Patreons of the Month & Recruitment

Hello everyone, it’s Nefarian here! The recent YHKO Campaign has been very successful and I wanted to thank those who participated in the campaign and the people there who have supported Light Novel Translations.

First of all, I want to give a big shout out to Manga0205 who has worked very hard to deliver timely content for everyone to enjoy. He has had to produce content at quite short notice, very rapidly and the results have been impressive to say the least.

I would also like to thank AmareeLis in keeping the team organised and making sure things are on track. She is an invaluable member that acts as both a manager to the site and as a designer. I am sure most of you have noticed but she is the one responding to all questions from our Patreons (and even the comment section) whenever people need assistance or clarification.

I hope you have all enjoyed the burst of YHKO releases but also remember to continue supporting the site on Patreon so that we can deliver more content.

Thank you so much to our Patreons for the month:

Abrahim, Alexandr.Z, Anna H, Anon A Moose, Battoth, Charles Liu, Chieu B T, Chuang S K, Corey T, Cryostorm, Danny K, first last, Gege S, James B, Jesus M, Julian F, Kenneth G, Kerebron E, Kled, MagicalD, Matthew T, Mervin L T Y, Mugien Pierre M, Ric C, Shaun, Spencer W-J, tlinga, Tobias L, Tom W, Vantimiglia, Wanaziba, Wendhy N R, Weslykan, Zdpr.

Note: Everyone from our LNT Patreon should be included in here, if your name is missing let me know and I will add it in :).


Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m mainly using my own earnings from my full time job to sustain every translator on the site. The good news is that because of the success of this campaign I will reinvest the money earned to grow the site further and I want to let you guys know that without your support this would not have been possible.

I am currently looking for 1-2 more translators to join our team. With this, I will be able to ensure a stable release both on the site and definitely to our supporters on Patreon.

What I am looking for is someone capable of being committed and consistent to translating novels in a paid position.

The general requirements are as follows:

  • The ability to translate an entire chapter from a Japanese novel.
  • Proficient in the English Language.
  • Committed and Dedicated. (Will need to be able to do at least 3 chapters a week)
  • Knows about Japanese culture/nuances (i.e. the use of Honorifics like -san,-sama,-neesan etc)
  • Will need to pass a translation test.

Don’t forget, to fill out the following details when you submit your application:

  • Your name or on-screen name.
  • Your Age.
  • Where you are from and your current timezone.
  • Any experience you have with translating from Japanese to English.

Send applications to


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