Re: Master Magic Volume 1 Chapter 27

Well guys, My site is stable for now and I have finally been able to do a translation yay~. New Chapter of Re: Master Magic is out! For those who missed out, I made progress in determining various bugs, First I have separated the site from the forums, so people will still be able to access the images in case the site goes down. As for why the site goes down, apparently it’s because mySQL has exceeded the query limit (have no idea how this is exceeded but I tried to remove a lot of plugins and it seems to help, maybe another thing is get a better server will also help, not too sure if that will fix or just prolong an underlying defect though)

Please Enjoy the Chapter~


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  1. YEAAAAHHH!!! Thanks a lot !
    Waiting for the next chapter 🙂
    But i know you are working on many projects.

    Have the same happyness than me when i m reading your translations :p

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