Chapter 149: Screams and desire


「…Pinch-hit, follow」

The coach informs the umpire with heartless determination.

「Oh…It’s finally my turn!」

A giant third year with a bat appears from the bench of the first base.
Endou protests to the coach.

「Hey, wait a moment! There’s no way you’re going to substitute at this moment!」

No…if they don’t substitute in this case.
It would be unknown how to deal the practice game…
In the first place…Endou who’s a first year that just entered the school taking a part in the game in special treatment is strange.
Endou’s been making a mistake since earlier too…
Even in batting…far from making on a base, his bat hasn’t even touched the balls.
it’s already in the middle go the game…it’s normal for the team to pinch-hit on the chance.

「I won’t accept this!」

Endou is being obstinate without knowing what he’s saying.

「Get out already, you useless!」

The senpai that came out to replace him has hit Endou’s ass with the bat!

「Ouch! What the hell are you doing!」

Endou’s anger turned from the coach to the senpai.

「You’re being obstinate so this is your punishment!」

The senpai laughs at Endou.

「Do you even know who I am? Fucker!」

Endou tries to hit his senpai…!
The senpai throws the bat away and grips Endou’s arm…!
Then Endou was thrown to the ground using a shoulder throw with all his power!

「Waahahaha…I’m not someone from here in the first place!」

It seems that the substitute senpai is doing Judo.
Ignoring Endou who fell down…he picked up the bat and goes to the batter’s box.

「The coach has already called for a substitution…you should just withdraw!」

The substitute senpai set up his bat.

「Sorry to keep you waiting…!」

The umpire declares 「play」!
The opponent pitcher takes a set position.
The runner is in the second base.
The ball was thrown in quick motion!


The substitute senpai caught the ball in dead center!

「…It’s nothing!」

The ball then easily crossed over the center fence

「Guahahahahahaha! This is my real power!!!!」

The substitute senpai runs a lap the diamond while shaking his gigantic figure with his laugh.

「…It seems it has properly worked. Substitute-kun」

Before I noticed…Minaho-neesan has already gone down to us

「That senpai…is he really a student of our school?」

Megu asks Minaho-neesan.

「…Just for today」


「He enrolled just today and he’s no longer here tomorrow」

…Does that mean?

「…He’s actually not a high school student. He’s a pro player who belongs on an independent league in Shikoku. Keep it a secret okay…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「It’s a practice game so it won’t matter…Endou-kun has his nose broken, and we have searched for a person just right for it…!」

These people won’t regret using money nor time for their revenge.

「Endou-kun has sent out a lot of thoughtless words in the principal’s office before…Ufufu, there’s no way he will be spared…!」

Minaho-neesan’s having fun.
In the ground…the substitute has stepped on the home base.
The baseball club members all come to meet the substitute senpai.
Endou’s still lying down on the ground.

「…Dammit, what the hell, what the hell, what the hell is this!」

Endou screams loudly.

「Endou-kun has been confident with only his baseball since childhood…」

Minaho-neesan says.
Naturally…she has already investigated Endou’s details.

「But…It seems he didn’t have the intention to improve himself in a team with people better than himself. Endou-kun has it best when he’s the king of the hill. Therefore…he has never entered a veteran team」


「Using his father and uncle’s connections…it feels like the little league days. Those who have talents and seem to be a player that would become the team’s pillar would be driven out by Endou-kun. Doing it that way…once his team loses the game, he’ll blame it to another guy. If he does, his pride won’t be hurt right?」

…What’s with this small human?

「It is the same during middle school…He won’t go to prestigious school with a baseball club with achievements. He won’t stand out there…and he feels scared that someone will beat his skills. Therefore, he goes to a school without strong baseball team on purpose. Then…Endou will buy-out the baseball club as a one-man team. Of course, he chose this school for the same reason…the supervisor, the coach, and his seniors can be bought with quite the money it seems」

Doing that far…he can be bossy in the baseball club.

「Even on this case…he directed the supervisor to apply for a practice match with a school where their baseball is weak. He intends to take an active part in this game and solidify his position with the third year high school baseball club…」

He was beaten down by Margo-san…
His chance to be on his batter box…was stolen by the substitute senpai.
This perfect timing of sending Endou to pinch-hit…must’ve been instructed by Minaho-neesan to Geropa-kouchou and the supervisor beforehand.
And…the substitute took the homerun without fail.
The present hero is the substitute senpai.
Endou’s plan was torn off completely.

「Now then…how would he respond from receiving such disgrace. Don’t you think this are the times the men’s value decides this…Yukino-san?」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino but…
Yukino doesn’t answer.
She’s just looking at Endou who’s lying on the ground.

「…What the hell! Dammit! How the hell is this happening!」

Endou stands up slowly.
Endou who was at pinch-hit and is replaced can’t go to the game anymore.
He should be just cheering on the game at the bench along with the other first years.
Endou’s pride won’t let that happen.

「…I’m going back!」

…Going back?
…On what judgement?

