Pure Love x Insult Complex is coming to Light Novels Translations!!

Hello everyone, It’s Nefarian here! I’m very excited to announce that I’ve had a chat with Pun the current translator of the series and he has elected to bring the cult classic~ PLIC to Light Novels Translations. Pun is really dedicated in his translations and has already done approximately 143 chapters for this particular series! The series itself spans over 1400+ epic chapters. I will be updating the site and placing the chapters up on this site over the next few days so please get ready for some fun! Give Pun a great big welcome for joining Light Novels Translations!

Warning: This is a mature novel that will have adult content so please read only if you are above 18 or have come of age in your jurisdiction!


  1. Very good novel but i really recommend the people with weak hearts to stay away from it .-.

  2. Pun I didn’t know. You rascal

  3. I think that pun’s site is a bit easier on the eye in term of fonts and colours, but it’s a great novel as long as you don’t mind the 18+ content (or enjoy it, that works too as there is quite a bit of description and variety for that too) so it’s nice to see it taking a bit more spot light.

  4. Love this series!
    Is this going to be Co-hosted from now on?

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