Chapter 148: Yukino is Yukino


Yukino…lost her temper.

「…I can’t endure this anymore! Let me go already! I don’t want the scary and painful thing anymore!」

Yukino screams while shedding tears again.
Why is Yukino so easy to cry?
She cries and just let out all of the minus feelings outside.
She just let it out without making any solution.
No…Yukino will never try to move by herself to solve something.
She’ll always tell others to 「***this!」…
She’ll leave her body to the situation without doing anything.
No matter what happens, she’ll never stand up with her own power…
And yet, she’ll continue to complain to other people…
That is the woman named Shirasaka Yukino.

「…We don’t care if you do, but can you do anything by yourself?」

Margo-san said nonchalantly.

「…What do you mean by that!」

Yukino glares at Margo-san.

「The attack from the fake right wing a while ago…do you think that you’re completely unrelated to that?」

Margo-san laughs at Yukino.

「Isn’t that obvious!…I don’t have anything to do with those people who attacked you! Everyone’s going for all of you right?!」

… Oh.
The crying girl has changed her face to the angry one…
In the end…crying and getting angry are the only emotions coming out of Yukino.
An undisciplined child rudely 『letting out her emotions』…the people around her just think of it as trouble.

「…Your father has caused trouble to some crime syndicates. Didn’t we tell you that yesterday?」

Margo-san looks at Yukino as if investigating.

「Shirasaka Sousuke has quite the debt on those crime syndicates though…!」

Margo-san laughs.
Margo-san seems to be teaching us how to control Yukino.
She looks at Misuzu, Megu and my eyes while speaking calmly to Yukino.
We nod in a way Yukino won’t notice.

「…W-What are you saying!」

Yukino’s weak to threats.
Her burning anger was put down quickly.

「Yukino-san’s still 16 years old…then I think those people would be pleased to earn for five years」

Margo-san takes out a bluff card.

「…Five years…?」

Yukino took the bait.

「That means you’re expected to work for five years on the underground prostitution…or rather, it will only be for five years」

Margo-san smiles.

「Within five years…your skin will be worn out, your hair would turn gray and your breasts would sag down tragically I guess. Your vagina and anus would be completely loose…after all, you would be taking 30 people every day for five years

Yukino’s face tremble in fear.

「Ah, but it’s okay…those people won’t hesitate to use dangerous drugs. They’ll drug Yukino-san’s brain hard for five years so you’ll feel always happy…in exchange, I think you will forget your own name. There will be some intelligence left for you to at least add one digit numbers…!」

…Yukino’s body tremble in fear.

「…The first three years would be easy I think. High school girls on their active years will have quite a lot of guests so I think it will be emotionally painful. But…it will be physically painful once you exceed 18 years old. If you don’t meet up the perverted kind of requests, it would be impossible to earn the same as before. And when you pass 20 years old…those crime syndicate managing you will think 『It’s about time her body breaks so it’s inevitable』…and they’ll arrange for request of forcible 『body destruction』 Well, be prepared to have an artificial anus…the muscles on your anus would already snap so it’s inevitable」

Won’t that make you want to die instead?

「The people your father has caused trouble do that in normal basis…!」

Margo-san laughs.

「Shirasaka Sousuke himself don’t have any methods than selling his internal organs for money right? Even if you force that old man on manual labor, he can’t do anything great. Even your mother will only be sold to maniacs. When it comes to it…it is normal for them to want to use Yukino-san’s body to repay her father’s debt…that is how crime syndicate thinks. Your body would be the one to earn the most…!」

Margo-san switches the talk amazingly.
Certainly, Yukino’s father may have created problems with those people…
Those that attacked earlier, the fake right wing was hired by 『Shirasaka house』…
In short…they’re irrelevant to the crime syndicates Shirasaka Sousuke have caused trouble with.
And yet…Margo-san is using the fear from being attacked by the right wing to Yukino.