「Coach, I was thrown by that senpai to the ground, I’m returning though my waist hurts. I will tell you about my father so get yourself ready…!」

Endou speaks selfishly…and threatens the supervisor in front of the spectators.
…His idiocy is bottomless.

「I’ll tell my father and I’ll have you coach and supervisor be replaced on the regular games. I can’t play baseball happily with people like you!」

If Endou quits the baseball club since he can’t agree with the situation then I can understand it, but…
He wants to remain in the baseball club and dismiss the coach and supervisor?
What happened to him to make him this arrogant…?!
Endou dusts off his uniform filled with dirt…
Then he looked at us.

「…Hey, Yukino! We’re going back!!」

Endou…is disgracing himself in front of the spectators…!
His actions are done to protect his pride…he threatened the supervisor.
Then…He orders Yukino.
He must’ve wanted to make a cool exit along with Yukino.

「…I will send you to your house!」

Yukino who’s being ordered arrogantly by Endou…
…doesn’t answer.
She’s just staring at Endou.

「…Now then, it’s about time we go?」

Minaho-neesan tells us.

「You’re right…Misuzu still has her practice this evening. If I don’t hurry, I will lose my time to be embraced by Danna-sama!」
「I had my fill last night so it’s okay to have Misuzu-san be the center」

Misuzu and Megu speaks in a way Yukino can hear them.

「Misuzu…wants to be embraced by Danna-sama along with Megumi-san. We haven’t done it with the three of us yet…!」
「…Are you okay with that?」
「Misuzu loves Megumi-san…I wanted to do it together all this time. The three of us having sex」
「Me too…I want to do it together with Misuzu-san」
「Is that okay…Danna-sama, the three of us…!」

Misuzu looks at me with suspicious eyes.


To be honest…I wanted to do it too.
Misuzu is formerly Nagisa’s pet so she has experience in lesbian plays.
I think I want to jump in while Misuzu and Megu twine with each other.

「Then get inside the car…let’s move to a location where you can have sex」

Minaho-neesan tells us

「Michi…Let’s go」
「…Danna-sama too」
「…Ah, sure」

We try to climb up the slope.
Yukino turned to us.


Yukino looks like she’s slightly aroused.

「T-Take me too…!」

Yukino looks up at us with moist eyes.

「…What do you mean by taking you?」

Misuzu looks down at Yukino and smiled.

「There’s no way Yukino-san intends to say that she wants to be embraced by Danna-sama as well?」

Is trembling…
But, she looks up at Misuzu and said…

「That’s right…I want to be violated! I want to be violated by that man!」

It’s not『I want to have sex』…
Yukino says 『I want to be violated』.
That is Yukino’s pride…
Or is she completely addicted to be raped forcibly by man…

「…Then, there should be something you should to first I think」

Misuzu said.

「Your boyfriend is looking at you」

Yukino turned around.
Endou from the ground is looking at us with a horrible look.

「Don’t talk to those kind of people! Just come over here already! Yukino!!!」

…Endou said.

「I’m breaking up with you!!!!!!」

Voices 「Oooooh!!」comes out from the baseball club members!

「…Break uuuuup?」

Blood is rising on Endou’s head!

「Don’t fucking joke with me, youuuuuuu!!!」

For Endou, those are words that he cannot accept…
If he breaks up with Yukino…
That would be because of Endou’s will in the end…
The possibility of Yukino breaking up with him…
Is unimaginable inside Endou’s head.

「…I won’t accept that! I won’t accept thaaaat!!」

Laughter comes from the baseball club members and spectators.
That is how funny Endou’s state is.
He can only be seen as a helpless fool.

「That’s so uncool! Disgraceful…! There’s no way I would be dating a useless man like you! You should just die! Don’t talk to me ever again…!!!」

Yukino shouted and then turned to us.

「…You’re satisfied with that?!」

…Her eyes are wet.
…It’s not sadness.
…Nor it’s not painful
She feels proud…aroused!
Yukino is feeling aroused as she dumps her『Lover』in front of multiple people.

「Take me!!!!」

Yukino is in intense sexual excitement!!!

「…Yukino-san, isn’t your pussy dripping wet right now?」

Minaho-neesan asked maliciously.,

「Yes that’s right… I’m wet! What’s wrong with that?!」

Yukino’s already taking a defiant attitude.

「…You wanted to be violated by Yoshida-kun that much?」

Yukino looks up at me.

「I-It’s not that I’m okay with that man…!」


「Is that so?…Then you can just do compensated dating on the town」

Minaho-neesan gives her parting remark and turned her back to Yukino.


Yukino calls out to Minaho-neesan’s back.

「Anyone’s fine for Yukino-san, right?」

Minaho-neesan looks down at Yukino with cold eyes.

「…That man will do」
「…What? I can’t hear your voice…!」
「…That man…will do!」

Yukino wants me…?

「Then…is there a proper way to ask for it?」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「P-Please. Please take me with you…!」

Yukino bows her head.
Perhaps, the hot liquid drips from her crotch again.

