Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 5 Chapter 16

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 5: Chapter 16

** Lev Magic Empire – Red Gate Frontline **

Grenjido did not stand a chance of victory against End Fang. A giant that easily exceeded high-rise buildings. Only an incredibly self-confident person or a fool who would think that he could win against a monster of that size. However, Grenjido still decided to take it on.

It was because he knew that ignoring this monster now will eventually bring ruin to the Kruvan Holy Kingdom.

The frontline of the Empire is maintained by the active participation of the Black Sky Pirate and the marching of troops from each country.

Even if something unexpected were to happen, the huge checking station should be able to stop the monsters in their tracks. Because of that sense of security, they were able to march to the front line and subjugate monsters. And they can always retreat and rest in the “safe zone.”

(But this guy is bad news!)

End Fang was simply too big. The checking station is a huge barrier, but considering the size of End Fang, it should be able to climb over it or even the cliffs that surround the Empire.

If it heads north, it will find the “Undeveloped Land Canion”. But if it heads south, to the east is the Kruvan Holy Kingdom and to the west is the Saint Knight Kingdom.

Grenjido didn’t even want to imagine the casualties that would arise if that tiger found the major cities.

At the moment, the Lev Magic Empire and its cliffs act as a natural giant cage to trap that giant monster.

(We have to take it down here and now!)

Even if he isn’t able to kill it with his own hands, having the tiger escape to the outside would be the worst case scenario. Fortunately, the Levs have airships. They have not been conducting air bombings lately due to the dwindling number of shells, but that turned out to be fortunate. There is no other way to subdue the giant monster but with maximum air bombing.

For that reason, someone needs to buy time here.


As End Fang swung its forefoot down, tremors ran across the ground. The horse Grenjido rode on stopped in its tracks in fear, and neighed.

Grenjido jumped down to the ground, but the horse ran away. Its instinct probably told it to choose flight.

「Thanks for bringing me this far.」

The distance between Grenjido and End Fang was only 100 meters. With a long spear in his right hand, Grenjido broke into a run.

The blade at the tip of the spear was long, almost like a short sword was attached to it. Furthermore, on the other end of the spear were two curved blades, like a trident.

An abundance of Mithril was used to craft this masterpiece. And its hardness was increased further by the Holy Blue mana that overflowed from Grenjido.


Grenjido was not the slightest bit scared as he approached the towering creature.

He launched himself into the sky by using his spear in a pole vault manner.

Even so, he barely reached the belly of the beast.


A large amount of Grenjido’s mana flowed into his long spear.

It was originally silver, but now it gave off a radiance of Holy Blue.

There hasn’t been a day where Grenjido neglected to train his body just because he became the Holy King. He twisted his body and unleashed a powerful thrust at the joint of End Fang’s forefoot.

【Dragon Spear Technique ★★★★】is a highly rare skill that Grenjido has taken in. It is a skill of the same type as the【Dragon Sword Technique ★★★★★】possessed by “Sword Saint Augustin” of House Duke Luciel in the Kruvan Holy Kingdom, and has the name of “Dragon” in it, the mediator of this world.

A skill that unleashes a special shock wave when used with mana. A power great enough to fight against a dragon.

For the first time, End Fang looked at Grenjido.

The golden eyes stood out from its purple and black fur.

It must have noticed that it was being attacked.

However, it accepted the attack without caring.

Right before the spearhead touched the fur, Holy Blue mana and purple mana clashed violently.

A sound as if metal and metal were colliding against each other rang out.


Grenjido mobilised all his muscles and put his strength into the thrust. The mana which clad End Fang’s body was pierced, and the spearhead reached the fur. Blinding light overflowed due to the clash of mana.


Grenjido doubted his eyes.

As if each of the innumerable furs were alive, they entwined along the length of the spear and caught the thrust.


End Fang suddenly howled. Grenjido was sent flying away by the shock wave of the howl.

「Holy King!!」

「Catch himmmmm!!」

It was fortunate for him that his subordinates were far behind. They scattered about at the point of Grenjido’s fall and tried to catch him.

Grenjido watched End Fang while flying through the air. It was no longer looking at him.

(It didn’t even consider me as an enemy!?)

His entwined Mithril spear was dangling from its fur.

He felt ashamed that that was all he could do. Anger filled his body.

「—Your opponent is me.」

End Fang was looking at the building in front of it. At the girl standing on the roof.

Her blonde hair was flowing sideways in the breeze. There was noise coming from her black combat uniform.

She was the Black Sky Pirate, Lark.

Grenjido understood even without having to think calmly – that the only one End Fang recognised as “enemy” was the Black Sky Pirate.

(It’s not over yet… Damnit!)

At first Grenjido was thinking, “I have to do at least something”. But now, “I will make you recognize me as an enemy” filled his heart.


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