Re: Master Magic Volume 1 Chapter 30

Announcement: Very awesome news guys! Weslykan will be joining me at Light Novels Translations!! he will be helping me as a translator for the Project Re:Master Magic and has stated that he will be committed to three chapters a week: That brings us a total of six chapters a week for this particular Novel!! Weslykan has worked as an editor, TLC and TL at koreyorihachidori and Raising The Dead (RTD) so please give him a warm welcome XD. He will be starting from next week and I hope we can work together for a long time to come~

New Chapter for Re Master Magic is out! Please Enjoy the Chapter~



  1. Yes~Thank You for the charpter, aways great work and a very warm welcome to Weslykan keep at it man, U guys R AWESOME

  2. Woah! Best news this week! Even a lazy lurker like me has to take this chance to say, thanks for the hard work, and welcome, Weslykan!!

  3. I have been summoned and so I appear. Cast in the Name of God, Ye Not Guilty

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