Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 5 Chapter 75

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 5: Chapter 75

It took way less time to return to Zackerhafen by flying through the sky. Well, even in Japan, where railroads and highways are widespread, air flights are overwhelmingly faster. It is a tremendous technological innovation in this world if you think about it…

「I have to return home now.」

We arrived at dawn. The madder red sunshine dyed the grassland red like fire.

The magic airship temporarily landed at the suburbs of the port town. With the engine still running, Asha, Matvey-san, and I quickly got down from the airship.

Matvey-san, however, is planning to return to the Sylvis Kingdom right away, it seems. He had borrowed the airship on unreasonable terms and the fuel was barely enough.

「Matvey onii-sama, thank you very, very much for everything. Please forgive me for leaving so soon again.」

「It’s alright, Asha. Take care of yourself.」


The high elf brother and sister hugging each other was very picturesque. The elves, part of the crew of the magic airship, seemed to be impressed by the sight.

I think Matvey-san was truly worried about Asha when she was sent to the Lev Magic Empire. That is why he was happy when she returned, but he still wanted her to be freed, so he is seeing her off thus.

If there are people like Matvey-san who are so kind and warm, I am sure that the Sylvis Kingdom will turn out fine.

On a side note, the elf crew of the airship seem to be supporters of Matvey-san. A High elf is still a High elf even if he is called the “failure” Matvey.

「Reiji, here.」


Matvey-san separated from Asha reluctantly and presented me with a small wooden box.

「It looks like Yuri hid this in my bag… Good grief, I can’t beat her at all.」Matvey-san said.

I wonder if Matvey-san’s reserved feelings towards Yuri-san have disappeared? He pushed the box into my hands. Before I could check the content–

「Alright, then… I’m going now.」

Matvey-san climbed up the magic airship.

「Both of you can come to the Sylvis Kingdom at any time. This is not our final farewell– but Reiji, you’re a human. You have a much shorter lifespan than us. So you should come visit me soon. You… are my friend, after all.」Matvey-san said shyly.

「Yes, I will definitely come again!」

I answered clearly.

I am sure Matvey-san will be okay now. He can work together with Yuri-san to take the Elven Forest in the right direction.

When the magic airship that Matvey-san boarded hovered up, a strong wind blew up–I created a wind wall with【Wind Magic】to block it.

——Old Forest, Floating Oil, Burning Life, Like Flames

God descends, lives in the forest, gives eight-colored leaf, to man

——First the Tree God, then the Grass God, and finally the Flower God

Celebrate the forest, relieve the wind, pour down the rain, and invite the sun

Asha was singing the Chant. Originally, she should not be singing in a place like this, but she probably wanted to sing.

Golden dust of sparks circled around me and Asha.

Looking up at the sky, Owl Wings was bathed in the morning sun.

Matvey-san jumped out onto the deck–which he definitely should not be doing.

「Asha! Our Princess Anastasia of the Sylvis Kingdom!」

The elf crew held Matvey-san from both sides and tried to pull him back in, but Matvey-san grabbed the railing on the deck and planted himself firmly.

「You are always a princess! No matter who says what, you have always been a noble and proud princess!」

The mana that Asha kneaded further increased, and the whole area became like a golden lake.

The magic airship started to fly further up.

「I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors–」

Finally, Matvey-san was pulled off the railings and taken back into the ship.

Eventually, the magic airship started to fade into the distance. When Asha’s song was over, the surroundings suddenly became dark even though the sun was rising.

「Fufu, Matvey onii-sama, that was such a dangerous thing to do…」

「I think he wanted to listen to Asha’s Chant.」

「Is that so?」

「Of course.」

「…I am happy.」

Asha smiled sweetly.

Asha is cute whether she has a troubled look, or working hard, or crying… but my favorite is definitely when she is smiling.

「By the way, what about that small box?」Asha asked.

「Oh… this?」

Even without opening the small wooden box, I could guess what was inside. But I still opened the box in front of Asha.

「T-This is!」

Surprised, Asha picked up the bottle inside the box.

「It seems like we are deeply indebted to Yuri-san now.」I said.

It was the elf’s secret elixir.

「Yes… We should definitely return Yuri onee-sama’s favor someday.」

「I’m sure we will get the opportunity someday.」

I could see the knights of Zackerhafen galloping towards us on their horses. It is only natural if a magic airship landed nearby their town.

It is time to head to the town. I wonder what Lark and everyone from Silver Balance are upto.

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