Re: Master Magic Chapter 86

Hi there, I’ve got a chapter of Re: Master Magic for you guys, another one will be coming soon, thanks Jeffrey.O for the support! I am also thinking of putting donations back for the other novels, although I’m not sure if I want to drop one of the novels so that I can translate the others at an increased pace, right now I’m doing 5 novels by myself: Himekishi, Maou no hajimekata, Re Master Magic, Living Cheat and Otoko Aruji. I am also considering making a patreon page as well, anyone with ideas for my patreon page is welcome. Please Enjoy the Chapter! (Another re:master magic chapter is coming next)



  1. Nefarian-san, you put the update in the different novel (in NU it was Ore ga Heroine)
    Anyway thanks for the chapter

    • Yeah…that’s why I ended up here….

    • oh interesting, I don’t actually put the update myself, someone from the NU team does it >.< sorry that this happened though, it seems to be fixed

      • Normally, it’s actually a (series of) assisted-learning bot. So it might have been a person adding it to the wrong place on NU or the bot just derping.

        Tony did one or two threads explaining how it works if you want more detail. Below I explain at least what I understand about bot-san:

        When it does it’s job well, it should either simply link to 1) the place where you asked for support like this release page or 2) the actual chapter itself. (1) overides (2) so using words like Pateon, support, or donate are more important than one might think. In theory it relies on humans to provide first true links to the novels chapters or what we call the positive test case in the “scoring set”. The “scoring set” is mixed with other links to make a “testing set” which the bot trains on to recognize when a new chapter is released out of all the other new links and blogs of every translation group posts daily. In theory, after the bot has reached a certain confidence level, then bot takes over updating the NU page within 5-30 mins rather than humans. This process is called supervised learning and it’s the “”bot’s sentience””

        Bot make as many mistakes as humans. This is why reporting erroneous links is important as reporting people who post false or trolling information.

      • Ok Thanks for this information, and also thank you to those who helped notify me of the matter :D. bots that have sentience, that’s kind of scary hahah

  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

  3. You played with my feelings! I thought Ore ga Heroine updated. Dammit!

    • Ore ga Heroine has been licensed in English, so I don’t think it’s legal to translate it anymore, I’m not sure but the translated who did it stopped so…

  4. Nefarian-san, can you check my account “serjflint”? I cannot log in.

    • Hi Serjflint-san when I migrated my site I lost all users, and then I decided to just remove the registration button. You can still post comments, so please bear with not having an account. I can create an account for you but unless there is something you need I think just chill.

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