this person could express such emotions.

To think this person had such affection towards me.

The Earl and I did not part on a good note. I uncovered the Earl’s sins together with Lady Eva, and left his residence saying I will be taking away his only daughter.

I would not be surprised if he resented me for it.

Even so, the warmth transmitted from the Earl’s palms to my cheeks was genuine.

「I… have received your concern.」

Looking at the tear-choked Earl, I was almost about to cry as well. But I managed to compose myself. Rather, it was Sebas-san who took out a handkerchief and wiped his eyes. The chief butler, who puts the Earl above everything else, must have been touched to see the Earl overcome with emotions.

「I did not expect it would be an emotional meeting.」Wilhelm said.

「Excuse me. I was just too surprised. Your Excellency Wilhelm, could you explain why Reiji-san is here?」the Earl said.

「Of course.」

Then we sat down around the table and proceeded with the talks.

Wilhelm talked about how I appeared near the camp of Saint Knight Kingdom, and chose to set up an interview with the Earl in this way. He completely omitted the match we had, but I decided not to poke at it.

「I see… Considering the incident of the “Heroic Gear”, it is indeed convenient to have him come as a knight of Saint Knight Kingdom.」

The Earl told me about the current situation.

Lulusha-san discovered “Heroic Gear” and tried to lend it to each country for research. However, those weapons had disappeared, and someone lodged a complaint that Lulusha-san lied about having discovered Heroic Gears.

Currently, the Emperor has been putting off the judgement as the existence of the “Heroic Gear” cannot be confirmed by anyone. Lulusha-san was decided to be taken into custody for the duration of this case so she wouldn’t leave the country. The same was also true for Silver Balance, but in the middle of the arrangement, it was distorted into “capturing criminals”, causing Silver Balance to escape.

(It’s a terrible outcome.)

I have to focus on how to close the “Red Gate”, but some greedy people just can’t help but make things worse to get their hands on the “Heroic Gears”.

I cannot help but feel sorry for Lulusha-san, Dante-san, Mimino-san, and Non-san who were involved in something like this. And Muge-san was directly injured and was currently being treated.


When I noticed, my hands had balled into two tight fists on my lap.

「That is the current situation in the Empire right now. So… Reiji-san, can you tell me what happened to you?」the Earl asked.

「Yes, of course.」

「What happened to the people who were swallowed into the Red Gate with you, especially the High Elf Anastasia-sama?」

It must be a very important topic, as the Earl’s voice was full of power. Even Wilhelm leaned forward slightly.

Asha came from the Elven Forest, the Third Forest, in exchange for a magic airship. I was aware that she was also a symbolic connection between the Keith Gran Federation, where the elven forest is located, and the Lev Magic Empire.

And among the elves who live in the forest, there are elves of noble blood called High Elves. Where she is currently—is probably very important information when considering future Empire and Federation relations.

「Anastasia-sama is safe.」I said.

There is no way I could refer to her as “Asha”.

I heard gasps from the knights in response.

「If there were no problems, she should be in the Border Earl’s territory by this time.」I continued.

「What was that…?」


As expected, the handsome Earl and the neutral handsome knight were startled. …Wilhelm, you should have at least considered the possibility when I said I came from the Border Earl’s territory.

「Reiji-san, did you also come from the Border Earl’s territory?」


「How did the two of you who were swallowed by the Red Gate–」

「Earl, please wait a moment.」

I stopped the Earl as he started asking questions in quick succession.

「I’d just like to ask you first… Is Lady Eva here?」

「A-Ah… that’s right. Eva is on this ship.」

I was shocked. I never thought that I would have a chance to meet the young lady so soon after the way we parted.

「Sebas, can you bring Eva here?」

「Well… I think we should let her rest today…」Sebas-san said.

「Did something happen to Lady Eva?」I asked.

「As a matter of fact, she also has her own duty… she is quite exhausted right now. Of course, she is not injured or sick.」the Earl said.

「Can I see her…?」

「Of course.」

I was relieved to hear that.

「Let’s set aside some time for that later. By that time, the Black Sky Pirate, Lark-san, will be back and Eva will be able to carry out her duty.」


My mouth was wide open.

Did I mishear the Earl?

「Black Sky Pirate… Lark?」

By Lark, you mean that Lark?

My sister Lark?

Speaking of which, that’s right. That’s right! That’s right! Lark is supposed to be here, right? I saw Lark riding on this “Queen of the Night”! I wonder why I didn’t notice that. It was Lark who stole “Queen of the Night”. And if the Empire is using this airship now, it means that she passed it onto the Empire.

「A-Ah, u-umm, about Lark—」

My heart was beating much more rapidly than when I inquired about the young lady.

It happened when I half-rose to my feet and tried to ask the Earl.

I thought I heard thunder.

I thought that I heard a tremendously loud thunder even though we were inside the airship in a conference room with good sound insulation.

But that wasn’t thunder.

Immediately after that, a shock wave struck, shaking the “Queen of the Night”.


The Earl looked around in confusion. Wilhelm and his knights stood up all at once and put their hands on their swords.

By that time, I was already–


Rushing out of the room.

I saw the Lev who guided us here on the floor. I sprinted back through the passage we came from, jumped up the stairs in a single leap and landed on the upper deck of the airship.

「This is……!!」

The first thing I saw was the Red Gate. It was cracked twice as wide as it was yesterday.

And a gigantic monster leaned out from that crack.

Black striped pattern on purple fur. If the fur was orange or yellow, I could have recognised it immediately, but it was a hue I had never seen before.

However, it had the head of a tiger.

「End Fang!!」

One of the eight giants that exist in the “Back World”. The gigantic tiger monster forcibly spread the Red Gate even wider and fell through the air, landing on the solid earth of this world.


  1. For a second I thought that when the Earl held Reiji’s cheeks it was to prepare to headbutt him and tell him off for making his precious Eva worry.

    Anyways at least Reiji now knows that Lark is still in the Lev empire so he can try and treat her later.

    Well that’s not good. One of the giants got through. Reiji was able to kill the Forest Eater but that one was already near death because of Asha. Who knows how he’ll fare against one that isn’t injured?

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