Pure Love x Insult Complex

Author:  銀三〇(ゆだ)

Original Web Novel: 純愛✕陵辱 コンプレックス


Alternate Titles:

  1. 純愛✕陵辱 コンプレックス
  2. Junai ✕ Ryoujoku Complex
  3. Love ✕ Rape Complex
  4. PLIC

Translator: Pun

Editor: Nefarian

Synopsis: At the same time as when I entered into high school, I fell in love with this beautiful girl,  Yukino Shirasaka. “It’s totally fine” even if I can only view her from afar, is what I originally thought. However one day I heard a rumour that she had got together with some guy.  “No matter how much I like her, her heart won’t be mine. In that case I even if it’s just her body I should make her my plaything!”. The devil’s words were whispering to me, beckoning me!

R-18 Novel: Action, Adult, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Supernatural, Tragedy

Caution this Novel Contains  mature themes and depictions that may not be suitable for people under the age of 18. Thus only read this novel if you are 18 or above!

April 24 ・ Tuesday

1. Shirasaka Yukino has a boyfriend? -Snow

2. Heaven and Hell – Part 1 (Snow)Part 2 (Pun)Part 3 (Meow)

Chapter 3

★ April 25・Wednesday

Chapter 4  Chapter 5

★ April 26・Thursday

Chapter 6

◇Yukino Rape -Arc・

Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12

Chapter 13

★ April 27・Friday

Chapter 14  Chapter 15  Chapter 16

◇School Arc I

Chapter 17  Chapter 18  Chapter 19  Chapter 20

◇High School Baseball Arc

Chapter 145  Chapter 146  Chapter 147  Chapter 148  Chapter 149


  1. Wow didn’t see this coming, thanks for treat Pun-san, Nefarian-San.

    PLCL is one of my bet novels, not for the R18 materials but because of the plot.

    On the other side, HIMEKISHI GA CLASSMATE! Is one of three best R18 novels, and I thank Nefarian-San for continuing the translation

  2. The first to comment in PLIC home page, this is an honer

  3. Love how it jumps from Chapters 1 and 2 straight to chapter 145 XD (As of 3/20/17)

    On a serious note, I feel like I’ve read it before judging from the synopsis… though from reading it itself, seems different… I think I may be going a bit crazy from having too many novels…

    • Well Pun has agreed for me to place the previous chapters he has translated on LNT, so it’s really just about me taking my time to update it bit by bit. It should be more complete after about a week, and I may also consider re-translating Chapters 1-2 just for the sake of completeness on the site.

  4. Sad to see Pun go so quickly after joining us here. :< Wonder what happened that caused that…?

    • Said something about pun’s releases being too fast for them.

      • There were a couple of complex reasons but basically put I was outputting money and paying him too much for my capabilities per chapter and because I wasn’t able to keep up I had to let him go, unless he was willing to collaborate together for free (i.e. I provide Editing and TLC side for his chapters). Or an alternative was that he does less chapters a week, this would have been strange because it would be limiting his release speed potential.

        There was a couple of other good reasons but in any case, hopefully this clears some things up, since a huge amount of people were speculating too much about this issue.

      • Thank you for clarifying.

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