Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 5 Chapter 21

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 5: Chapter 21

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw End Fang on the ground. I couldn’t even imagine what could possibly cause such a giant to fall.

I used【Far Sight】and saw ivy coiled around End Fang’s left hindfoot.【World Ruler】informed me that it was “extremely heavy”. I have never heard of the existence of “gravity magic” or similar magic, so how is it possible?

「Tsk, this thing is just getting in the way!」

Saint Knight Kingdom’s uniform was an obstacle to running, so I took it off. The blade-resistant uniform would certainly be handy in human combat, but against a giant monster which can one-shot you, it just impedes you.

It would have been a problem if I was recognized while climbing the cliff, so I had to wear the uniform. But right now, the uniform has already served its purpose. …I’ll put it here for the time being, and return it to Wilhelm later.

Dressed in a rather “shabby” manner — short-sleeved shirt, long trousers, and a tool bag fastened around the waist — I jumped off the cliff.


I used【Wind Magic】to glide through the air, and then landed on a tall building.

I landed about 1 km away from End Fang.

At that moment, I saw a huge black blade rising and towering up to the sky.

** Lev Magic Empire – Red Gate Frontline **

Grenjido thought everything was going too well.

After regaining his spear, he kept thrusting into the beast’s defenseless belly over and over again. His attacks eventually broke the mana around the stomach, cutting off the squirming fur, and injured the flesh.

Within a few seconds, the stomach area was bloodied. But looking at the towering body of End Fang, the wound Grenjido inflicted might be no more than a small cut.

End Fang was trying to get back up and failing. But Grenjido just had a feeling this was not how the beast was going to die.

Hence, he thought this situation was going too well in their favor.


Grenjido thrusted the long spear into the beast’s belly and pushed even deeper. When his spear had sunk about 30cm deep, Grenjido suddenly shouted orders to his men.


Grenjido didn’t know if it was instinct or a premonition borne of the Holy King’s bloodline, but he gave the instruction to withdraw even though the situation was favourable to them.

The Knights Order seemed bewildered at the command, but Grenjido’s orders were absolute.

While dodging End Fang’s thrashing legs, the knights quickly distanced themselves.

「Your Majesty! What happened– that blood!?」

The knights were surprised to see the blood-soaked Grenjido.

「This is the monster’s blood. And I’m not the Holy King anymore.」

Right when Grenjido tried to flick the knight’s forehead, he saw – it.

A huge black blade towered behind End Fang’s head.


Words escaped Grenjido’s mouth despite himself.

「Not right now.」


Mimino, who was the key figure in End Fang’s collapse, was still standing in the place where she was caught by Friedrich.

She carried plenty of healing and restorative medicine, but she didn’t stand a chance in directly damaging End Fang.

All she could do was pray that End Fang could be defeated while the Heroic Armed was still in effect.

The effective time was 512 seconds. Just over 8 minutes.

There was still time left.


The “Quagmire How Tough” she held in her hand was shaking strongly.

You set a target to the device and set how much to increase the weight of the target with the arrow on the golden disc. After that, you easily squeeze the lever on the hand dynamometer-shaped tool.

It is unknown exactly how it works.

Muge discovered how to use this Heroic Gear, and Mimino used it with the arrow set to “maximum” this time. The result was that the weight was increased to the extent where even a giant like End Fang collapsed.


However, every action has a reaction. And fuel is required to generate the force.

“Quagmire How Tough” didn’t have an easy-to-understand fuel slot like “Reflective Mirror”, and Muge didn’t have enough time to investigate that much. Naturally, there are circuits for activating the magic tool inside, and using it at maximum output will cause a corresponding reaction.

In addition, no matter how robust a tool is, it is still a tool at the end of the day. It will have deteriorated over the passage of many years.


The Heroic Gear that Mimino held exploded from the inside. A thick liquid along with metal and ore – melted by high heat – flowed out and dripped on the stone pavement.

In other words, that was the moment when the effect of “Quagmire How Tough” was cut off.

Whether or not 512 seconds have passed since the activation, if the original magic tool is broken – it will be ineffective.

The black discolored ivy that had coiled around End Fang’s left hindfoot regained its bright green color. At the same time, it was snapped by End Fang’s bulging internal muscles.


End Fang had been released from its restraint.

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