Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 6 Chapter 10.3

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 6: Chapter 10 (3)

The next two months passed in no time.

In affiliation with the Church, I moved around the continent with Non-san, Mimino-san, and Asha.

There were many small countries and small cities that struggled to build a satisfactory defensive line.

It was a big question if we could do enough in 2 months. I used【Earth Magic】to reduce the resulting damage as much as possible. By the way, the strengthening effect of【Earth Magic】seems to last for several months. So it should last until “World Union”.

Mimino-san produced salves and other medicines, while Non-san treated the injured. Since Asha is a High Elf, she has a strong presence in discussions with the influential people in the area. On a side note, the elves we met by chance from time to time in towns suddenly prostrated themselves when they saw Asha.

Every day, I use my mana till the point of collapse, and then move to the next town.

The mood of the people changed little by little as the two-month time limit approached.

Even if they didn’t know the details, it was well-known that something out of the ordinary is going to happen.

On the other hand, the Adventurer’s Guild was flourishing.

The “strategy” which I conveyed to Dante-san seemed to be working well, as many adventurers have come to remain in the city. With this, we should be able to decrease the casualties by a lot.

Although the guards are strong against human opponents, adventurers are often better against monster opponents. As such, their stay in the city will add greatly to the defence.

「Why are there so many adventurers?」

Mimino-san asked, as we regrouped after finishing our last job in the last town at the very end of the two months.

「Oh, have I not told you about that yet? I simply came up with the idea, but Dante-san seems to have successfully persuaded the Adventurer’s Guild.」

「Hmm? Persuade? Did you want the guild to do something?」

「Yes. To hold a special “Promotion Test” and involve it with “Adventurer Guild’s Martial Arts Tournament”.」

Although the adventurers’ creed is freedom, it doesn’t change the fact that they are based in the Adventurer’s guild. If that’s the case, I thought it would be good to create a plan that would make them want to remain in the guild voluntarily.

And that’s where the “Promotion Test” comes in. Furthermore, in order to make the test itself fun, we will hold a mock battle in the guild itself and promote the winner. A martial arts tournament is held to decide the “strongest” in each guild.

The guild will introduce “betting” on the mock battles, and offer the profits to the winner to add further incentive.

By implementing these approximately around the “World Union” period, they successfully retained the adventurers in the city. The plan was a great success, as the Adventurer’s guild in every city was thriving, and almost everyone was talking about who to bet on.

「Great idea, Reiji.」

「Since the effects of “World Union” are fairly widespread, many adventurers seem to have seen through as to why the guild is doing this…」

Be that as it may, such clever adventurers decide to spectate from the sidelines since the Guild was not ordering, but entertaining them with this plan.

If a monster appeared in front of them, they would simply fight it. Their simple presence in the city is a great defence.

Only one day was left in the 2-month time limit.

Most of the Pledgers have already gathered once again in Lake Brunstalk. The magic airship carrying Representative Holiday just arrived.


「Oh, Reiji.」

And we also reunited with Dante-san again.

The person standing next to Dante-san seems very similar to the Border Earl Berserker… Oh, it’s the guild master of Valhalla Adventurer’s Guild, I see…

Apparently, even the Adventurer’s Guild was informed about the “World Union” only at the upper levels. Dante-san seems to have followed along to rejoin us.

On a side note, Zerry-san should have been moving together with Asha, but she seems to have disappeared somewhere along the way. And now she came together with Dante-san.

I wonder where she really went.

「Bocchan, please don’t ask me about it…」

「Honestly, I’m not even interested.」

「Wha!? Please lend me some money!」

How is that even correlated to what we’re talking about!?

「I am glad to see you both in good health, Non, Mimino. We somehow all got together.」Dante-san said.

We didn’t have time to rejoice in the reunion, as the final meeting will be held. Each of us worked in a rush to finish up our tasks. There is nothing more we can do but hope that the preparations were enough.

The promised day finally arrived.

We gathered at the Church’s cathedral.

In the place where you would normally spot chairs lined up in rows was empty. Instead, the temple knights of the Church were lined up in rows.

The Pledgers all appeared exhausted.

The Pledger is also the representative of the race. As Duke Grenjido minimised the number of attendants, Earl Sillys and Lady Eva did not accompany him this time.

「Two months isn’t enough time. I should have said next year…」Duke Grenjido gumbled.

If it was set for next year, however, the future will become even more uncertain and the sense of crisis will diminish. Having said that, if it was set in winter, the transportation network will be paralyzed in areas with heavy snow, and the battle with monsters will have an adverse effect.

Now that the harvest season has just ended, it was just the right time.

Duke Grenjido probably grumbled even understanding all this.

「Thank you everyone for gathering here today.」

Cardinal Thomason was also absent. The Cardinal himself seems to be spearheading an army to a small country with an undeveloped defence line.

He is a magnificent person who didn’t think to protect himself in a safe place.

Therefore, the moderator today was Her Holiness the Pope herself.

「All Pledgers, please line up according to the circle.」

The cathedral floor was fitted with beautiful tiles, engraved with one large circle, drawn within was a galaxy.

The high ceiling and the stained glass facing south was dazzling.

Representative of the Librarian, Her Excellency Minminshan of the Beast King race, the elder of the Gnome, the Crown Prince of the Dwarf, Duke Grenjido of Holy Blue Human, Yuri-san of the High Elf, and Representative Holiday of the Continental Human.

The eighth was vacant.

「Only three minutes until noon to revoke it. We shall leave it to the Pledgers to carry it out.」


The Librarian responded, the Pledger to Article 1 of the Covenant.

He was the person who guided me to the “Sage of Medicine”.

Since the time is set to noon of Brunstalk, every country is shifting to the highest level of alertness after calculating the time difference.

People in the cities are informed to stay indoors.

By now, there should be no traffic in any city.

「Then, let’s declare the revocation when the appointed time comes.」

As the Librarian said, the Pledgers nodded in response.

No one said a word.

It felt scary to even breathe.

Sound was completely gone.

Although all the Pledgers were prepared, there was still a tense air.

I was wondering if I should absorb【World Alliance】, but since skill orbs might disappear with “World Union”, I decided to absorb【World Ruler】that has helped me since the beginning after I regained memories of my past life.

Therefore, I held【World Alliance】tightly in both hands instead.

「…1 minute left.」

As the Pope said so while looking at the clock hand, the tension increased.

The spear of a temple knight trembled, the escort of a Pledger was about to collapse with a pale look.

Deep wrinkles formed between the Librarian’s eyebrows.

Her Excellency Minminshan tapped her foot unconsciously.

The Gnome elder massaged his beard over and over again.

The Dwarf Crown Prince breathed wildly.

Yuri-san kept her eyes closed.

Duke Grenjido gazed at the stained glass.

Holiday was the only one who had his hands in his pocket as if he was relaxed.

「10 seconds left.」


The Librarian took over.

Tension peaked.

Everyone in the place clasped their hands and waited the appointed hour.

7 seconds left.

「Everyone, let’s declare it. Come!」

3 seconds left.


2 seconds left.


1 second left.

「The Covenant.」

At the moment when all their voices echoed — a small sound was heard.

It came from between my hands.

The【World Alliance】skill orb was broken.

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