「If Yukino-san walks out there alone…those people would kidnap you. First you would be gang-banged by everyone in the crime syndicate then tomorrow you would be sold to a prostitution ring」
「Do your best alone…let me tell you this however, we still hold your father. He won’t come to save you…or would you cry on the Shirasaka head family? Do you want to tell them『My father caused problems with crime syndicates so I want you to help disposing them』」
「…I can’t say that」

…Yukino doesn’t know that the 『Shirasaka Head family』can’t move on Shirasaka Sousuke case anymore.
If Yukino asks to be rescued by the head of the Shirasaka family, Shirasaka Moritsugu…Shirasaka house will rescue her immediately.
Shirasaka Moritsugu seems to have taken a like at Yukino…
But, Yukino’s pride is too high.
She won’t speak out about the problem his father has caused to the Shirasaka head family with her own mouth at all.
Much more about herself being raped…

「We do not care a single bit about you…please go on and try to protect your own body!」

Margo-san makes her parting shot while laughing.

「As long as you’re being with us…it is inevitable so I’m guarding Yukino-san for the moment, but…to be honest, I hate girls like you so it would really help me if you disappear from here」

Yukino is trembling.

「Well…if we part right now, it would be impossible to meet you again. You’ll be abducted by the guys like earlier by the end of the day…and tomorrow, you’ll be in some island on an inland sea somewhere. There are those kinds of prostitution island. Earn as much as you can for five years there okay? Your father’s debt might be repaid. Though…your look after five years would make even your family unable to identify you」

…Using words that is easy to imagine by the opponent.
Also…trying to throw those to Yukino while make it sound as violent and disastrous image.
Yukino will say 「there’s no way that will happen」while desperately imagining it happen, she’s unable to object the idea and logic of her opponent.
Yukino’s…a bit of a dull thinker.
No…I’m the same though.
Yukino and I are on the same level of dumbness.
I know that but…
However…Yukino fundamentally lacks the vitality to overcome fate with her own power.
She’s mentally weak, a girl that only lives under someone’s protection, and yet…only her ego and pride is huge, what an unbalanced girl…

「T-That’s all lies…I-I don’t believe you」

Look…even though she’s saying 「I don’t believe you」…
…She’s already believing it
She’s completely caught into Margo-san’s plan.

「I don’t mind it if you don’t believe me either way…Also, I don’t think of anything even if you were to be kidnapped by the crime syndicate…!」

Margo-san scorns Yukino.

「Did you forget?…We’re all people who have grudge against Shirasaka Sousuke. Actually, we don’t want to save you. We’re only considering of Yoshida-kun’s feelings so the revenge on you is weakened… !

Yukino rejects it.

「…You’re weakening it?! That’s already too cruel!」

Turns her eyes filled with 『Blood thirst』to Yukino!!

「…I think it’s already a bonus for you that you’re alive」

Yukino felt the blood thirst upfront and trembled.
…She let out a 「Hii」frightened voice

「…We have been in contact with you all this time with that sensation. If it wasn’t for Yoshida-kun…You would’ve been sold away already. Everyone knows that right?」

Margo-san turns to Megu and Misuzu.

「Yes…Minaho-san have said it. She has intended to sell Yukino away to a prostitution ring on a foreign country」
「Yes…Misuzu have heard it too. The plan was to send her to a prostitution cave on the slums of south east Asia」
「But…she said that she won’t do that as long as Yoshi-kun doesn’t abandon Yukino」
「You’re right. Yukino-san’s future all depends on Danna-sama」

The words let out by the two of them makes Yukino tremble.

「That’s right…that plan is still in pending state…it’s not cancelled at all!」

Margo-san throws sharp eyes to Yukino.

「…I-I…What are you telling me to do then?!」

Yukino who’s gone back to her crying has asked Margo-san.

「…I don’t know. How about you loiter around there and get caught by those crime syndicates quickly?」
「I don’t want that. I can’t endure that…」

Yukino cries again.

「If you don’t want that then stick with Yoshida-kun for the time being」

Margo-san looks at me.
Being guided by the glance…Yukino’s eyes also looks at me.

「…Well, when Yoshida-kun has abandoned you, it would be the time you have exhausted your fate. Once Yoshida-kun judges that he doesn’t need Yukino-san…we will immediately dispose of you」

Margo-san said clearly.
Yukino…looks at us with frightened eyes.

