Re: Master Magic Volume 1 Chapter 24

Announcement: Exciting News Guys!! I have created a poll in my forums just as a fun event, which will enable you to vote your favourite Novel(s) out of the four currently being translated. I say novel(s) because you can vote for more than one novel if you so choose.

The Novel Which Gets the Highest Amount of Votes will get a Bonus Chapter for the week!! (Yes even if everyone suddenly votes for the 6000 words chapter The Man Who Would be King I will endeavour to release a double chapter for that week~ please dear god don’t vote just to jinx this xD~) The poll lasts for one week and will be closed thereafter, results are publicly disclosed so you guys don’t have to worry, I can’t cheat.

Anyways enough explanation LET THE VOTES BEGIN!

Oh and there is also a release of Re: Master Magic. The Epic “Middle” Boss battle fight ensues! This was a really exciting chapter to translate, so I hope you guys Enjoy & Have Fun Reading~


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