Overlimit Skill Holder Vol 6 Chapter 19.1

Translator: Saitama-sensei

Vol 6: Chapter 19 (1)

Incident and Whereabouts

「That will not do, my lady. You are not allowed to enter the battlefield. If you insist on it, we have orders from His Excellency to stop you by force.」

Maxim, the captain of the Sillys knights, did not concede.

Eva turned away with a sullen look.

「But Silver Balance will be going out to the battlefield.」

「That’s because they’re adventurers. It’s their job to subjugate monsters at the request of the Lev Magic Empire.」

「Then I should fulfill my duties as a noble.」

「Hasn’t Abba-san already said that you are traveling incognito? You are only allowed to stay because of that reason.」

「My power will surely be useful on the front lines!」

「I know that, but Earl Sillys doesn’t want to use that power.」

Eva’s “Magic Eye of Inspire” can ignite the fighting spirit within people. Doing so seems to improve their physical abilities. Originally, those who looked into those eyes lost themselves to it. But now Eva is able to control the power of her eyes, so there are no more disadvantages.

However, this power is an ability that Earl Sillys considers a “trump card” and he wants to conceal it until it is the right time. Much less using it in another country.

As such, Eva was made to sit in a tent set up near the Empire’s checking station.

Her position was similar to that of a retired old man, as she can only enjoy listening to the stories brought back by Silver Balance when they return in the evenings.

「How is the battle progressing?」

Eva was outlasted by Maxim’s persistence and changed the topic. In fact, the interaction with Maxim is repeated every day, but even Eva herself does not expect to succeed.

She was fortunate enough to leave the Holy Kingdom and even come here to search for Reiji.

「The progress is not too bad. Monsters are on the decline and the subjugation should end before the Empire’s ammo runs out.」Maxim said.

「I don’t think we can expect any support from the Holy Kingdom.」Eva said.

「Unfortunately so. The Saint Knight Kingdom is in a similar situation. It seems that no country is stable enough to save another country.」

「I wonder when we will be able to head out to “Canion”…」

They have been stalled here for 5 whole days.

For Eva, searching for Reiji is not just about saving him. She wants to meet Reiji as soon as possible because she believes he would be the key to unraveling this new incomprehensible world. However, the situation worsened, contrary to Eva’s expectations.

「Fuhh~~ Today was a long day as well~~」

It was 3pm in the afternoon when Zerry returned to the tent earlier than anyone else. It was still too early to call it dusk. She put away her equipment to the side by tossing it.

「Now then, I have a minor business to take care of!」

She gave a rough salute with her right hand and left the tent.

She goes to gambling den opened by the general public of the Empire. Only Zerry gets a daily allowance to engage in it.

Maxim and the knights, who are earnest and devoted men, once questioned Dante regarding her behavior. Dante answered, “That’s just how Zerry relieves stress… I think,” and the knights decided to overlook her habit.

Zerry emphasized that there was a gambling den which used magic tools, and stated that it was unusual, but no one listened to her gambling stories.

About 2 hours after that, Dante, Mimino, and Anastasia returned. The three were accompanied by Imperial soldiers as escorts — rather, they were guarding Anastasia particularly. When they arrived at the tent, the soldiers bowed respectfully and left.

「Anastasia, we achieved a big success today as well thanks to you.」

「N-No… I could only use my power with confidence because Dante-san and the soldiers were fighting on the front lines.」

Anastasia felt shy when praised by Dante. It is true that her【Fire Magic】will diffuse into the air unless she is within a certain distance to the monsters. However, since her magic is so powerful that it can wipe out a large number of monsters in one attack, the Empire spares no effort in guarding her.

「Mimino-san’s potion was also tremendously powerful…」Anastasia said.

「I can make all the Dupe Potions I want in this place!」

In order to ensure the Empire to open up its treasury and provide rare herbs, Minino said she can produce a potion that can “rebuild the magic that was activated” – that is, the Dupe Potion.

When combined with Anastasia’s【Fire Magic】, her firepower becomes tremendously destructive.

「What kind of medicine should I make today?」

It was a daily routine for Mimino to prepare medicines after dinner.

After all, she can make all the medicine that she dreamed of in this place.

「I want to clean up before that…」Anastasia said.

「Oh right, I made a new soap. It should remove the odor too.」Mimino said.

「How wonderful!」

「Muu…」Eva looked enviously at Mimino and Anastasia as they were talking happily.

Mimino and Anastasia know that Eva wants to be on the battlefield but isn’t allowed to do so. Not even intending to poke at that wound, Anastasia asked–

「Um… do you want to wash off your sweat too, young lady?」

「How caring of you!」

「Not being able to do what you want, I understand exactly what it feels like.」

「Yeah, young girls should get along with each other. The steam bath in the Empire feels good.」Mimino, who had just taken out a new soap from her tool bag, said with a smile.

「Mimino, unfortunately that will have to wait.」Dante said with a serious expression.

Captain Maxim and the other knights also started gathering.

A knight urgently rushed through the tent illuminated by the sunset. The man was donning the uniform of the Empire—but the military uniform of the Saint Knight Kingdom.

「Is Eva Sillys-sama here…?」

The knight asked, out of breath. Eva stepped forward in front of him.

「I am. What is the matter?」

「My lady. I have to deliver a pressing message. It seems that something has happened in the Holy Kingdom.」


Although magic tools capable of long-distance communication have been developed, most of them are located in the city of the Empire, which is currently a battlefield. Therefore, this knight may have been dispatched from a town in the Saint Knight Kingdom near the border.

Eva received the letter she was presented with and scanned through it with a stern look.

「Is this content true?」

「The content of the letter was approved by the general of our kingdom, Friedrich Berger.」


The knight saluted and began to leave the tent—before the man even stepped out,

「What happened?」Dante asked

「It seems that Duke Grenjido mobilized soldiers to conquer the Holy Royal Palace, and once again took on the title of “Holy King”.」Eva muttered, looking down at the document again.


Dante was an adventurer who had no knowledge nor interest in politics, but the word “coup” still passed through his mind.

Maxim was more shaken than anyone else.

「M-My lady! His Excellency– What of your father!?」

「It is written that… his status is unknown. However, it is written that there was a big battle even in the “2nd Holy District” where our mansion is located.」

「No way! Let’s go back, right now!」

「I will not return.」


Eva said to Maxim and the knights, who were frozen in shock.

「What can I do even if we return? The battle is already over and Duke Grenjido is calling himself the “Holy King” again. A number of nobles were in support of him, so he probably will have control of the Royal Palace soon. Thinking back on it now, I think my father sent me out of the Holy City in anticipation of this.」

「B-B-But my lady… we are…」

「What is your mission?」

「To protect you.」


Eva’s words made perfect sense. Probably because they felt that way as well, all the knights, including Maxim, hung their heads.

「That is your mission, but if you still want to go back despite that, I will allow you to go back and search for my father.」


「If you wish to go, leave immediately. Every second counts.」

Eva turned her back on them and entered the tent alone.

Maxim and the knights exchanged glances with each other and bowed in front of the tent where Eva entered. Then they turned around and walked away.

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