「…You don’t need this girl anymore, do you? Danna-sama」

Misuzu speaks to me.

「…You’re right…Yukino is just a hindrance 」

Megu too…
They’re cooperating on Margo-san’s 『cornering』…

「I don’t get what’s going on but…for the time being, I didn’t receive orders on guarding this person…!」

Kudou-san said that.

「Kudou-san, what would you do if this girl was attacked by someone when she’s alone? Would you save her?」

Margo-san asks Kudou-san.

「Why do I have to save someone who’s not my ally?」

Kudou-san answered with a serious face.

「I’m not a hero of justice. My job is to receive my master’s command and accomplish the duty. If I get myself involved into unnecessary troubles, it would cause trouble to my master so I must never do thatーis what my father strongly ordered me」

Yup…she thinks like a warrior

「Let me ask you just in case…Who is Kudou-san’s mater? Is it Kouzuki『Kakka』?」

I wanted to ask as I’m curious about it.
In the case if ever I turn hostile against Kouzuki『Kakka』…
I’d have to think about Kudou-san becoming our enemy as well…

「No…My father’s master is Kouzuki-sama, however…My father has ordered me to think and act with Misuzu-sama as my master…!」

Misuzu looks at me.

「Grandfather is already giving Misuzu a trial in this case. Therefore…I asked Kudou-san to make Michi completely my subordinate」

…That means
…In short?

「If ever…for argument’s sake. Misuzu has confronted Kouzuki『Kakka』…Kudou-san, whose orders would you follow?」

Kudou-san answered immediately.

「Misuzu-sama. Even if I fight father, mother and brother, I will be protecting Misuzu-sama. That is how I was educated…!」

…Kouzuki『Kakka』, assuming the worst case.
And on top of that…
He’s going to confront us fair and square.
To show that we can overturn the situation with our own state of power…
Kudou-san will be under Misuzu…

「Michi isn’t grandfather’s spy…she will never betray us when she’s ordered by grandfather. Isn’t that right…Michi?」

Misuzu asks the petite girl.

「Yes…I promise that」

Kudou-san tells all of us.


Kudou-san said.

「Please put familiarity on calling me…please call me 『Kudou-chan』」

She said with her cheeks dyed red.

「Yes…My father is called by his allies『Kudou-chan』he’s really close with. Yoshida-sama has trusted myself as his ally. Therefore, I wanted Yoshida-sama to call me 『Kudou-chan』…!」

…Now then.
…What should I do?

「Then…you can call me 『Yoshida-chan』too」
「That’s…I can’t call a gentleman older than me with a suffix of 『chan』」

This『Samurai girl』…

「…Yoshida-sama is Yoshida-sama」

There seem to be a lot of pickiness inside Kudou-chan.
I don’t understand a single one of it however.

「Hey…Can I call you 『Kudou-chan』too?」

Margo-san talks to 『Kudou-chan』laughingly.

「…We’re already allies aren’t we…?」

If Margo-san is on a standpoint of being a 『Senpai』in her fights or a『Teacher』, Kudou-chan would’ve repulsed it.
She laughs and propose this to improve their relationship.

「Yes…please call me that way. I will also…」

Kudou-chan, hesitated to speak for a moment…then said.

「Can I call Margo-sama…『Aneue』?」


「In Kudou style, a senior who has entered even just a day earlier will definitely be called 『Nii-san』or 『Neesan』as a title of honor…」

Kudou style doesn’t have anyone but Kudou-chan and her father right?

「I myself…call my father 『Aniue』in our usual training grounds」

Could that be just Kudou-chan’s father’s hobby?
Or rather…is he an artistic comic storyteller?

「…Father has tried to make me call him 『Onii-chan』once but…I’m no longer a child, thus I call him 『Aniue』in present」

As expected…it was her father’s hobby.
Yup…she’s such a small and cute beautiful girl.
He’s her father and yet…he wants to be called 『Onii-chan』…

「Okay…I’ll become Kudou-chan’s 『Onee-chan』…!」

Margo-san answered laughingly

「Thank you very much」

Kudou-chan bows her head
Yup…all is well for these two.
I’m convinced they are…
…By the way.
…What’s with Yukino?
Yukino…is irritated that the people’s attention has moved from her to Kudou-chan.
She’s looking at Kudou-chan with the thought of『What’s with this girl』?

