Re: Master Magic Volume 1 Chapter 21

Hello guys! I’m here to bring you a release of an exciting new Novel, I have continued where Kuroi (AKA Sloth Translations) has left off and hopefully I will be able to meet everyone’s expectations~

Please Enjoy the Chapter!



    • It’s mainly my interpretation with a little help from Jisho (Jap dictionary). Hopefully its not too bad? xD

      • Oh no heard that the one from sloth translation was mtl so it crossed my mind that this might also be mtl.

      • I think Kuroi translations are really entertaining and I just wanted to let you guys know that I put a link to his/her translations site on the table of contents page of Re: Master Magic ~

  1. Thanks~~ for picking up this one.
    I was really feeling down since Kuroi dropped it.
    Do you have a schedule for this? It was a chapter a day for Kuroi. How is it gonna be for you?
    Well, as long as it’s not dropped again and the updates are consistent, I’m okay~~

  2. Thank you for picking this up!

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