「…Come, Yukino-san」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino
Yukino run towards us with a happy face.
She climbs up the slope…

「Hey…Yukino, where are you going!」

Endou barks from the distance.

「Don’t fuck with meeeeee! I’ll never…never allow thiiiiiiiiiis…!!!!」

Endou who’s been dumped by his girlfriend is being watched by the baseball club members and spectators grinning.
This looks like Endou’s a clown.

「Every last one of you…I’ll never forgive you!!!!」

Nobody’s playing along with the idiot’s bullshit anymore.

「…Be quiet you bastard!!!」

The screaming Endou was thrown to the ground by the substitute senpai again.

「Now…get in the car」

Following Minaho-neesan’s instructions, we entered the car.
Minaho-neesan on the driver’s seat.
Passenger seat…Misuzu’s guard, Kudou-chan.
Second row of the three row seat…Yukino
Megu, Misuzu and I seat on the third row.


Yukino’s aroused…
She’s sending glances towards us from time to time.
Minaho-neesan’s plan was 『If Shirasaka house continues to attack, we’ll kidnap Yukino』
…And yet
Yukino who’s planned to be kidnapped rides to our car by her own will.

「…Now, should we go?」

Then…the car begins to accelerate.
Endou in the ground looks at our car.
He’s screaming something again.
And…the substitute senpai constricted him…

◇ ◇ ◇

「You have been masturbating since yesterday, haven’t you?」

Minaho-neesan asks Yukino.


Yukino’s surprised.

「You do know my investigation power don’t you?…I know everything you have done yesterday」

Minaho-neesan speaks through the mirror.

「…How many times have you done it?」
「I didn’t count it」

Yukino looks down.

「Then let me teach you…You have been masturbating 15 times since yesterday. You didn’t do anything for the whole day but masturbate, did you?」

Yukino’s face dyed red.

「T-Then…what are you trying to say?」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「What were you imagining when you were masturbating? Being violated by Yoshida-kun? Or could it be that you remember the time when a lot of women made a mess out of you?」
「I don’t want to say it」

Yukino grips the hem of her uniform.

「If you won’t say it we’ll go back on the ground. We’ll drop you off the car in front of Endou-kun…!」

Minaho-neesan…won’t allow it.
Yukino’s still hesitating to speaking.

「…Then, let me change the question. Did Yoshida-kun come in your imagination when you were masturbating yesterday?…Answer at least that much」


「…He did」
「As expected…You imagined being violated by Yoshida-kun, weren’t you pleased?」

Minaho-neesan speaks like making fun of her…

「By the way…what about Endou-kun?」

She makes a follow up question.

「Did Endou-kun ever come in your imagination?」

Yukino answered.

「…He didn’t」


「Was that just for yesterday? Or…even before?」

Yukino answers.

「Before I was violated by that man…I masturbate thinking of Endou-kun embracing me」
「…And what about after you lost your virginity?」
「…It has always been that man. I wasn’t able to imagine being embraced by a normal guy…」
「Nothing comes to your head but rape, is that correct?」
「…Isn’t this all your fault? You made my body like this!」
「I think being lewd is your original constitution however」

Minaho-neesan adds further.

「Usually…when you’re raped by a man, you would become androphobic. It happened to me…and a lot of other women. There’s not much girls like Yukino-san who feels happy when being violated…!」

Minaho-neesan’s words made Yukino look down again.

「…I don’t care even if you call me a lascivious one」

Yukino mutters.

「That’s what my body is…it can’t be helped…!」

After losing her virginity…she has been raped violently, repeatedly…
Her body was made to experience fresh stimulation one after another…
…She was given a rest just yesterday.
Yukino has fallen.
She has accepted being violated by me.

「This thing won’t happen normally…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「In the end…It was because Yoshida-kun embraces Yukino-san with violent tenacity…and he didn’t abandon Yukino-san…!」


「This is a strange story but…Yukino-san feels 『trust』to her rapist. Being『raped by Yoshida-kun』has become a normal sensation I guess?」
「I was violated by that man multiple times after all」

Yukino mutters.

「…I’m used to it already」

With the numbers piled up…
The connection between Yukino and I…is 『rape』
Our body relationship will never be 『sex』with love.
Attack, steal, completely violate…nothing but 『rape』

「…But, Yukino-san is okay with 『rape』, am I wrong? You wanted to be violated by Yoshida-kun, don’t you?」

Is what Minaho-neesan said…Yukino

「…I’m fine with 『rape』 No…I prefer 『rape』」

Yukino looks at me.

「My pride won’t allow me be embraced by this man other than 『rape』…!」

Those eyes have no love.
It’s just overflowing with desire.
That’s is our relationship.

「…By the way, where are we going?」

Misuzu asks Minaho-neesan.

「We have already passed the mansion though…」

Misuzu doesn’t know we take shelter in the school instead of the mansion.
Where are we really going?

「…You’ll know soon」

Minaho-neesan’s eyes in the mirror are laughing…



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