「By the way…about Yukino again」

It can’t be helped…I took the lead and returned the topic to Yukino.

「As I was saying a while ago…you don’t need her anymore, don’t you? Danna-sama」

Misuzu said lightly.

「Danna-sama has Misuzu and Megumi-san…and other women as well. I think we can continue satisfying Danna-sama mentally and physically more than Yukino-san」
「Un…we’ll do anything as long as Yoshi-kun hopes for it. No matter how embarrassing it is, we can do anything as long as it pleases Yoshi-kun」

Megu said.

「Yes, Misuzu and others can always serve to please Danna-sama. Therefore…isn’t it about time you abandon Yukino-san?」

Misuzu said while looking at Yukino.

「Misuzu and Megumi-san…Katsuko-sama, Nagisa-sama…and others, there are women that will offer their mind and body to Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu said while taking care of not saying anything about Mana.
Yukino still doesn’t know that her own little sister has become my 『slave』

「…Are you unsatisfied with us?」

Misuzu looks at my eyes.
Half of the meaning of the phrase must be a remark to corner Yukino.
But, half of it is already Misuzu’s real intent.
Misuzu wants to know my current feelings towards Yukino.
I look at Yukino.

「…Misuzu and Megumi are much more intelligent, kind than Yukino. Even your faces are much more beautiful than Yukino…」

I speak out what I think.

「…What about Misuzu’s body? Are you satisfied having sex with Misuzu?」

Misuzu appeals with her body.

「Yup…Sex with Misuzu feels really good. I’m satisfied. It is the same with Megu. I love embracing Megu’s body… !」

Megu leans to me.

「…I’m the same, Yoshi-kun」

She piles her hand on mine.
Megu really loves to hold my hand.

「Please show it clearly…sex with Misuzu and Megumi-san compared to Yukino’s sex. Danna-sama, which do you like more?」

…That is

「…Misuzu and Megumi’s better. Our feelings reach each other…that kind of relation is nonexistent with Yukino. Misuzu and Megumi is ten times much more pleasant than Yukino」

I answered honestly.
Yukino received shock.

「It’s not just us. Danna-sama has a lot of other women. Katsuko-sama is there with her wonderful proportions and beauty…in case of tolerance, Nagisa-sama’s over the top. When it comes to beauty, Nei-san wins over anyone by a mile…」

Misuzu said.
To add another one…A little devil like and lovable 『Little sister』and 『Slave』Mana.

「…In the end, isn’t just Yukino-san a girl with no redeeming feature?」

Yukino has tears collected in her eyes again.

「Nothing will happen even if you cry. Yukino-san, is there at least one thing you have that will surpass us?」

Misuzu criticizes Yukino.
Misuzu wants to keep Yukino away from me.
Therefore…she’s being severe with her words.
The usual kind and calm Misuzu, is being unimaginable…!


Misuzu is refuting all of the pride Yukino has.

「…Surely, you won’t talk about your own family?」

Misuzu warns her beforehand…

「Misuzu is a member of Kouzuki house…you do understand that, don’t you?」

The flames of resistance disappear from Yukino’s eyes.
The basis of Yukino’s pride…isn’t a power Yukino has gained by herself.
Born in the『Shirasaka』family…That is all.
Even though that’s all…she’s looking down on other people.
Therefore…she’ll be overpowered by a 『Noble family』with a stronger existence.
Shirasaka house and Kouzuki house…it’s not even a competition.
Compared to 『Kouzuki』who’s a noble family that succeeds a tradition of an old noble…
『Shirasaka』family is only an upstart.
Yukino herself knows that the best.

「Let me ask you again…Does Yukino-san have anything that can beat us?」

Misuzu asks her strongly.

