Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 5 Chapter 18

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 5: Chapter 18

** Lev Magic Empire – Red Gate Frontline **

Lark, whose body was being supported by Non, called out to Dante and Mimino as they took step after step towards End Fang.

「It’s impossible! You can’t do anything against it! Isn’t it obvious just looking at the enemy?!」

「We know just by looking at it. That we can buy some time for you.」Non answered.

「But how–」

「Shhh, please recover your strength for now.」

Everything Lark said made sense. No matter how you think about it, you can’t do anything with a single shield against a giant monster. Even Non was worried about them, but she understood that her role was to heal the girl in front of her. Non felt how frail Lark truly was when she touched her.

She invoked【Healing Magic】, but she hardly felt her mana entering Lark’s body.

Normally, mana would permeate into the target’s body, as if sprinkled water being absorbed into a fertile ground, healing wounds and increasing the body’s natural recovery rate.

But in Lark’s case, it was as if sprinkling water onto dry and hard ground.

(This child willingly overworked herself to fight until she became like this!)

Non has always heard of Lark’s struggle. She assumed Lark would be around 13 or 14 years old judging by her appearance. She would be surprised to learn that Lark was 17, only 3 years younger than her.

Lark’s body did not grow much due to her unhealthy living and the use of【Shadow King】.

「It’s useless. If it can be cured by magic, I would’ve been cured long ago.」

Lark said, in a tone that almost sounded like despair.

「Only that noble young lady can somewhat help with this–」

Lark started to say, but right then, Dante started bashing his greatshield with his mace.

「Hey, you damn dog! Your enemy is here!」he shouted.

His voice was so loud that even Non who was a distance away felt as if her ears were ringing. It was a voice amplifying magic tool used to attract the attention of monsters.

As expected, End Fang turned its gaze to Dante.


「What is it, Mimino?」

「Tigers are in the cat family!」

「I-I knew that.」

Dante looked at Mimino who quickly ran to hide in the shadow of a building, and turned his eyes again to the slowly approaching End Fang.

End Fang does not consider Dante a threat. But the moment it was attracted by Dante’s noise, it lost sight of Lark – Non moved away together with her – and seems to have decided to trample Dante first.

However, End Fang learned a painful lesson with its encounter with Lark, so its steps were somewhat cautious.


Shock waves from the roar kicked up a cloud of dust.

Dante firmly held his ground and prevented the sound pressure with his large shield. But just that sound pressure alone made his shield creak, and flying pebbles continuously hit his shield, making a rattling noise.

「How the hell is anyone supposed to win against this guy?」

Dante started feeling weak-hearted.

「No! You lose when you let fear into your heart.」he pulled himself back together.

When the roar stopped, Dante removed his shield and looked at End Fang. It seemed displeased with the fact that Dante was not blown away from the roar.

「If I get scared… the timing will be off.」

There was an unfamiliar golden bangle on Dante’s left arm which was holding the large shield.

Two boxes about the size of a smartphone were attached to the metal bangle. Various circuits ran across the surface. Something like a button could be seen in the center of one side, and five spherical ores that shimmered blue slotted on the other side.

「Come on, dog!」

Forgetting that it was a cat, Dante shouted. End Fang began running lightly, and swung its forefoot towards Dante.

It was difficult for Dante to get a sense of the distance of the attack. It was simply too huge. Moreover, the forefoot gradually accelerated.


It would’ve been bad if he hadn’t heard Mimino’s cry.


Holding his large shield, Dante pushed the button on his bangle at the very last second.

Had he been even a fraction of a second late, Dante would have been torn apart together with his shield.

A thin mana membrane appeared as if crawling across Dante’s body. The membrane enveloped his entire body and extended to the ground.

Immediately after the membrane was deployed, End Fang’s claw came into contact with the large shield.


Witnessing what happened at that moment, Lark doubted her own eyes.

End Fang’s claws cracked, the mana enveloping its forefoot was torn, and its flesh was cut off along with the fur.


End Fang pulled back without delay. It moved away purely by reflex.

「Fuuu… That seems to have worked smoothly.」

「Dante, turn it off quickly!」

「I-I know. It’s too rapid.」

The membrane which enveloped Dante was no longer there. He had already let go of the button on the bangle.

And one of the blue ores in the slot was charred and discolored. And the discoloration had progressed to about half of the second ore.

「W-What is that…?」Lark asked in a stunned tone.

「That is a “Heroic Gear”. It’s a magic tool we found.」Non answered, while still applying【Healing Magic】.

The truth of the matter was, Silver Balance did not escape from the Lev Magic Empire, but they were hidden in the heart of the Empire.

And they had already recovered the stolen “Heroic Gear” to prove their innocence.


    Can’t wait for our MC to make his appearance! Looking forward!

  2. I just hope this gives the Lev emperor enough cause to arrest the Levs behind the stolen equipment and have them charged with high treason or something and given the death penalty. If Silver Balance wasn’t able to recover the Heroic Gear then they wouldn’t have been able to use it against End Fang. Basically those Lev bastards almost doomed the country because of their self-centeredness.

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