「…None. I don’t have anything…!!!」

Yukino’s true feelings was an inferiority complex she hold against Megu’s beauty and skill since before.
She can’t beat Misuzu’s family too.
Yukino also surrenders to Margo-san when it comes to physical strength.
And if you add Nei-san’s goddess like beauty…
Yukino’s heart will break completely.

「…Yukino-san has admitted it. Danna-sama…would you still obsess yourself on a woman without any charm?」

Misuzu tells me.

「…Misuzu won’t mind if you say 『I feel pitiful so I want to help her』 But, if that is the reason, please say it clearly. You don’t feel any charm in Yukino-san. If you do not like her, please point it out to us…!」

That is…what Misuzu’s pride want to say.
Or, a complex inside Misuzu…
She appeals to me to deny thinking about Yukino…

「You’re right…if Yoshi-kun feels 『pity』towards Yukino…I will cooperate on helping her. But, that’s the only feeling to it…there’s no other emotion towards Yukino inside Yoshi-kun, right?」

Megu looks at me with serious eyes.
Yukino begins to cry…
She’s being denied as a human…
Yukino’s crying.

「It’s not that I feel pity towards Yukino…」

I answered.

「…I think Yukino right now has the charm that Yukino only has」

Yukino looks at me in surprise.

「I can’t express it in words properly but…I feel charm even from Yukino…」

Yukino looks at me.


Another baseball bat sound is heard…
Oh right…the baseball club practice match has resumed.
I’m not paying attention to it at all though…

「Now then…lunch has ended. I’ll go back to Nei」

Margo-san stands up
She covers the hope she has gone out a while ago.

「I can’t go back from here. This is designed that you can’t go back here after coming out once…」

Seriously…just what the hell is with this school underground.

「Oh…let me return this basket to Katsuko-san」

Margo-san goes up the slope with the empty basket.
I’m sure she’ll return from the personnel parking lot of this school.
She stops halfway.

「Ah…Minaho has come…!」

Looking at it…there’s a yellow minivan I’ve never seen before coming up the slope road.
It’s certainly Minaho-neesan on the driver seat.
Minaho-neesan stops the car right above us…
Then…she gets out of the car and looks at the distance.

「…What is she looking at?」

The eyes of Minaho-neesan is looking at…Geropa-kouchou?!
Geropa-kouchou looks at Minaho-neesan and nods.
And after that…Geropa-kouchou shouts to the coach of the baseball club.

「Coach…it’s about time you take this seriously or I’ll be troubled?」

…Does that mean?

「It’s 5-3 right now. It’s a defeat as usual」

Megu taught me
Oh right…The practice match is already on the fourth innings…
One out, is the state of the runner on the second base…
The next batter is…

「Minaho-san came here on that timing」

I agree with Megu’s opinion.
Minaho-neesan won’t let go of such timing.

「…Dammit! I will definitely make a clutch play!」

Endou goes towards the batter box while practice swinging.
Even though he made that much mistakes in sequence…
He still thinks that he’s the king of the game.
Seriously…he’s so foolish…or how should I say it.

「…That person is Yukino’s boyfriend」

Megu tells Misuzu.

「My…that’s quite another unrefined person」

Misuzu tells Yukino

「Someone like Endou-kun looks like he’s bad in sex」
「Misuzu thinks the same. I think he’s a selfish one and the type that doesn’t think about making a woman feel good」

Yukino’s listening to the two say it.
While staring at Endou in the ground…

「…Hey, Yukino-san」

Misuzu whispers to Yukino.

「Megumi-san and I will be embraced by Danna-sama after this…!」

Yukino doesn’t turn around.

「We’re going to have fun having sex with the three of us this afternoon」

Misuzu smiles suspiciously.

「The three of us will get naked and receive Danna-sama’s love with all our heart. Danna-sama will be releasing a lot of his hot stuff inside us…」

Yukino’s throat gulps.

「…Yukino-san, what would you do?」

…Has become still, she can’t move.

「…Hey, what is going on there!!!!!」

Endou screams from the ground!!
Looking at it…The coach stands up from the bends and walks to the umpire.

「…I’m going pinch-hitting? Don’t fuck with me!!!」



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